It’s in the Blood

Last newsletter I talked about a situation in one particular hospital and how the insurance companies were seeming to dictate to a degree the protocols that must be used for various health issues. Some might say that this is health care by the numbers. In a sense it is, it’s just about the numbers that …

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What’s Better – Phase Contrast or Dark Field for Nutritional Microscopy?

A RECENT QUESTION: I’m looking into buying a microscope for dark field microscopy for live blood viewing and have found that some people think I should buy a microscope that has a phase contrast turret condenser whereas others think that dark field microscopy can only be done with a microscope having a dedicated dark field …

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Blood Dry Layers

Health care and wellness practitioners that use a microscope in their practice for patient education have a unique ability to observe the extent of free radical activity taking place in the body. This is through a procedure called the Dry Layer Oxidative Stress Test. It is very simple. A drop of blood from the finger …

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