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Live Blood Microscopy

Live Blood Analysis, or more appropriately; Qualitative Live Cell Auditing, is the real time imaging of live cell dynamics, dry layer oxidative/clot retraction screening, gingival and urine scanning, microorganism viability review and more. Biomedx educational HD video microscopes can make all of this happen for you with big screen excitement.

Biological Medicine

We bring you Flow Systems Auditing as a hands-on way to measure and discover where applied physiology and biochemistry meet the epigenetic perspective. The process can stream line and fast track you to putting biological, functional, and bioregulatory medicine into gear to see positive outcome based results.


Select technologies targeting optimal health through an array of modalities like Biofield Encoding, Velocity O2 Exercise Training, Singlet Oxygen Energized Air Conditioning, Environmental Biotic Enhancement.


Live hands-on workshops, on-line programs and webinar meet-ups where you can learn to command these tools and more for a form of health advocacy a growing client base desperately needs and wants to know; how to be healthy!


BioApps covering technical aspects of microscopy and understanding blood markers for live blood analysis (live cell qualitative auditing), dry layer oxidative screening, gingival reviews, flow auditing parameters and more.

The Q-Collective

Our training and product philosophy looks at health from a Qualitative, Quantitative, and Quantumtative perspective. It is in the synthesis of diverse sciences where real world practical solutions to the pressing health issues of today will arise and you can make a real difference.  Join us. Your resistance is futile.

Some Educational Articles from our Blog...

Virus Fears and a Take from Dr. Emanuel Revici

With everything going on perhaps we should cover some viral issues as we understand them from the perspectives of Dr. Emanuel Revici. You may a recall that he was the medical doctor Albert Eistein referred to as a genius. As you know, at least if you have been following this blog over the years or …

Virus Fears and a Take from Dr. Emanuel Revici Read More »

Paleo Teeth vs. Veggie Teeth

The oral microbiome and its impact on teeth has changed from the paleo era to the more recent agrarian one with its industrial revolution. That change has not been beneficial for our teeth. At the Biomedx live hands-on workshops, you might know we use the lab microscopes not just for various live blood and dry …

Paleo Teeth vs. Veggie Teeth Read More »

Primo Vascular System Under the Microscope

This primo vascular system (as in Bong Han Vessels which compose the body’s meridian system) has yet to make its way into anatomy or physiology textbooks. Nevertheless, if you have a microscope capable of high level imaging, you can learn the work of Dr. Keiichi Morishita from Japan to see remnants of this system in …

Primo Vascular System Under the Microscope Read More »

Microscopic Look at a Spirochete Invasion

It is always fascinating to see spirochetes popping up in microscope samples gathered from gingival material. I was going to say it is fun, and while it is exciting to see microbial action going on under the scope, it can also be disconcerting to those whose sample is being viewed. I’d like to show you …

Microscopic Look at a Spirochete Invasion Read More »


LearnWell, as in Learn Wellness. It's the Biomedx EDU initiative. Since 1998 we've had various educational sections on this website highlighting different perspectives on health to give a glimpse of things we think are important to know in the health and wellness field that are not covered much anywhere else. Sharing a diverse menu of material in this fashion also let us highlight some of the concepts we cover in our hands-on workshops.

20 years later we are finally starting to port over this material and a whole lot more to a new online home, our Biomedx EDU website found at the EDU link above which links directly to

If you are looking for some of the sections from our old website that covered urine therapy, pH, zeta potential and more, you will find that material in our blog. The LearnWell site will be greatly expanding on that information in a new learning format as well.

Maintaining a 

principled perspective...

Healthy Is As Healthy Does.

It's pretty simple. 

But getting there is another matter.

The issues in "health care" today - besides politicians, lobbyists, agendas, and zero enforcement against medical racketeering and monopolistic practice - is that the many people running it neglect to think through basic science.

Perhaps that is by design.

But if you are one who wants to break out of that designer box, or you're already out and want to refine your direction, you are in the right place.

We believe a passion for health should be tempered with a principled perspective. We think the best way to arrive at this is through understanding some basic science - like chemistry, biology, colloid science, physics, electronics (yes you are in part an electrical being) and more.

The easy way to this is to move in the right direction which happens when taking off from the right foundation. 

This is what we do. We teach this to one, who then become two, and in time...

Privacy Matters.

At least we like to think it does.

Particularly where health is concerned and when working with others in this arena.

HIPPA in the USA is something many people believe was a law government passed in order to assure privacy in health matters.

But not really.

When family and friends might need information to help, the doctor, lab or hospital can keep it away from them, yet at the same time they can share it with over 40 government agencies including the IRS.

The government should never be involved in people's private lives. It is not their job.

To encourage people to keep their private lives private, we actively support working with everyone under private contractual agreement as well as through private member associations. It is what we do. Work with us, and it is what you will do to.

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