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Microscope Information


Quick Set Up Guide for the Olympus CX43 Biomedx configured microscope

Quick Guide to the Biomedx MicroImagePro video camera

Biomedx Fiberoptic Microscope Manual 

Data Sheets

Live Blood Data Sheet/EDU/Scoresheet

Live Blood Data Sheet/EDU/Scoresheet Spanish

Dry Blood Data Sheet/EDU/Scoresheet

Resource Documents

Scientific Validations for the Use of Microscopes in Health Advocacy for Client Education

MicroImagePro Camera
Software for Laptop

Camera comes with disc, if no disc reader, then download the exe file here: Download

1) Load software to laptop.
2) Put WiFi dongle into USB/Mouse port.
3) Go to laptop available networks and find BiomedxCam.
4) Enter password 12345678.
5) Open ToupView software, find camera in available cameras window.

See software notes in Quick set-up guide.

Microscope Video Tutorials

For all Microscopes...

For the Fiberoptic Microscopes...

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