The Electric Fields in Cells and the Imprint in Blood – Can You See It?

Got an email today that I wanted to share because it strikes a chord on something I’d like to lead into just briefly.

Here it is (edited)…

btw. I am lecturing about “the high frequency of health” and many people are signing in. I am using (the microscope) to prove bodies change due to an altering mind set. I am fascinated by the fact that the blood is almost pure water in a colloidal-ionic suspension and that our own inner water has memory and reacts on the most subtle frequencies we know exist in the universe. Water is intelligent and mysterious at the same time.

We’ll become true “co-creators” if we know how to manage “our waters”. Ha!

I feel we are entering an era where knowledge becomes more and more intuitive and less rational.
Also I have found approx 50 volunteers of the xxxx institute which is run by xxxx. All 50 people will sit in meditation (prayer) for 30 minutes. I will poke their fingers to see what happens with the Zeta potential of the blood… 

Biomedx likes to lay a foundation in class for to begin an understanding of “charge” in the body and the anionic/cationic anabolic/catabolic relationships (science yin and yang).

Take a gander at this when you get a chance:

This all hits home to the work of Gilbert Ling (best expressed through the book Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life) and that of Thomas Riddick (The Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential), and the work of Bjorn Nordenstrom (Biologically Closed Electric Circuits).

I find this all great stuff, but let’s take it a little bit further. Let’s take it into the direction of Emoto’s work and “The Messages in Water” – this is what the email was hinting at. To this I’d like to share something.

Last year, there was a gal that came to class with a special gift. It is a long story and without getting into details, when she would look at the blood on the screen projected from the microscope, in her minds eye a story would flash by.

It was very hard to explain, but she described it as looking at a film – or the light of the projector going through the film and it would just pass in her mind.

She would relate the story to whoever’s microscope image she was looking at and it would be something in this person’s life that upon learning, seemed to give them a release and better health would ensue.

These stories have been 100% accurate every time as it relates to something within that person’s life that they needed to hear. When she was at class it was a little disconcerting for her because all of the microscope images being projected into the room were a bit overwhelming as all of this energetic material was flowing by.

The email today made me think of this and I wanted to share the perspective that, when you look at living blood under the microscope, there is a whole lot more going on than just what you physically see.

Yes there is hematology and morphological connnections to physiology and a tremendous educational opportunity that we all have to share about this thing called “health” with others – but know that there is a whole lot more.

We explore this briefly in class – and I like to ask – “what do you see?” It’s there, do you “see” it.

Last week I had a wonderful conversation with this gifted woman. She is not doing things in the states because she is worried about getting into trouble with the “authorities”. This saddens me and just kicks me in the butt to want to do more in the legal education area but at times I think that that ship is going down – and fast – and why bother.

But back to the energetic imprint in blood. This can be seen – at least by one’s experience – through the microscope. In the latest conversation on this topic, urine was also being looked at. And the interesting thing about urine, as opposed to blood, was this gal saw it as 3D imaging, where blood was like looking at a picture on the wall, the urine was looking at a picture in 3D.

Blood seems to hold genetic imprints, like familial issues, past issues, but urine is like what is now – the fears, or the emotions, or the stuff that is being dealt with personally.

When discussing the Flow work we sometimes say that urine is what your body is letting go of, or needs to let go of. We talk of this from the biochemical perspective. But is it also from the energetic perspective?

Think about it.

And now put those thoughts against what you may have learned in class or from outside study about urine therapy. And about potentiating urine 1x, 2x, 3x and at what level is that imprint giving an assist to help a person “let go” of what might be being held onto that is limiting in some way.

Ponder for awhile.

This may be voodoo of sorts to some, while others may view it as totally real – though maybe they have never had that experience themselves. The information wave is there, the question is can you “see” it? Or can you “discern” it?

The work of other individuals does not quite go to that level but the theme is similar. For example, the methods of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen in what he calls Holographic Blood. We cover Dr. Bigelsen’s work in one section of our scope workshop.

The interesting thing with Dr. B’s work is the very direct holographic nature of what is seen in the blood and how it relates to some real physical manifestation in the client. You can get insights to this at his website. This also goes back again to the work of Dr. Emoto and others about the “messages” in water and the way it can be imprinted.

Without going too deeply into this – and really not even scratching the surface – there are strong connections here to work being done at many levels in the arena of quantum physics. And what fun we have there for it is a wild and wacky ride where things turn inside out for what you may have thought is reality.

More to come on this later I’m sure. Till then…

May your blessing be in this quantum world of ours,


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