What’s Caught My Attention Lately

Aether slowed down and extended yields

Magnetism slowed down and extended yields

Electricity slowed down and extended yields

Light slowed down and extended yields

Heat slowed down and extended yields

Sound slowed down and extended yields

Physical Vibration slowed down and extended yields


That was a reference to the work of John Worrell Keely.

What is health in the human body?

Taking a quote from the Rot & Rust text used in class:

“Health in the human body is spiritually and vibrationally induced,
chemically and electrically driven,
and biologically carried out.”

Each of these references has its own story to tell. Should we ignore practical physics and what may be called metaphysics (somewhat inferred by the Keely reference above), we miss a huge part of what heath “is” in the human condition.

In the last newsletter I mentioned the upcoming presidential debates and inferred the likely ignorance that would be shown on the part of either candidate when discussing the state of the nation’s health care or anything related to health care.

And so it was and is. Clueless politicians beget clueless government. Or perhaps they are not so clueless and the mess we are in is all by design. To make matters worse, the government has been contrived to disallow free markets to function. The result? Centralized control is making us a nation that is sick on many levels.

The solution? We collectively have to exercise our minds to learn and share what is possible so each and every one of us sees the potential of what real freedoms can bring when acted upon, and then act upon them.

If you are sitting in the seat as a health care practitioner, educator or coach, your job, if you think about it, can be far more than just helping someone patch up or treat some health condition or symptom in a limiting way.

Working for a greater good is not for everyone, but it may be for you.

It’s the Warm-up and the Pitch…

Into the 2012 end of year calendar.

So what will it be? End of the world? Collapse of civilization as we know it? A visit by aliens?

Well I don’t know about you, but my money is buried in the back yard, my cap gun is armed to scare off intruders, and my tin hat is at the ready.

What? You think my tin hat is silly and doesn’t actually protect me from the aliens I keep seeing in people’s blood?

Surely you jest.

No matter.

As always, we all live one day at a time. Hopefully, being thankful for the opportunity.

If I don’t email before next year, and I’m pretty optimistic there will be a next year, be truly well and may your blessings be abundant.


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