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One of the things briefly discussed in the Microscope & Health Foundations Workshop is a discussion of the patterns that can appear in living blood as well as dry layers that may relate to one’s life circumstances. Often these patterns are connected to FOCI, or focal areas of interference or disturbance that is blocking full life expression on any given level. (As a side note, this is the depth of the topic that will be delved into when Josh & Dr. Harvey Bigelsen are here in later March to do their program on HemoBiographic Analysis).

It has long been known in the “quantum” health circles that DNA stores information. This would likely be seen and understood as a truism for anyone that has been exposed to this work.

This ability of DNA to store information has huge ramifications to the health and healing process in anything that possesses DNA. Which would, um… be pretty much all life.

Storing digital data in DNA

An interesting article popped up last week in the Wall Street Journal. (I will link to the on-line edition of it at the end of this letter.) Essentially, it describes how scientists encoded DNA with digital binary signals – this would be a series of zeroes and ones like normal computer code – first encoding the information with lasers going in, and then decoding the same information with lasers to get it back out. It seems DNA is a near perfect biological information storage system.

You might recall how computers work through internal electronic pathways passing information through its binary 0 1 pulse coding. Anything that pulses going from one state to another over time creates a frequency. The faster the alteration in pulsing travels over time, the faster the frequency.

Our environment is filled with information passing through us every moment of every day. Usually we are unaware – and that’s a good thing for if our brains were aware of even a fraction of the information that is passing through us we would surely go insane. The frequency spectrum from gamma to x-rays is one area that we know we don’t really want much exposure. And then there is ultraviolet to the visible light spectrum to infrared and the entire radio spectrum which includes microwave to cell phones to the AM radio in your car.

Ultimately we get to the frequency range of the sound you hear to that you can’t, like the Schumann resonance of the earth itself (at around 7.83 hertz.) Some liken this to our planets heartbeat. Interesting discoveries about this Schumann frequency, our body’s own DNA seems to have a rhythmic connection to it.

How Much DNA is there in the human body?

If you were to take all of your DNA in every cell of your body and unwind it and connect it, you would have a strand that would lead to the moon and back 150,000 times. That’s 67 billion miles worth. And it’s all in you. That, is a lot of material.

With so much DNA, and it being able to hold information, the question worth asking is, what kind of information is it holding? And of what it is holding, is there information that might not be so good for overall health?

Funny thing, or maybe not so funny, on the way to discovering we are swimming in a virtual pool of electromagnetic radio frequency waves that are growing in magnitude every day, is our body’s own DNA is starting to loose connection with the rhythm of our planet. The continual background resonance of the earth’s heartbeat which we are continually bathed in – mostly unaware – is starting to get lost in a sea of an ever rising cacophony of frequency fields. You might intuit that that is not really a good thing.

In the computer world when the software goes wacky and garbage appears on the screen, we can usually reboot the computer and start over. Planet earth for us humans and grounding ourselves and connecting to the rhythm is in a sense how we our reboot ourselves. It is our atomic clock keeping us synced. But if we start to lose that connection, what happens then?

A Call from Farmer and Cattleman Joe

One day a month or two ago I got a call from Joe who had come and taken our workshop sometime last year. In a nutshell Joe said, “Steve, I’ve been having a heck of a time, I have leg pains, been feeling sharp stabbing pains, my teeth are buzzing, my parasympathetic nervous system is getting attacked.” Of course that raises the question, what’s going on and when did this all start?

Well it was a few weeks back. In trying to figure out why all of a sudden such a drastic change occurred it dawned on Joe that it was right at the time the electric company installed a smart meter on his house.

Ruh roh! Yes, that is what the Jetson’s dog Astro would say upon hearing such a thing. Ruh roh as in uh oh. If you are not familiar with the dog or the Jetson family, that’s okay, it was a space age cartoon show in the 1960’s. I am sure that even then the Jetsons would have known well enough with their flying cars and super technology that you don’t go sticking microwave transmitters within feet of where people live, eat and sleep every day.

Microwave transmitters are exactly what smart meters are. Now if you put your cat in the microwave to dry him off after his bath, assuming you could get him into the bath, you would end up with a dead cooked cat. Well, put a microwave onto everyone’s home, and what will you end up with? Cooked people in a sense, not dead, but for many, it will be them getting unexplainably sick.

This is Scary Stuff

Okay so get this, a smart meter is a microwave transmitter, sending information back to the utility company. They say it only bursts information a few times a day. This in itself is odd since a meter reader only needed to come out once a month to read a meter and now a smart meter is sending information multiple times a day?? And it is being discovered they operate a lot more than just a few times a day. And here is where it gets really scary….

Out in Owasso Oklahoma where Joe lives, he sits between the electric company on one side, and a whole lot of homes on the other. These smart meters aggregate information and they piggy back pinging their data from one meter to the next on down the line until it gets to the electric company. Poor Joe is at the end of the line getting the full brunt of that microwave aggregate. The result? Joe is getting cooked. And he knows it.

So Joe put a lead shield on his meter and bam, teeth stopped buzzing, pain gone.

These smart meters in communities are creating a low level microwave web throughout the entire community. It is not a good thing.

Homes and apartment complexes with smart meters have already noted dead trees in the area of the wave path, birds that have gone away, and yes, missing bees.

This is Big Stuff

This is a very big issue and it is going to start playing more and more into your health practice and you absolutely need to keep an awareness of this.

At workshops we talk about always asking the client about time, as in “when did you first notice you started to have these issues, problems, etc.” Moving forward, you are going to want to include a smart meter question as in “do you have a smart meter on your home” to “when was it put in”.

We already have a big EMF issue with the rise of cell phone use, cell towers, wifi in the home, and every manner of radio wave assault keeping our DNA just a bit removed from our planetary heartbeat. Smart meters are the icing on the cake to slam that door shut.

You will want to become more familiar with the ramifications of these meters. Type in Smart Meters on YouTube and you will come upon many videos to begin learning. According to one long time practitioner (Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt) there has been a huge rise in the number of cases coming into his clinic directly related to smart meter effects. And get this very interesting note: women that are pregnant and in the home of a smart meter see a whopping rise in odds of giving birth to an autistic child.

Protect yourself, help Protect your Client

As front line natural health advocates you might say we have a duty to know as best we can the detriments to health we all face. Concomitant with that is how to address the issues. With smart meters it is avoidance at best, or if like in Naperville Illinois they resort to arresting smart meter objectors in order to open up the yard so the meter installers can put the meters in, then it becomes how do we shield ourselves from the potential harm when these things are forced upon us without recourse.

As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As mentioned earlier, we cover a lot of things at a Biomedx workshop, more than most people ever thought they were going to get. If you haven’t been to one, I hope you’ll make it out some time. Maybe in April. It will be springtime in Chicago….

Till then, or until the next news note, be well.

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