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Covid-19 zinc relationships blog talk

Covid-19 Zinger on Zinc

THINKING THROUGH PHYSIOLOGY – A COVID-19 ANGLE As you know, the ‘experts’ advising politicians today about viral issues are not much for thinking through physiology. Either this is due to missing out on some basic ABCs of health when they were trained, or they refuse to think about these things on purpose in order to […]

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Biological Terrain 1

pH, BUGS, & ROT. Understanding Biological Terrain When your body’s blood pH changes away from the ideal, it can become an environment for opportunistic microorganisms to grow and flourish. The buggy looking things in the blood tell us a story of  how we age, and how we ROT. That’s right; as we age, we rot.

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Biological Terrain 2

UNDERSTANDING BIOLOGICAL TERRAIN IN WELLNESS   Core Concepts Flow Systems Auditing is a method that is able to view several factors of the fluid dynamics of the internal environment of the body. This environment is often referred to as the “terrain” or “biological terrain”. While various fields of health care examine, isolate or treat one particular

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Biological Terrain 3

A Classical BTA Review The following information is a technical review of one of the core parameters measured in classical biological terrain testing as espoused by Prof. Vincent. It will give you insights to the scientific background of this work. Though this is just one nugget of information to get across some points, know that

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A Look at the Flow Data Sheet

Data Sheets for a Flow Systems Approach to Managing Health. In the hands of a skilled technician that can decipher the flow system code, these sheets reflect one of the most powerful tools a dedicated health advocate can use to empower clients to greater levels of wellness, maximum adaptive capacity, and consequent health. This is

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