The State of the Nation on Health Care

As I write this, I am debating whether I will watch the presidential debates on TV this evening. In a sense I feel like I don’t want to be confronted with what is the state of our nation. One thing I know for sure, when either candidate for their party talks, they will likely be short on truth and woefully deficient in addressing key issues with any substance.

Maybe it’s a defect in their DNA. Is it in their blood? Mmm…

Politicians somehow have a problem with telling the truth. Maybe it’s like the army character Jack Nicholson played in the movie A Few Good Men when asked for the truth and he responded “you can’t handle the truth!”

Well somebody needs to start handling it.

There are many news sources I like to visit where it seems much more of a story is available than the manipulated perspective that comes out of central control from the major media conglomerates.

One source is

One featured show is Capital Account that addresses the world of finance.

If you thought you know why medical costs are out of control, the host of Capital Account interviews Dr. Keith Smith who runs an independent all cash surgical center. The interview may give you a few more insights.


After your blood boils a bit from that, check out, specifically Karl Denninger’s take on why health care costs are bleeding our country.


This is one article and you will find many more financially insightful reads on his site. has a little history of the American Medical Association, that in its earlier days was upfront about its agenda- “building a government-enforced monopoly for the purpose of dramatically increasing physician incomes.”

So how’s that working? Let’s see…

Government enforced? Check.

Monopoly? Check.

More physician income? Houston, we’re seeing some problems here.

Yes indeed.

It’s dirty hands over time messing in what should be free markets.

That brings me back to politicians. None of this is possible without their actions.

Will we be hearing about this in the presidential debates?

Not likely.


In the word of one physician, it’s Wheat.

Long ago genetically modified wheat.

And it is in everything.

Dr. William Davis, author of “Wheat Belly”, says wheat is the “perfect, chronic poison.”

He was on CBS morning news recently talking about this. Even though he ever so keenly side-stepped discussion of the more recent GMO endeavors making the news itself, he does enlighten on some of the issues with wheat.


Wheat belly?


“Elisabeth Rosenthal writes that in the United States the notion that bike helmets promote health and safety by preventing head injuries is taken as pretty near God’s truth but many European health experts have taken a very different view. ‘Yes, there are studies that show that if you fall off a bicycle at a certain speed and hit your head, a helmet can reduce your risk of serious head injury,’ writes Rosenthal.
‘But such falls off bikes are rare — exceedingly so in mature urban cycling systems.’ On the other hand, many researchers say, if you force people to wear helmets, you discourage them from riding bicycles causing more health problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Bicycling advocates say that the problem with pushing helmets isn’t practicality but that helmets make a basically safe activity seem really dangerous, which makes it harder to develop a safe bicycling network like the one in New York City, where a bike-sharing program is to open next year.

The safest biking cities are places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, where middle-aged commuters are mainstay riders and the fraction of adults in helmets is minuscule.

‘Pushing helmets really kills cycling and bike-sharing in particular because it promotes a sense of danger that just isn’t justified — in fact, cycling has many health benefits,’ says Piet de Jong. ‘Statistically, if we wear helmets for cycling, maybe we should wear helmets when we climb ladders or get into a bath, because there are lots more injuries during those activities.’

I lived on a bike as a youth, as did all of my friends. Never wore biking helmets. Well, we do want children to be safe, but does the government need to tell us?

I wonder when they are going to tell all adults to be safe, and to carry concealed arms.

Oh wait, I guess that’s not politically correct these days.

I guess I should turn on the TV and prepare for the debates, and my mind massage.

Till next post, be healthy, be blessed.


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