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*This term as used here is for search engine purpose, our microscope systems are for educational use only within the biological science and industrial arts arenas, and not for medical diagnostic use.

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Proudly representing Olympus systems to our health education market niche since 1996.

From our first microscope workshop in Phoenix Arizona in March of 1996 through current all-encompassing classes at our Biotorium Health Learning Lab in Chicago, we have been leading the charge for health care practitioners who want to engage their client base in new ways.

With Biomedx HD video microscopy, your clients can be taken on a fantastic voyage through their "life in the blood." This provides them an unprecedented education on what makes their health tick, while at the same time giving them a driving motivation to act on healthy lifestyle protocols.

In 1999 we developed one of the most highly regarded state of the art multi-platform microscopes for alternative and complimentary health practitioners to help them offer one of a kind client health education. We kept up that level of excellence over the ensuing years with version updates. Today we have a new system for another generation.

For busy practitioners it is smooth, very fast to operate, and provides incredible micro imaging. For docs and staff alike, it is almost impossible to screw things up. (And with over 20 years of providing tech support to practitioners and staff we know all the ways that can happen.) With our next gen model and its engineered integrations, it all makes for a trouble-free and consistently accurate microscope experience.

Most Popular System

The Biomedx enhanced and configured Olympus multi-platform microscope for the next generation of the Wellness Revolution.

Live blood microscopes for education configured by Biomedx
Welcome to Your New Microscope

Take your health practice endeavors in biological microscopy to the moon (and the bank) with a Biomedx configured Olympus microscope system. With over two decades of implementing the best live blood / live cell qualitative auditing systems providing big screen, HD, and superior imaging capabilities, we know exactly what works and works best for practitioners; from the health coach through to the functional, biological, alternative and complimentary medical doc. The slides here will be a brief intro to your system, below we'll expand on the specs, the imaging, and point specific configurations for your practice.

Live blood microscopes for education configured by Biomedx
Uniform Illumination with Consistent Color Temperature

The color temperature of the system's LED illumination produces daylight conditions, so specimens can be viewed with their natural colors. The color temperature is consistent at any brightness, so users don’t have to spend time making adjustments when changing brightness levels. The LEDs have a long 60,000-hour lifetime built into the design, helping reduce cost, and the brightness level remains stable throughout the LED’s life.

Single Handed Slide Placement

A specimen can be quickly slid in and out with one hand. The specimen holder opens a little and firmly retains the specimen during operation. The versatile holder accommodates a variety of slide types, including a hemocytometer.

Smooth Magnification Change

The low-positioned revolving nosepiece enables users to quickly change magnifications with minimal arm movement between focusing, greatly improving work efficiency during prolonged use.

Ergonomically Positioned Focus Knobs

The low-positioned focusing knobs enables users to make observations while keeping their hands and forearms rested on the desk, helping provide comfort.

Integrated Focus Stop

The focusing stopper prevents a specimen from accidentally hitting an objective when working under a high magnification.

Live blood analysis erogonomic microscope Biomedx Olympus
Ergonomic Stage & Eyepiece Position

The low-positioned stage is designed to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue. The stage surface can be widely seen from the eye point position, which enables users to smoothly set and check specimens on the stage. The stage knob can be controlled with just a light touch and can be adjusted at the same time as the focusing knob, since they are located close together.

Live blood analysis erogonomic microscope Biomedx Olympus
Darkfield live blood analysis is simple with this microscope
Integrated Multi-Modal Condenser

A multi-mode universal condenser provides you with brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and 3D view with a simple rotation of the turret. It is factory set and calibrated at a fixed position so finicky technical condenser adjustments on the x-y-z axis are a thing of the past. By locking the aperture diaphragm, a favorite optimally chosen position will stay in place even if accidentally touched while changing slides or turret modes. In combination with the five-position revolving nosepiece, multiple applications can be covered using this single microscope frame.

Darkfield live blood analysis is simple with this microscope
Live blood microscope training objectives
Use Up to Five Objectives

A selection of objectives key to your work are tyically incorporated in Biomedx configurations. For example, a 2X objective for wide area observation is best for dry blood oxidative stress screening. A 20x phase contrast objective is ideal for scanning for spirochetes in gingival samples, scanning urine, and it also gives a great wide field view in darkfield for live white blood cell scans. A 40x phase objective is an every day (non-oil) working optic for live blood / live cell viewing in all condenser modes; high contrast brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and 3D. 

Live blood microscope training objectives
No Immersion Oil Required

Olympus phase contrast is the best in the business and is so good, when coupled with our imaging systems there is no need to ever have to use messy oil to get stellar imaging to give you the information you need day to day. You can flip on the fly between phase contrast and darkfield without the hassle of oiling objectives or condensers. But if you want to move to oil you can with the appropriate objectives. 

Best Koehler Illumination

This microscope has achieved a new technological advancement with “Koehler illumination (fixed field diaphragm)”, so users don’t ever need to adjust the condenser to achieve effective Koehler illumination. This technology specifically prevents incorrect operation from unintended user error and as a result, it always offers the best imaging visibility. In addition, a full range of objective magnifications from 2X to 100X is available to use with the condenser equipped as standard.


It's Where the Image Conveys the Message

Absolutely Beautiful on the Desktop


Step through the slides here to see the imaging versatility:

And Excellent For BIG Screen Presentations.


Superb Microscope Optics Deserve Superior Display


Industrial Vision Cameras for Biological Science Education

For our select health education market we tested numerous camera chip sets, formats, interfaces and operability factors to get it right. For microscope presentation modes, we found straight USB only cameras didn’t cut it. Being limited to video image viewing through a computer interface had many inherent problems. However, HDMI output through a standard HDTV – with the right camera chipset – makes for a beautiful experience.

For those that want to manipulate images on a computer via software, this camera can be completely software driven with an optional WIFI connection (software and WIFI connector included with all systems). The camera however can do it all on-board as needed.

A wired mouse connects directly to the camera so no computer hookup is even necessary if you’d rather not move to that level of complication. You can capture images and video directly to the removable memory card in the camera, zoom in and out of your image, even manipulate your auto or manual control settings to adjust your video imaging on the fly.

One thing we discovered in testing numerous cameras for our systems is that camera specifications do not tell the whole story.

We’ve seen great specs that we thought would be stellar performers, but when all hooked up they did not have the live cell imaging we demanded and many failed at providing good darkfield light sensitivity.

Far more important than a raw megapixel count is pixel physical size and the relationship of pixel quantity to standard HDTV dimensions for the best on-screen view which is what we want.

Many cameras might look the same on the outside, but the tech inside can be a different story. Our cameras incorporate ultra high performance Sony sensor technology for video microscopy with super-size pixels for huge dark signal sensitivity.

On our scopes with these cameras you get good live blood darkfield imaging using only the multi-mode turret condenser – even without having to use oil. And that is awesome when things get busy or you have staff doing your educational presentations – it means no oily mess or continual cleanup.

Microscope Image Gallery

Video Overviews

See the Range of This Systems Versatility...

The Multi-mode Universal Condenser in Action...

Zooming Flexibility...

Yesterday's Monitors vs. the HDTV of Today...

Microscope System Pricing

Most Popular


  • Exactly what you need. This is our core microscope system that is shown in the videos above that do it all in an easy and most efficient manner. 2x, 4x, 10x, 20 & 40x phase objectives – all non-oil – gets you cleanly up and going with the best available technology. Dry layer, live cell, gingival, urine scanning, soil and water review, product checks, sperm motility, white blood cell counting and more. It’s an overall biological viewing and educational super tool that has the capability of serving you for decades.
  • *Price shown is payment by check or bank transfer, $5865 via credit or debit card.
100x Oil


  • This is our 'Most Popular' system where we take out the 4x objective and plug in a 100x oil phase objective for increased resolution and magnification for the times you might want that. It likely won’t be the day to day optic for most clinics, but when you want that close up detail view of an organism, or are having big screen live blood wine and cheese parties, this system will give you imaging with all the Olympus oil optic phase contrast brilliance.
  • *Price shown is payment by check or bank transfer, $6680 via credit or debit card.


  • This is the same system as the 100x oil unit, but includes a 50x oil iris objective for a bit of darkfield refinement. It is set up to go out the door with the 2x, 20x, 40x, 50x and 100x objectives in place, and includes the 4x and 10x objectives on the side for the times you may want to install those for viewing specific media. As you might be swapping objective positions at times, this system includes the phase centering telescope to be used if and when needed.
  • *Price shown is payment by check or bank transfer, $8210 via credit or debit card.

While adding oil objectives are not really necessary for most day to day viewing of live blood, gingival work or more, for some the added magnification and bump in resolution is something they want.

Note that the oil objective options can be added at any time to a system in the future if desired.

The video here that was posted on YouTube will show you the use of a 100x oil phase objective and the imaging you can expect to see on a TV monitor.


Our core system can be configured to operate as your low cost nano scanner which the video here highlights.

This was was another YouTube installment that shows a brief review of a liposomal product with our core microscope system that showed a surprising result.

We left in the part that shows the simple technique for getting a liposomal sample but with a grid block to hide the tested product brand name.


All of our systems come standard with:

The Biomedx MicroImagePro Camera and related imaging software which you can use or not as desired since the camera has internal software as well. The camera plugs directly into any HDTV and is ready to go without any required computer. (HDTVs give the best imaging performance and most provide an abundance of additional picture controls to tweak your live view image even further.)

A Quick Setup Guide showing you how to put it all together along with the Olympus microscope manual itself.


This is a System for Health Education 2nd to None

This is the perfect system for the health care facility engaged in education and helping people understand the deeper details of their health.

In the misnomered "live blood analysis" health market niche, it was often said that you need to have a "darkfield" microscope in order to see what you want in blood. Well, that is very old information based on literature written prior to the invention of phase contrast microscopy by Frits Zernicke.

Phase contrast provides shading and morphological discernment for many blood elements that is simply unattainable in darkfield mode, although darkfield does have its place and is used where appropriate. But it is not the mode for viewing living blood that some might have you believe.

Today some teachers that sell microscopes in their programs still put out the old information about requiring darkfield along with oil as well. Often this position is held because the microscopes they have just don't do phase contrast very well and they have to use oil with their systems to get the performance they want.

With the systems here that's not the case. You get total performance excellence all around for your live blood journeys with your clients.

Market Realities of Cheap Systems

One reality we have had to deal with is microscope sellers promising their systems to do “darkfield” or "live blood" imaging with scopes that are somewhat cheap. Problem is, darkfield imaging and especially phase contrast are not done very well by so many companies. Phase contrast itself is a mode that requires perfection that many cannot provide, but Olympus does.

There is also a certain “feel” to operating some of these off and other brand microscopes that simply put, is kind of clunky.  They often need continual adjustment and when they are adjusted, do not offer consistent operation or image quality. By comparison, our configured Olympus systems operate smooth as silk and are continually consistent in operation.

We have had many come to a workshop that have previously purchased lower tier microscope systems get quickly spoiled when they work with ours where they then proceed to purchase one and have a need to sell what they previously bought. You don't need to find yourself in that situation.

We are here for you!

We service a professional health care market and put our name behind this as well. We don’t just sell microscopes, we also support the health care practitioner and others doing this work.

Our perspective is that if you are a pro, you should want the best microscope at the best price without compromise and where the best imaging and quality is concerned, you can’t beat Olympus and the Biomedx configuration and video setup for these systems. If best is what you want with a company that has served this market for over two decades and offers concurrent support as well as dynamic training should you want it, well you’ve found us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have a great lease company in Wisconsin that can do this and some in Canada. If you have an existing lease company we can work with them. Outside of the North American market we do not have lease resources.

Note that a lease company typically wants to see a track record of being in business at least 2 years with a good credit history. Getting a lease on a new business or start up is difficult.

If you are in the difficult category and still want to make timed payments, we do take credit cards and there are a few credit card companies out there that extend zero percent financing for the first 6 to 12 months on a new card. You can do a search for one of those companies if that situation fits.

Yes, always. If you purchased any system and decided you wanted to add another objective for example, you can do that at any time. Systems are totally flexible in that way.

No, the multi-mode universal condenser on the Olympus CX43 is factory set in place and cannot be removed.

On the plus side, this makes any technical screw ups that might happen with adjustment and calibration of the condenser almost non-existent.

No. As per the last question the multi-mode turret condenser is fixed to the frame and no other condenser can be used.

The only darkfield condenser we imagine you might want would be a dedicated oil cardioid darkfield condenser. These are the best for pure darkfield applications and we used these sometimes in our older system for individuals that wanted it, but those weren’t many.

The references in some writings that certain blood forms can best be seen or only appear in darkfield were written before the invention of phase contrast.

Phase contrast changed the game yet today some still adhere to those old references. Part of this is because there are a lot of poor phase contrast objectives in the marketplace with poor imaging. If that is all one has available, then using an oil cardioid darkfield condenser with a LOT of light to push through it would likely be much better.

That said, Olympus makes incredible phase contrast objectives. With image rendition to an HD monitor and having a full range of shading capability form white to black and everything in-between, live blood imaging and more is simply stellar with phase contrast.

For many with this new technology, darkfield has become passe.

However with a multi-mode condenser and our darkfield enhancer on the CX43, you can have both, super phase contrast and pretty decent darkfield as well. This might be for times you’ll flip to it to check out nuclei in white blood cells or for white cell counting, or for additional differentiation of those or other forms as you might desire.

For a primary display that is economical and looks great, consider a standard flat panel HDTV with  23″ being the smallest. (You can also travel with these pretty easily if you are a roving microscopist.) We have a few 23″ models made by Vizio on desktop arm mounts in our workshop space on the microscope benches and they look great. With an HDTV the image can also be optimally tweaked from the TV menu while straight computer monitors don’t always offer the same level of image adjustment as a TV does.

28″ can also work very well with a desktop arm mount while also providing a larger image for a bit more impression.

Our cameras put out a 1920×1080 size image and that is what you will find in smaller monitors. These are also known as 1080P. Smaller monitors could also be 720P but you will want one that does 1080P not the 720.

If you’re going for very impressive presentations, consider a 40-50″ or so wall mount TV.

The larger HDTVs today are all moving to 4K today which is double 1920×1080. Ideally a 4K camera would be desired for this but currently we have yet to test one that was satisfactory for our purpose. As we mentioned elsewhere on this webpage, specs are not everything and a lot goes into getting the right image we need and want to see out of a camera.

That said, the 4K TVs today do a decent job of upscaling standard HDTV to their 4k mode. So you could get a 4K now and when a suitable camera is available you could update your system at that time if desired. However the image as it is now is outstanding and you may not feel the need to be upgrading anything for a long time.

Standard big screen HDTVs are getting really inexpensive so cost-wise they are a great deal and the basic 1080P display exactly matches the camera and the imaging is the best when you have camera and monitor matched. Either way, having HDTV as a main display (as opposed to a computer monitor) for your system is the way to go for most.

Our cameras also output WIFI if desired for a secondary display to see the image on a laptop or tablet using the included imaging software. If you are traveling with your scope to do a distance presentation away from the main office, you could use a laptop monitor as your main screen in a pinch, but it is not the best as there is a slight WIFI lag in passing the real time image from the scope to the camera. But as we previously noted, a 23″ HDTV for example is very light and travels very easy as well while also providing a superb image.

Yes absolutely, this is new equipment. The warranty is in the tab section below.

And here is something to know: In two decades of selling Olympus microscopes, we’ve never had a single warranty issue arise, ever. Olympus microscopes are engineered and built very well.

The only repair issues that seem to arise are typically travel related – TSA, baggage handlers, etc, – or something like a client smashing a cable when closing their suitcase.

With this system you can rest assured that if you keep it clean and put a dust cover on it before bed, you will have a solid microscope and component group that will work for you every day like the first for a very long time.

  • Maintains Preferred Observation Conditions with Minimal Adjustments
  • Uniform Illumination with Consistent Color Temperature
  • Select and Lock in Your Contrast Level, Change Magnification without Adjusting the Condenser
  • Excellent Optical Performance for Flat In-Focus Images, Plug in Up to Five Objectives
  • Wire drive X-Y control for exceedingly smooth & easy slide specimen movement
    (You don’t get this same performance with rack and pinion gears that are on many other scopes.)
  • Ergonomically-Positioned Focus Knobs,  Smooth Magnification Changes
  • Ergonomic Stage and Eyepiece Position
  • Remains Comfortable during Extended Usage, Low LED power consumption with 60,000 hour life
  • Multi-Modes: Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contast & 3D standard, Polarized Light Option
  • Darkfield Enhancer for more intense darkfield imaging over stock CX performance
  • Premium HDMI camera for beautiful big image display capability
  • In camera control via mouse or external computer control via WIFI
  • Imaging capture and manipulation software on the 2nd computer display or Android tablet
  • Camera accepts SD memory cards for on-board image & video capture without a computer
    Exceptional digital zoom capability

Optical System: Olympus UIS2 (universal infinity-corrected) optics for top tier performance

Illumination System: Built-in transmitted light, Köhler illumination with fixed field diaphragm technology,  pre-centered LED, power consumption is a low 2.4 W at 12 VDC

Focusing:  Stage height movement (coarse movement stroke: 15 mm )
Stroke per rotation for coarse adjustment knob: 36.8 mm, Focusing stopper
Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob
Fine focus knob (minimum adjustment gradations: 2.5 μm)

Revolving Nosepiece:   Fixed quintuple nosepiece with inward tilt

Stage:  Smooth wire drive movement mechanical fixed stage
(W × D): 211 mm × 154 mm
X-Y travel range: 76mm×52mm
Single specimen holder
(optional: double specimen holder, sheet holder)
Specimen position scale
Stage XY movement stopper

Observation Head:  Binocular head with trinocular port,
light path eyepiece/camera is 100-20/80 via prism slider.
Tube inclination 30°
Interpupillary distance adjusting range: 48-75mm
Anti-fungal treated

Eyepieces:  10x Field Number (FN) 20, w/rubber eyecups
15x Field Number (FN) 18, w/rubber eyecups optional

Condenser:  Abbe condenser NA 1.25 (oil immersion capable)
Universal multi-mode condenser with 7 rotating turret indent positions:
BF (4-100X), 2X, DF, Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, FL (Fluoresence)
8th non-indent position is a DF offset providing a 3D view.
Condenser turret aperture lock pin (BF only)
Built-in aperture iris diaphragm

Observing Methods: Brightfield, simple polarization, phase contrast, darkfield, 3D.

2X NA 0.05 W.D. 5.8mm*
4X NA 0.1 W.D. 18.5mm*
10X NA 0.25 W.D. 10.6mm*
10XPH NA 0.25 W.D. 10.6mm
20XPH NA 0.4 W.D. 1.2mm*
40XPH NA 0.65 W.D. 0.6mm*
100XOil PH NA 1.25 W.D. 0.15mm

*These are the 5 objectives included in our most popular system.

Voltage/current:  AC 100-240 V   50/60 Hz   0.4 A

Image Platform:           Sony Professional CMOS image chip
Chip Size:                       Approx 1/2″
Pixel Size:                      >3.7×3.7
Dark Sensitivity:           >1100mV
Output FPS:                   60 Frames per second at standard HDMI 1920×1080 (25FPS over WIFI)
Output 1:                       HDMI for direct HDTV connection (desktop/wallmount flat panels/projectors)
Output 2:                       USB; for on-board mouse control or WIFI transmitter output to computer
Image Capture:             JPEG format to on-board SD memory card or to computer
Video Capture:              ASF format 1080P 30fps to on-board SD memory card or to computer
Zoom Function:            High resolving digital zoom extends screen image magnification when needed
Internal software:         Screen toolbar for zoom, mirror, comparison, freeze, drawing, measurement
External software:        Full camera control, expanded menu, video/image capture, image manipulation
Operating system:        Microsoft® Windows® XP /Vista /7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 bit), OSx (Mac OS X), Linux
WIFI:                              Can be on or off as desired
Wireless Connect:         Maximum 3-6 connections dependent on environment and distance
Voltage/current:           Power supply DC 12V/2A

Microscope System Limited Warranty

Biomedx warrants that the microscope systems it sells and any related accessories bearing the Biomedx label (individually a “Product” and collectively the “Products”) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period, beginning from the date of purchase, of ;

A) five (5) years for mechanical or optical defects and
B) one (1) year for electrical, or wear-related components.

Olympus microscopes through Olympus Life Science and Olympus America, Inc, of which Biomedx is an OEM/VAR (Original Equipment Manufacturer/ Value Added Reseller), applies similar terms viewable at the link listed below.

For purposes of service for any defective Biomedx/Olympus microscope system, Biomedx should be the customers first point of contact for the problem. If any Product proves to be defective within the relevant warranty periods, the customer must return the defective Product to Biomedx with; 1) invoice showing date and place of purchase, 2) a detailed description of the problem.

Should service be needed, you will first need to contact Biomedx at the email address or phone number listed on this webpage in order to initially sort through the issue and if that issue is not able to be rectified on site, then to begin the process to return the defective item.

Customers may be entitled to a service loaner if their Product is sent back for repair and the Product is under warranty. Biomedx can provide service loaners based on availability of product at its sole discretion at the time of repair, but service loaners are not guaranteed to be “right now” or always available.

Biomedx (or Olympus under its own terms where applicable), at its sole discretion, will repair, replace, or adjust the defective Product, provided that an investigation and factory inspection disclose that 1) such defect developed under normal and proper use and 2) the Product is covered under this limited warranty. Repair, replacement, or adjustment of defective Products shall be Biomedx sole obligation and the customer’s sole remedy hereunder. The customer is liable and shall pay for shipment of the products to Biomedx.

Biomedx shall not be obligated to perform preventive maintenance, installation, de-installation, relocation, or maintenance. Biomedx reserves the right to 1) use reconditioned, refurbished, and/or serviceable used parts (that meet Biomedx quality assurance standards) for repairs and 2) make an internal or external design and/or feature changes on or to its own Products without any liability to incorporate such changes on or to the Products.

Excluded from this limited warranty and not warranted by Biomedx in any fashion, either express, implied, or by statute, are:

products not manufactured or represented by Biomedx as OEM/VAR and/or not bearing the “BIOMEDX” brand label (the warranty coverage for products of other manufacturers, which may be distributed by Biomedx, is the responsibility of the manufacturers of such products in accordance with the terms and duration of such manufacturers warranties;
any Product which has been disassembled, repaired, tampered with, altered, changed, or modified by persons other than Biomedx own personnel unless repair by others is made with the written consent of Biomedx;
defects or damage to the Products resulting from wear, tear, misuse, negligence, sand, liquids, impact, cold, heat, light, humidity, fungus, other life form infestation, improper storage, non-performance of scheduled operator and maintenance items, or use of non-Biomedx brand accessories where required, consumables, or supplies; software programs; supplies and consumables.

Except for the limited warranty set forth above and for that which applies under terms of the direct Olympus warranty, Biomedx makes no and disclaims all other representations and warranties, whether express or implied, concerning the Products including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or concerning any patents or technology used or included therein. If any implied warranties apply as a matter of law, they are limited in duration to the length of this limited warranty. All guarantees, warranties, conditions, and representations whatsoever, either express or implied, whether arising under any statute, law, commercial usage or otherwise, are hereby expressly excluded.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that Biomedx shall not be responsible for any damages that the customer may incur from delayed shipment, Product failure, Product design, selection, or production or from any other cause, whether liability is asserted in contract, tort, (including negligence and strict product liability) or otherwise. In no event shall Biomedx be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages of any kind (including without limitation loss of profits or loss of use), whether or not Biomedx shall be or should be aware of the possibility of such potential loss or damage.

Representations and warranties made by any person, including but not limited to dealers and representatives of Biomedx, which are inconsistent or in conflict with the terms of this limited warranty, shall not be binding upon Biomedx unless reduced to writing and approved by an expressly authorized manager of Biomedx.

This limited warranty is the complete and exclusive statement of warranty which Biomedx agrees to provide with respect to the products and it shall supersede all prior and contemporaneous oral or written agreements, understandings, proposals, and communications pertaining to the subject matter hereof.

This limited warranty is exclusively for the benefit of the original customer and cannot be transferred or assigned.

For reference, the Olympus Life Science limited warranty can be viewed from the link below, but in all cases Biomedx should be your first point of contact for any microscope warranty, operation or technical issue.

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