Musings on the Internal Terrain

We know that the terrain is everything when we are talking about the internal environment of the human body. We like to say that the flow of life moves with the flow of electrons. We also know that pH as a measure gives a first level clue about the forces that might be opposing electrical flow.

If the prior sentence does not make sense, simply know that when pH moves more acidic the resistance to the flow of electricity decreases, and when pH moves more alkaline the resistance to electrical flow increases.

pH itself is just a measure of potential hydrogen in the system being measured, and when it moves in the acid direction or the alkaline direction, it impacts electron flow as just stated. What moves pH one way or the other will always be different elements or mineral anions or cations that are in the system.

Far too much emphasis has been placed on pH in terms of classifying health as being solely subject to a system’s acid or alkaline condition. Something always moves pH one way or the other, and that something should always precede consideration of any thought about pH related to health.

So if this is the case, which it is, then stepping back and looking at what moves pH becomes critically important when trying to adjust states of health. Of further importance when a measure of pH is considered, is the fact that any given pH can be measured in multiple environments in the physical body alone.

For example, you might consider the systemic level of blood, or the interstitial environment around the cells, or the intracellular environment, or the nucleic environment, or to even consider urine and saliva pH which might provide clues along with other markers of what is happening with the prior just mentioned compartments.

It is the defining of the environment of the compartments taken with a physiological perspective that provides clinical power to move states of health towards the right direction.


When we say physiological, we are discussing the physical make-up and inter-related parts of the body and its basic organizing structure and operation.

To begin, we have to start at the beginning of physical manifestation to understand how the things are working at a fundamental level and how that drives activity forward.

Emanuel Revici, M.D., wrote a textbook in 1961 entitled “Research in Physiopathology as Basis of Guided Chemotherapy…”

Breaking down the title in a way that one might not perceive at first blush is instructive.

Physio means, as it relates to physical structure,
pathology as it relates to errors of operation within that physical operative structure,
chemo relates to chemical which relates to anions and cations and atomic and molecular species or agents of any sort,
and therapy is the use of such agents to alter the physical to address the pathology.

Herein lies secrets to health.

Starting at the beginning, Revici targets the atom. This is a dualistic or diphasic entity composed of a primary part, the positively charged proton, and a secondary part, the negatively charged electron.

There are two forces that hold the atom together, electrostatic and quantum.

Electrostatic forces Revici referred to as homotropic in nature. Meaning that with their opposing charges, if left to their own nature, they would come together to meet their mutual destruction. In the atom this does not occur due to quantum forces.

Quantum forces Revici referred to as heterotopic in nature. It is the force that prevents annihilation of the electrostatic forces which to a degree is a force brought about through the electrostatic force relationship itself.

Yin and Yang

All life in the physical world is a product of dualism. Yin and Yang coming together at some level. As life forms there is always a primary part and a secondary part, two dancers involved in any nuclear, cellular or other manifestation of physiological operation which is always dependent on physio-chemical-electrical realities.

So if one were to look at cellular health, one would have to first consider that what they are looking at may be a primary part in a larger organizational structure. So if the cell is being viewed, it should always be viewed in relation to its secondary part. The secondary part would be the environment immediately outside the cell.

But if the cell is a primary part in an organizational structure, then something like the cell sap would also likely be a secondary part of something else. And it would. It would reflect the outside environment for the nuclear part. And so it goes all the way back to the proton and electron.

An interesting thing happens on the way to building biological structure. A secondary part is always more negative in charge than the preceding primary part.

As a primary part begins to attract through electrostatic and quantum forces material from its immediate environment wherein a secondary part may form, there is a point where a “wall” or “membrane” builds as a natural evolution to the combining of the primary part in association with its environment which is the secondary part.

Gilbert Ling in his seminal work on the association-induction hypothesis of cell structure (which disproved the sodium/potassium pump theory) talks how association of certain players in the dualistic dance of life induces other players to get involved, and this association between the primary and secondary parts is what induces or creates membrane dynamics.

It’s About the Membrane

It is the membrane dynamics separating the external environment from the internal environment where homotropic and heterotropic forces get the gas to move more one way or the other.

Homotropic forces are catabolic in nature, the process of tearing down. Heterotropic forces are anabolic in nature, the process of building up.

Chains of carbon atoms coming together due to various electrostatic and quantum forces associated with the coming together of any given primary part with its related secondary part environment become integral to providing membrane permeability. These carbon chains known as lipids, further broken down to those that are negatively charged and positively charged, forms the basis for whether any given entity is moving catabolic or anabolic in nature.

In the human body, errors in this mechanism relate in one manifestation leading to pathological hyperplasia (anabolic building out of control) to pathological disintegration (catabolic destruction out of control). In essence, a loss of balance can tilt life’s homeostatic teeter tauters one way or the other and tilted enough, both can cause life processes to collapse – in slightly different ways.

Understanding membrane dynamics with carbon chains and alternatively opposing charges, formed out of the association dynamics of the meeting of primary and secondary parts, provides a balanced look at how health unfolds and further provides clues to understanding pH readings and what those readings mean to health.

Be Keen to Discernment

It is the objective of a Biomedx trained practitioner to discern what pH means, and sometimes it means that certain acid pH measures can indicate a healthy terrain, and certain alkaline pH measures can reflect a very sick one.

Example: Excess negatively charged fatty acids (like the essential fatty acids) in one’s diet can cause excess membrane permeability which in turn can cause too high of alkalinity at the tissue level which causes excess oxygen at that level which feeds on the negative electrons pushing homotropic forces leading to pathological catabolic destruction of the tissues.

Result: The person in this state is falling apart, potentially experiencing an alkaline generated pain, and attempts to blindly “alkalize” this person can lead to further tissue destruction, reactions, and trouble.

The Big Tip: If there were a tip of the day in here it would be this; Pay attention to the supplements your clients are on. EFAs, essential fatty acid oils can lead one to a sad state of health if these oils are contraindicated for their particular chemistry.

We have seen some amazing health turn around by simply sharing this information with clients where they consequently stop their consumption of fish oils and omega 3 oils that they have put themselves on – or a doctor or other health practitioner have put them on.

If you pay attention to this tip, you will work minor miracles with some of your clients. In the wrong client with catabolically predisposed chemistry, these oils can lead to excess membrane permeability leading to consequent catabolic destruction, alkaline pain, and outright health misery. 0

Understanding what pH and other measures mean to biological compartments is imperative to understanding how to properly engage dietary considerations for balance. This becomes the ultimate “chemo” therapy, as food is essentially chemically tailored biologically derived constructs one step removed from the periodic table of the elements from which all of chemistry derives. And it’s this chemistry which moves due to forces, electrostatic and quantum.

The question is not; where is an individual’s pH as an independent value in and of itself, but rather where on the continuum from homotropic to heterotropic influence does one lie? Knowing this is far more instructive of how to adjust the forces of chemistry for better health.

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Are you like this…

Sometimes people attend a class, could even be longtime practitioner for instance, and they go back home very excited. They have new methodologies waiting to be applied and new equipment freshly delivered sitting in a box. But then, life happens. Procrastination sets in. Events occur. Time passes. Things are put aside. Many months later, they finally get to opening the box. But the drive is gone, knowledge has dissipated with every passing week, still nothing happens.


Are you like a recent class attendee, an entrepreneur with an interest in health. This person goes back home excited as anything and taps his contact list. He lands a small company that self-insures and they express an interest in helping their employees stay healthy. So the entrepreneur whips together a power point presentation from his classroom notes and sets off to do presentations to the company’s employees. Bing bang just doing it.

In a week he engages 60 employees, does multiple presentations, signs up individuals for private health coach sessions, and within that time span completely covers his cost for his new microscope, terrain auditing system, and software.

Shazaam! A new health advocate / wellness coach utilizing our systems like approach, stepping right into it and showing people how to be healthy. Look around. Do people know how to be well? No they don’t.

Are they getting this info from the mainstream? No they are not.

What they do get is conflicting information much of which is not tailored to their own biological individuality so they lie dormant, overweight, wallowing around with their individual health issues, while the company they work for is paying an increasing load on many levels for this dire situation.

Are companies interested in keeping their insurance costs down and employees healthy? You betcha.

And no governmental program that can fix the mess they’re in. Many are aware they’re only making it worse. That spells opportunity. Are you ready to take it on? You’ll be hearing more on this in the future. Meanwhile…

Take action. Get started. Attend a Biomedx workshop. Or re-engage your enthusiasm. Think like the entrepreneur and just do it.

Be well,


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