A Quantum Perspective

You can’t escape it. If you do this work, are involved in health, wonder how the body heals and what messages it has to tell, you will likely be led to learning or pondering more about quantum physics.

At the level of the small it is a strange and wondrous world. We can begin to view this world through the microscope. What is often amazing to many is how the picture of the blood reflects a fractal of sorts of the essence of who we are and what is happening in our sphere of existence. Pictures develop in the live blood as well as the dry layers.

We have often heard the phrase that “the life in the blood” and so it is, but so also is what might be called your own cosmic or quantum imprint – for blood is your very own personal hologram or holomovement that can be viewed up front and personally through the magic of microscopy and big screen HD splendor.

The question becomes, what do you see? There is information in the picture that goes far beyond what red corpuscles, white blood cells, platelets and plasma might tell. Next the question becomes, can you see it?

This is one of our journeys. We are not just talking about seeing something that takes a special intuition, but something that is more concrete and the sight for it can be developed over time and entrained into an individual.

Such is the intent of Josh & Dr. Bigelsen with the HemoBiograpic Analysis class.

When you get down to it, health and quantum physics is intermingled. The placebo effect, the messages in water, the holomovement that is all of you; what reaches you changes you – the tiniest of you – particles and waves and from non-locality to what is in reality your locality and in your very own back yard.

Open the gate. Take a look.


With heartfelt gratitude to all that have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend a Biomedx workshop in the past and to those that may do so in the future, along to those that keep a fire under our feet to keep us hoppin’ busy, I wish you the happiest, healthiest, and most quantum rockin’ new year!

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