Biomedx is a subsidiary of Native American Trading Corporation, a Native American owned entity with sales office headquartered in the great state of Montana. The Biomedx web site has been on-line since 1998 with related training and equipment sales since 1995 by the founder of Biomedx who continues to donate time in training, writing of the websites, related coursework and R & D.

We often use the phrase “Him Dag-Yem Ethoy” which is a Native American expression translated as “A Way of Life”. This entails resolve, respect and responsibility.

We operate with a principle that it is our collective duty to have resolve against powerful influences that push ill change that is not in the best interest of the planet or its people; to have respect for the earth and the free will of individuals who have inalienable rights to live their life as they best see fit when such choices do not trespass against another; to take responsibility to continually learn and sort that which is just from that which is not and to let that lead in action and engagement with others.

Our sales objective is not to capture a mass market for what we do, just one person at a time and if we do our job well, that one person will affect many others. And in time...

Our mission is to engage ourselves and others in learning how to lead healthier lives through natural health advocacy and wellness education along with the use of tools and technology to make it all understandable and exciting. And it’s not just about the health of the human body and the soil of the cell, or the soil of the farm, but ultimately, of the soil as a metaphor for all that holds us together in this Way of Life - Him Dag-Yem Ethoy.

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