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Cancer Research of Interest

In the natural health field we are accustomed to thinking about cancer very differently than the way they do in the medical field. But a recent paper has hit the medical literature that may start to change things. Well maybe in the next century or so as things do not evolve easily when monopolies are […]

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Genomics, Plants, and Lyme

Genomics is a buzzword today. Since almost from the beginning of the Biomedx microscope workshops, the genetic connection has always been in play as we look at live blood and make an association to diet and blood type wherein we consider dietary lectins in relationship to blood type and health. That consideration was based on

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The Q-Collective for Health

THE Q-COLLECTIVE I’ve been using this phrase for what Biomedx has been teaching for a while now. The Q-Collective refers to our approach where we recognize and work with the quantitative, qualitative, and quantumtative aspects of heath. During the process of tweaking and rearranging things for classes I am forever in a quandry of what

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Health Insurance? Not Really.

As far as I can tell, the new administration’s pre-presidential reference to “law and order” where health care is concerned has been dropped from the to do list. Further, Congressman Rand Paul in his proposed “Obamacare Replacement Act” has language to explicitly exempt health care providers from anti-trust laws. If you don’t know it, Title

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Rich Man, Poor Man, Best Blood

So I’ve been pondering… how to best phrase the totality of what the Biomedx course is about, and I came up with: It’s a magical marathon of mirth and learning the modes and methods of microscopes, meters & measures to meticulously move mere mortals to understand mighty health miracles minus the murky medical myths that

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The Biomedx Biological Reset

Often people think a Biomedx workshop is only about microscope work, but the microscope is just one tool used to understand the dynamic life processes going on at much deeper levels in the body. One of the big areas we’ve been moving on is what we call the… BIOMEDX BIOLOGICAL RESET This incorporates an eclectic

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Anions, Cations, and One More…

At workshops there is much discussion about physiology and different “states” that people can find themselves in. During the process of discussion, at the beginning, people are often confused about keeping the terms anabolic, catabolic, anionic, cationic, anions and cations straightened out in their minds. Sometimes it takes a while to get it all sorted out. Explanatory pictures

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How Rich is Your Daddy?

The other day I was talking to a student who was thinking about going after a master degree program in public health & nutrition. This is the MPH degree. The marketing of such degree says things like…. “A Master of Public Health online degree will open new doors to your career in healthcare and health

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It’s in the Blood

Last newsletter I talked about a situation in one particular hospital and how the insurance companies were seeming to dictate to a degree the protocols that must be used for various health issues. Some might say that this is health care by the numbers. In a sense it is, it’s just about the numbers that

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Smart Meter Madness – Follow Up

In a prior post (DNA, Memory, Storage, Frequency) we talked about the smart meter problem that is cropping up in more and more communities. The microwave radiation that these emit are causing real health problems for many and when dealing with clients, the question “do you have a smart meter on your home?” should be

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DNA, Memory, Storage, Frequency

One of the things briefly discussed in the Microscope & Health Foundations Workshop is a discussion of the patterns that can appear in living blood as well as dry layers that may relate to one’s life circumstances. Often these patterns are connected to FOCI, or focal areas of interference or disturbance that is blocking full

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What’s Caught My Attention Lately

Aether slowed down and extended yields Magnetism slowed down and extended yields Electricity slowed down and extended yields Light slowed down and extended yields Heat slowed down and extended yields Sound slowed down and extended yields Physical Vibration slowed down and extended yields Matter That was a reference to the work of John Worrell Keely.

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Musings on the Internal Terrain

We know that the terrain is everything when we are talking about the internal environment of the human body. We like to say that the flow of life moves with the flow of electrons. We also know that pH as a measure gives a first level clue about the forces that might be opposing electrical

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Our Brains on the Internet

The Shallows; What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains I am behind on reading. This book has been out for a while and I just read it last month. Go get a copy from your library and check it out. The Shallows highlights many things about the neuroplasticity of our brains, not the least

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Your Eating S#!% and Other News

There is a continual stream of news items worthy of awareness that could certainly lead to a lot of discussion. So much so that it is overwhelming at times to see the constant barrage of stories that cause one to just shake their heads in disbelief – at least it’s that way for me. The

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