The PL2020
Photo Luminescence Therapy System

A BioPhotonic Health Revolution

Advancing Healthcare by Addressing Viruses, Bacteria, Body Oxygenation and more through Innate Immunity

PL2020 UVBI AscEpi Medical
PL2020 Product of AscEpi Medical

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Blood, the River of Life

Research is showing how blood can not only be a carrier of infectious agents that can cause health issues, but its innate immune system can be strengthened and enhanced through ultraviolet photonic energy providing increased ability to fight those infections and more.

The ability of photons, or light energy, directly cast upon blood to enhance immunity, is being rediscovered.

UVBI healing photon wave

From the late 1920’s through the mid 1950’s, BioPhotonic Blood Therapy was taking care of all manner of health issues with great success, being especially effective against bacteria and viruses.

This technology was pretty much buried and forgotten with the pharmaceutical development of antibiotics and vaccines.

Today that drug dependence has led to problems and the headlines tell the story…

UVBI antibiotic resistant headlines

The time is now to bring back what worked in the past and has been made even better with 21st century technology.

The PL2020 FDA Compliant Device is Setting a New Standard for Photo Luminescent Blood Therapy and Immunity Enhancement


PL2020 at work

Key to the high efficacy of the PL2020 compared to ultraviolet units of the past is the AscEpi Medical CTVFD science.

UVBI CTVFD applied science

The power of the PL2020 to assist the body’s immune function and move it into gear is due to innovations borne through numerous trial.

This science relates to:

The Cuvette Used
The Time of Blood Exposure to Photonic Energy
The Volume of Blood Demanded
The Frequency of Tuned Light Required
The Distance of Blood from the Photons

Combining the Science and Technology Gets Results

Reviewing the Science...


UVBI PL2020 cuvette

The PL2020 utilizes a proprietary flat quartz cuvette that is the ‘light guide’ that allows the photonic energy of the mainframe to most effectively ‘photonize’ the blood.

This flat cuvette is far superior than straight or spiral tubes as these suffer greatly from the reality of Snell’s Law which, simplistically stating, says,

Photons directed to reach a target inside a tube will be greatly diminished due to the refractance of the tube.

UVBI snells law


UVBI timejpg

Time is another key to the success of the PL2020.

With the flat style cuvette, blood has an opportunity to not only get sufficient photonic exposure, it also has time to swirl and traverse the length of the cuvette. A full procedure lasts about an hour, time that is necessary to reach full efficacy.


The proper amount of blood undergoing UV photonic exposure is important, can’t be too much, can’t be too little. With an average of 5000cc of blood in an adult, about 250cc of blood is proper.

UVBI volume

Like putting an additive in your car’s gasoline or oil to help refurbish and clean the engine, 250cc of photon exposed blood put back into circulation begins a helpful assist to the body’s immune system.



With a range spectrum in both UVA and UVC bands of light, mixing the right frequencies is critical.

UVC destroys bacteria and viruses. With destroyed material directed back to circulation, the body’s immune recognition system sees it and then creates the defenses to fight what is left. It’s like a vaccine tailored specific to the individual, without side effects or added toxic adjuvants.

UVA has no germicidal effect, but it is easily absorbed into the hemoglobin and has a wonderful balancing effect on the immune system. Research shows that photons are adsorbed by blood elements and as photonic energy from UVA is dispersed throughout the body, it can help ‘kick-start’ a compromised immune systems or calm one that is over-reacting.


UVBI distance

The distance of the cuvette from the UV lamps must be precisely calibrated. As the lamps are used, the photonic energy emitted will fall over time. This is just the nature of any photo lamp. Consequently, the distance of the lamp from the cuvette must be re-calibrated periodically to maintain high efficacy.

The PL2020 has a precisely calibrated light chamber. The chamber is designed to allow the user to perform the necessary recalibration routine when and as needed so top performance is always being given.

UVBI PL2020 light chamber

This is some of what sets the PL2020 apart from the few other UV devices in the marketplace.

With some of those other devices, the claim is you only need to use 40-60cc of blood. The blood is mixed with saline, and besides the exposure to UV, in some cases it is also ozonated.

You might think that is good, but really, if the photonic system was working, you would not need the ozone.

Although ozone can certainly kill germs, it is also an oxidizer without discrimination and it detracts from the BioPhotonic benefits you are looking to gain. The PL2020 does not require an ozone assist.


UVBI CTVFD at work
UVBI no ozone

Where can BioPhotonic Therapy Help?

Ultraviolet Photo Luminescence is directly personalized to the individual, so whatever they’ve got, their own immune system will be keyed into it.

UVBI lyme mrsa bartonella

Difficult things to treat today, like Bartonella, Lyme, MRSA, see great success.

In some cases, like with MRSA where antibiotics might fail, 2 or 3 BioPhotonic UV sessions is generally all that is required.

The increased oxygenation effect is very helpful for so much. Diabetic foot ulcers can clear right up. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and skin conditions respond very well. In general, inflammatory, circulation and respiratory issues can be well mediated.

UVBI oxygen atom

What is the cost to Install BioPhotonic Therapy?

As with most things that work, when people begin having success ameliorating health issues that were difficult in the past but are now fixed, people talk and referrals happen.

For a small single practitioner office, 20 to 30 sessions a week is typical.

In the country, an average patient fee is $200-$250 per session. In a big city, this might be $350-$400. This is generally cash pay for which people are quite willing to do to get results.

With a $9,850 unit cost, it can pay for itself within 2-4 weeks.

UVBI thumbs up

While addressing the question about cost to install BioPhotonic Therapy, it might be even more important to address the cost of not installing this technology.

PL2020 UVBI checks the boxes

Get on our Calendar Today to Bring this Much Needed Technology to Your Health Care Enterprise!

Our contact information is below. If you are in a Native American or other minority health enterprise, contact Damon Schlenske (Sunbear), who is taking the lead in this endeavor through our parent corporation in Montana. (406) 439-9155.



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