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Health Insurance? Not Really.

As far as I can tell, the new administration’s pre-presidential reference to “law and order” where health care is concerned has been dropped from the to do list. Further, Congressman Rand Paul in his proposed “Obamacare Replacement Act” has language to explicitly exempt health care providers from anti-trust laws. If you don’t know it, Title […]

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Of Hot Dogs and Hospitals

We recently had memorial day weekend in the USA.  It is sometimes seen as the official start of summer and many hot dogs are often consumed while the day itself is a time to honor the men and woman that have fought and died while in the military. Yet on holidays like this I can get a

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Those Dang Medical Boards

So I was talking to a practitioner a short time ago who was doing his live blood microscopy work with a client. The client, a gentleman, was being kind of quiet, a little different, and the practitioner made note of it but just brushed it off afterwards. A few weeks later he got a letter

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Moving into the Police State

There is a lot news out that is not pretty, especially when looking around at what is happening in our world as governments are increasingly going “out of control” in order to control their populations, particularly in the USA. Let’s see, you probably all know of the case of the swat teams and the many

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What’s Happening in the World

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I like to put something in about health that may not be talked about much, and I also like to reference every now and then the political situation in health care. Well, there is so much happening that I find it difficult to know where to start.

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Blind Leading the Blind

We are facing a health care crisis world-wide that is of unprecedented size due in no small part to corporate, political, and academic agendas that have annihilated common sense and people’s ability to critically think through fundamental aspects of human physiology and biochemistry and what it means to be healthy. If the annihilation of the

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Obamacare or Alternative

Obamacare, national health care, or whatever you want to call it, will never and can never work. It is attempting to use an existing dysfunctional and totally broken approach to health and simply wrap government insurance around it. This means deals are being cut with special interests that are actually supporting and responsible for the

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On Science and Sanity

If you have been reading the news lately and are here in the States, you probably know President Obama wants to tackle health care. I wonder when anybody in the mainstream media or in Washington is going to figure out that we don’t have a health care system in America. Beyond intensive care operations and

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Independence Day in America

It used to be common on the 4th of July when I was a child in grade school, for the Chicago newspapers to print a copy of the entire Declaration of Independence. It was kind of a reminder to Americans of what it was we were celebrating. Now, a good 50+ years later, I have

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