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Covid-19 Zinger on Zinc


As you know, the ‘experts’ advising politicians today about viral issues are not much for thinking through physiology. Either this is due to missing out on some basic ABCs of health when they were trained, or they refuse to think about these things on purpose in order to meet some agenda. Or perhaps it’s a bit of both.

But if you applied the Biomedx ABCs that we cover in our workshop to a couple of Covid related areas, some interesting associations are made.

One specifically regards sexual preference where men seem to have more issue with Covid-19 than women. The question some have asked is, why?

Along those lines, why do blood type A people have higher issues with Covid-19 than blood type O people?

And yet again, why do the more obese and diabetic have more issues as well?

I believe there is a way to think through this physiologically and arrive at an answer that ties all three questions together. It is really thinking through the ABCs of health as I mentioned, and how this story evolves all begins with an observation of doctors using hydroxychloroquin.

Here is the video on the topic. (This was on YouTube but was removed for health misinformation by their censors. We double checked it and could not locate the misinformation, they provided no further information.  )




I know, after President Trump uttered that word in early 2020 it was put on the offensive list and was bad to speak of it. But doctors that were and are using it have been seeing near 100% turn around in their infected patients within a day or two of first use. Thousands of treated patients, nary a mortality.

The same could be said of Ivermectin, a long-used parasite drug with possibly even better results and would make the whole Covid issue a non-issue, but that is another story for another time.

If you were to look at a Hydroxychloroquine treatment plan (as well ones using Ivermectin), you might note that they all include ZINC.

Zinc is well documented to have strong anti-viral properties as well as involvement in over 200 different body enzyme interactions that support life processes.

Zinc, in use with Hydroxychloroquine, has a very interesting association.


An ionophore is a compound that facilitates the transportation of ions across a membrane by either carrying it across or creating a channel for it. Ergo, Hydroxychloroquine helps zinc get into cells to lend support to the immune system.

There is another drug called Clioquinol that is estimated to be 10 times more powerful than hydroxychloroquine. However, it appears to be far more dangerous.

Not that Hydroxychloroquine holds any danger at all in the hands of a skilled physician – unless that danger is to political objectives and future vaccine sales of course.

In the natural supplement world, Epigallocatechin Gallate, or EGCG, the main active ingredient in green tea, has been shown in lipid membrane fluorescent assays to be about 60% as powerful a zinc ionophore as Clioquinol.

Do the math and I think you will find that as a zinc ionophore, EGCG may be even better than Hydroxychloroquine. Now that is something you might want in your immune boosting toolkit.

You’d think if there was a health crisis the government ‘experts’ would be advising you how to do boost your immune system to naturally fight off a virus – but nope, not a word. Are they really experts or something else? Mmm…

But back to the question, why do men have more issue with Covid-19 than woman?

It may very well be an issue of the body’s ZINC RESERVES.

Here’s a zinger on zinc…


Why? Because men have a capacity to ejaculate semen, and zinc is 100x more concentrated in semen than in blood!

Ejaculation can lower the body’s ZINC RESERVES.

That should give you an ah ha moment.

If you are in the natural health field you are likely familiar with the zinc taste test, a corollary to which, if you lose your sense of taste and smell, the odds are large you have depleted zinc reserves.

And what is a side effect for many afflicted with Covid-19? Yes, loss of taste and smell. When we begin to think through physiology, things start to add up.

Moving on to blood type…

All blood type A people are known to have lower hydrochloric acid production than type O people. It’s genetics.

Hydrochloric acid production is required for digestive purpose, like unfolding dietary proteins allowing them to break down sufficiently to free up the dietary elements, like ZINC.

This lowered digestive ability due to lower HCL leads to potentially lower ZINC RESERVES. And there we are again.

As a side note, when there’s lower zinc reserves there is consequently also lower HCl production. People need zinc to produce sufficient HCl, but to get sufficient HCl they also need zinc. It’s a catch-22.

Obviously, or what should be obvious, this means:

All clinicians must be well versed on digestive rehabilitation in their practice as well as blood type and dietary lectins because that collective knowledge goes far to build more powerful immune systems.

Next up, the overweight dilemma…

Why do people who are diabetic and/or are overweight, who often become so because they overindulge in carbs, have higher issues with Covid-19?

Referencing a smidge of basic biochemistry, we know at a fundamental level that the ‘carbo’ in the word carbohydrate refers to carbon, and in the processing of carbohydrates the body generates more carbon dioxide – CO2 – as a byproduct.

But that excess CO2 cannot stay in the system (because the excess would kill you) so the body needs to get rid of it.

Physiology tells us how:

#1. The lungs are engaged, and we breathe off the excess CO2.

#2. CO2 combines with ammonia (from the oxidation of glutamine), it converts to urea in the liver and it gets excreted by the kidney.

And #3, drum roll please…

CO2 combines with water through a process using carbonic anhydrase and ZINC which forms carbonic acid which breaks down into hydrogen and bicarbonate.


Excess carbohydrate consumption can tax ZINC RESERVES.

Experts scratch their heads…

Yep, 3 questions that have ‘experts’ scratching their heads all intersect at one common point.

Hydroxychloroquin shined a light on it, thinking through physiology tied it together.

Potentially lower zinc reserves in these three groups is a clue as to why some of these folks have more issues with Covid-19 than others. I am not saying here it is the only thing, but I am also saying this is of no small importance.


Physio-logically, the body is a material thing that has stepped off the periodic table of the elements and into this material world. That table when looked at in new ways can be a source of dynamic knowledge for every health care practitioner.

A major component of health and possessing a powerful immune system is having sufficient vital reserves – the 19 major and minor anionic and cationic minerals the body requires for health which need to be in the right amount and in the right proportion to each other.

Obtaining and maintaining these reserves is part of one’s dietary and digestive component of health. And when these vital reserves or the means to obtain them go askew, health is impacted in many ways.

Because of the overarching pharmaceutical and political influence in mainstream medicine today these elemental concepts are rarely if ever thought about or thought through anymore. In its place is illogical medical bamboozlement. It’s crazy.

But if you’re one who would rather move away from the crazy and take back your power over health through logically thinking through physiology to get answers to questions experts scratch their heads, then please check out the new Online EDU platform at Biomedx, there might be something there for you.

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