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What We Do...

Live Blood Analysis* - Microscopes, Training, Support

Live blood analysis microscopes and training classes

Qualitative Live Cell Auditing: encompasses the real time imaging of live blood cell dynamics as used by health care practitioners for client education and motivation.

Dried blood layer oxidative & clot retraction screening: provides educational insights to deeper client health situations.

Gingival and urine scanning: allows you to see other hidden stress vectors to health.

Microorganism viability review, and more.

Biomedx supports and sells state of the art Olympus educational HD video microscopes to health professionals as well as hobbyists and others that want to explore biological wonders that only this visual medium can supply.

* The phrase "Live Blood Analysis" as used here is for search engine purposes. Our training and equipment design is STEM for health.

Flow Auditing - Biological Terrain Analysis, Bioregulatory Medicine*

Flow Systems Auditing is Biological Terrain Analysis 2.0

Flow Systems Auditing: a simple hands-on way to measure and discover health balance points along with an easy way to think through physiology and biochemistry as it applies to the human condition.

Uncovers one's situational physiology: This process strives to understand the fundamentals of health while providing a powerful epigenetic perspective.

Engaging this process can stream line and fast track you to putting biological, functional, and bioregulatory medicine into practice while revealing new and unique protocol directions to consider to reach positive outcome based results.

*The phrase "Biological Terrain Analysis" and "Bioregulatory Medicine" as used here is for search engine purposes. The Flow Auditing process is designed to support and expand one's existing knowledge base in this arena.

Hands-on Workshops & Online Educational Platforms

Online health coach and personal trainer programs at Biomedx

Live hands-on workshops: Three and a half day workshop intensives held at our Biotorium Health Learning Lab.

These programs are the fastest way to get up and running with the knowledge base on microscopes, meters, measures and more to put it all rapidly into practice with your clientele, or to jump start your foray into these powerful niche areas for expansive and motivational client education.

Online EDU platforms: where you can delve into the extensive pool of knowledge that our live workshops cover. Engage in self-study or join periodic online programs to learn from a distance.

Social Community: places to meet up to share and learn with others best practices in commanding these tools and knowledge for a form of health advocacy a growing client base desperately needs and wants to know; how to be healthy!

The Q-Collective for Health Care

Our training and product philosophy looks at health from a Qualitative, Quantitative, and Quantumtative perspective.

The Qualitative - where microscopes allow us to SEE life processes unfolding in blood real time to gain insights otherwise unattainable;

The Quantitative - where simple physiological measures allow us to KNOW how to manage the life that is seen, and;

The Quantumtative - where we TEACH the body how to heal itself through imprint and frequency of its own making.

See, Know, Teach: a synthesis of diverse sciences where practical solutions to the pressing health issues of today arise and you can make a real difference engaging others in these educational processes. 

Join us.
Your resistance is futile.


As in Learn Wellness. It's the Biomedx EDU initiative.

Since 1998 we've had various educational sections on this website highlighting different perspectives on health to give a glimpse of things we think are important to know in the health and wellness field that are not covered much anywhere else.

This material and a whole lot more has found a new home at our Biomedx EDU website which supports our live hands-on workshops and is the repository of information drawn upon for online learning. 

If you are looking for some of the sections from our old website that covered urine therapy, pH, zeta potential and more, you will find that material in our blog. The post slider below highlights some of those articles.

Some Educational Articles from our Blog...

Covid-19 Zinger on Zinc

THINKING THROUGH PHYSIOLOGY – A COVID-19 ANGLE As you know, the ‘experts’ advising politicians today about viral issues are not much for thinking through physiology. Either this is due to missing out on some basic ABCs of health when they were trained, or they refuse to think about these things on purpose in order to […]

Virus Fears and a Take from Dr. Emanuel Revici

With everything going on perhaps we should cover some viral issues as we understand them from the perspectives of Dr. Emanuel Revici. You may a recall that he was the medical doctor Albert Eistein referred to as a genius. As you know, at least if you have been following this blog over the years or […]

Paleo Teeth vs. Veggie Teeth

The oral microbiome and its impact on teeth has changed from the paleo era to the more recent agrarian one with its industrial revolution. That change has not been beneficial for our teeth. At the Biomedx live hands-on workshops, you might know we use the lab microscopes not just for various live blood and dry […]

Primo Vascular System Under the Microscope

This primo vascular system (as in Bong Han Vessels which compose the body’s meridian system) has yet to make its way into anatomy or physiology textbooks. Nevertheless, if you have a microscope capable of high level imaging, you can learn the work of Dr. Keiichi Morishita from Japan to see remnants of this system in […]

Microscopic Look at a Spirochete Invasion

It is always fascinating to see spirochetes popping up in microscope samples gathered from gingival material. I was going to say it is fun, and while it is exciting to see microbial action going on under the scope, it can also be disconcerting to those whose sample is being viewed. I’d like to show you […]

Microscopy and the Bonghan Vessel

The Bonghan vessel system (the meridians of acupuncture) was discovered by Bong Han Kim of North Korea in the early 1960’s. Actually it was likely discovered before that by some anatomists beginning in the 1600s but those discoveries never gained traction for further study. Kim wrote a total of five papers on this vessel system, […]

Your Intestines Make Blood Cells

YOUR INTESTINES MAKE BLOOD CELLS Perhaps you thought blood cells only derive from bone marrow. Well, not quite. Recently scientists have found a new source of blood cells in the body and they derive from the intestines. When doing intestinal transplants, researchers began to notice that the transplant recipients were showing signs of having the […]

Metabolic Acidosis

This is the condition where someone is systemically too acid. The extracellular plasma fluid has a low pH wherein the H+ concentration is high and the bicarbonate level is low. Just as in metabolic alkalosis, metabolic acidosis engages first the body’s acid-base second to second chemical buffering system, and if more assistance is required it […]

Metabolic Alkalosis

In lieu of a case study, I’m just going to touch a wee bit on the topic of metabolic alkalosis. This is the condition where someone is too alkaline. Yep, too alkaline. The extra cellular space does not have enough acid. Recall that whenever we’re talking about “acid” this is only in reference to H+, […]

Urine Therapy

Urine for a surprise Dorothy, and no we’re not in Kansas anymore. Urine therapy can be a very effective healing modality. Sometimes when all else fails, urine therapy will turn a person around. We will be covering some of the reasons why this may be so, and in that regard will lightly touch on homeopathy […]

Measuring Body pH

Let’s see how measuring the pH of body fluids like urine and saliva can help you assess the body’s balance.  To recap, pH is the acronym of sorts for the potential of hydrogen.  It is a measure of the degree of saturation of the hydrogen ion in a substance or solution. (pH is a logarithmic […]

Urine Dipsticks

The picture shown here is a can of urine dipsticks. This is a simple tool that can tell you if you are moving into a zone with certain homeostatic controls that will require your attention.   There are 100 thin strips in the can with reagent pads glued along the strip. Dip the strip completely […]

Measuring Urine

When you look into one of our refractometers you will see a 0-32 Brix scale on one side, good for checking your fruits and veggies, and a specific gravity scale on the other which you can compare to the specific gravity reading on a urine dipstick. If you read the post on urine dipsticks you will […]

Measuring Conductivity

  First, what is conductivity? It is the measure of how well something conducts electricity. A conductivity meter which does such a thing consists of the meter component and an electrode component.  We’ll get back to discussing more on this a little bit later. Why is this measure important? It goes back to the concept […]

Measuring Fruit & Vegetable Quality

  This instrument is called a refractometer. When measuring fluids it gives us a way to measure the specific gravity of the fluid or the “weight” of all the complex elements that are within it. This weight can be measured on different scales, for example on a scale called specific gravity (SG) or on another […]

Blood Typing

Have you ever seen blood under the microscope that looks like this? Or like this? Some may say this looks like a condition of hyperproteinemia Some may say this looks like pH is off and the cells are losing their zeta potential. Some may say it is a situation of dehydration. Some may say this […]

The Story of Zeta Potential 1

This begins a series of posts that are basically out-takes from the Biomedx How You Rot & Rust book. They will shed light on the work of Dr. T.C. McDaniel as he clinically applied Thomas Riddick’s work which was discussed in Riddick’s textbook “The Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential.” In this series you […]

The Story of Zeta Potential 2

Whenever we peer into the microscope to look at living blood, we inevitably come upon principles of chemistry and physics looking back at us. These principles are so core to existence itself that it seems odd that medicine has yet to incorporate these concepts in its practice and medical schools have yet to teach them […]

The Story of Zeta Potential 3

More Pictures of Blood (sort of) Back in the late 1960’s Thomas Riddick who was an engineer and chemist, wrote the book  “Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential”. It was a masterful work which expressed all the nuances of zeta potential within colloidal systems and included insights into working with cardiovascular disease which we’ll […]

How You Rot & Rust

At the physical level, disease and aging of the body is all about rotting and rusting. The rot is an underlying biological mechanism inherent in all earthly species and the rust is an oxidative process. Here we present some educational concepts with out-takes from our pre-training workshop. Note that this information often needs to be […]

The pH Equation in Health

THE pH EQUATION in HEALTH According to many health researchers, total healing of chronic illness takes place only when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. In case you missed it, let’s say it again… Total healing of chronic illness takes place only when and if the blood is restored […]

Blood & Consciousness

  Peering into the microscope and looking at live blood, you can see a reflection of cause and effect. When you’re not feeling well, your blood doesn’t look good. Often, the worse you feel, the worse it looks. When you get better, the blood also gets  looking better. Simple correlation. Make the blood look better, […]

The Biology of Disease

Colloids are particles that measure .01 to .0001 microns in diameter (that’s about 4 hundred thousandths to 4 millionths of an inch.) It has been hypothesized by some that there is some point in space and time where the colloids of life (the smallest of particles capable of expressing biological life in the physical realm) […]

Blood & Parasites

A Theory Differentiating Internal and External “Parasites” According to the theories of Enderlein, the colloids of life in your blood (i.e. protits) develop according to the terrain of the blood. At some stages of their development he said that they are outright pathogenic and parasitic and constitute the real fungus among us. He believed these […]

Maintaining a 

principled perspective...

Healthy Is As Healthy Does.

It's pretty simple. 

But getting there is another matter.

The issues in "health care" today - besides politicians, lobbyists, agendas, and zero enforcement against medical racketeering and monopolistic practice - is that the many people running it neglect to think through basic science.

Perhaps that is by design.

But if you are one who wants to break out of that designer box, or you're already out and want to refine your direction, you are in the right place.

We believe a passion for health should be tempered with a principled perspective. We think the best way to arrive at this is through understanding some basic science - like chemistry, biology, colloid science, physics, electronics (yes, you are in part an electrical being) and more.

The easy way to do this is to move in the right direction which happens when taking off from the right foundation. 

And this is what we do.

We teach this to one, who then become two, and in time...

Privacy Matters.

At least we like to think it does.

Particularly where health is concerned and when working with others in this arena.

HIPPA in the USA is something many people believe was a law government passed in order to assure privacy in health matters.

But not really.

When family and friends might need information to help, the doctor, lab or hospital can keep it away from them, yet at the same time they can share it with over 40 government agencies including the IRS. 

The government should never be involved in people's private lives. It is not their job. Yet everything today about one's private health matters has become overtly public and political. 

To encourage people to keep their private lives private, we support working with others under private contractual agreement and through private member associations where the public and politics can stay outside the door. 

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