On Science and Sanity

If you have been reading the news lately and are here in the States, you probably know President Obama wants to tackle health care. I wonder when anybody in the mainstream media or in Washington is going to figure out that we don’t have a health care system in America.

Beyond intensive care operations and emergency medicine, heath care has morphed into a massive medical/industrial insurance and governmental complex that doubles as a pharmaceutical drug distribution system.

Free market? Not a chance.

Of course if you are involved in natural health care in some fashion, you likely already know this. Question is, how did we get here?

Well, we got here because willful men wanted it to be so. Willful men who also manipulate the legal trade and can make laws appear as if they are real when they are really not.

Take Nazi Germany for instance. It was a law to kill Jews. Don’t kill a Jew when you are told and you could be killed yourself. The law is the law you know. Well, who says? Perhaps its the guy with the gun. Or the charismatic leader who bull craps everyone into believing him including those with the guns that are just “following orders”.

The Ayatollah in Iran recently said, “everyone should respect the law”. Sure, but who’s law is it that needs respect?

Dig a little deeper into the subject of “law” and you come to learn that most all of what is called “law” by any given authority of the time is simply metaphysically created words pulled out of the ethers (or the ass) of some politician, mullah, dictator, or corporate interest with lobbyists that want to exercise their will over another.

In America there is a very unique arrangement and foundation that recognizes what we collectively have agreed should be the law of the land. The one big problem however is that the people do not really know what that is and they have abdicated their responsibility to know the law over to a special “priest craft” we have come to know as lawyers.

These lawyers then tell the the people what the law is – but sadly they often don’t know either as they just regurgitate the past metaphysically derived nonsense that came out of a politically driven legislature that was sometimes adjudicated by an elite judicial class that seem to have their own unspoken agenda. Adhering to the Constitution not one being of them.

If you believe that when the government passes any law in this country that it is “the law” that YOU must obey, you have a lot of work to do.

I know many a natural health care practitioner who is continually looking over their shoulder wondering when someone from government will pay them a visit and shut them down or put them in jail for healing people because the are not toeing the governments line of what “health care” should be. The state says, “don’t dare violate our law”.

When the state says your son or daughter with cancer will get mandatory chemotherapy, mandatory vaccination, mandatory frontal lobe lobotomy, they are telling you what the law is and your resistance is futile – the state collective will control your affairs and if you do not comply you will go to jail.

And they get police officers with guns to believe this crap and they enforce it through their will when necessary.

An entire legal trade has been built upon the foundations of the fraud. It is pitiful. Why do you think the United States of America has the largest prison population per capita in the entire world? Willful men are exercising their control. Odds are you don’t have a clue how they do it. It is time to wake up.

Recently a practitioner called me who was visited by two people wanting help. One person became the client and signed the practitioners “contract” and disclosure. The other person was a friend that came along to help take notes. Turned out the two were from the state who later wrote a cease and desist letter and stated the practitioner must come to a hearing for practicing medicine without a license.

We are a nation that has lost its way. Our politicians and those we trust in positions of government to “do the right thing” deceive us daily, let alone deceive themselves – and they don’t even know it when they do it.

If they don’t have a clue and we don’t have a clue and we have no way of discovering what is really going on – then we are truly a nation of the blind leading the blind. And so it is.

We are a nation lost, and here is a part of the reason why….

We have completely lost linguistic literacy and critical thinking in our population – including at the highest levels of our servant government. Critical thinking is not happening in medical school, law school, agricultural school, or any other school.

If there were a concise course of study required of all high school students in epistemology, linguistics and general-semantics, it is possible we would be living in a totally different United States of America.

Maybe, just maybe – if we could get the TV turned off long enough and everything else assulting our senses – we could be living the dream for which the dissidents of 1776 spilled their blood. Today we have something much different.

Without going into the detail of some things that may unfold in the future, I would like to point you in a direction. As you know I periodically like to put a link or two in these newsletters directing you somewhere that might “wake you up” to something pretty important going on that you should probably be aware.

If pursued, some of these things can pay massive dividends in your critical thinking skills. From a practical perspective, if you study the material I’ll mention shortly and make it a goal to learn, you will have the ultimate tool to cut through the BS that exists at all levels of government and law that permeate our society today and cause us great harm – not to mention other fields of importance – yes even natural health care.

So here it is, the first of more nuggets to come… You have to know and understand the art of fallacy as it passes for legitimate argument.

This is big. Really big.

Ask yourself, how did Hitler convince an entire country that killing Jews is the law?

How does a mullah convince a young man to strap on a suicide belt in return for 21 virgins in the after-life?

How does a medical doctor graduate from medical school thinking that a gall bladder isn’t needed?

How does an ag student believe chemicals beat compost?

How does a lawyer believe an income tax is a tax on income?

Fallacy perceived and acted on as truth, that’s how.

From the most insane to the most subtle, fallacy passes as truth because people can’t “think” through words to get to verifiable meaning.

To verify the meaning, or the context, or the “truth” of the concepts, ideas, laws or whatever takes an ability to “think” which can’t be done if we are epistemologically or linguistically handicapped. But that can be overcome.

One of the best books I’ve read that introduces the ways and means of understanding fallacy is “Fallacy, the Counterfeit of Argument”, by Ward Fearnside and William Holther. Like so may other great books, this one is out of print but you can often find used copies. Do what you can to get one for yourself.

The other book, which is so big and so useful and so very difficult to get through, is “Science and Sanity” by Alfred Korzybski. The problem with this book is it is heady stuff and you have to read 700+ pages of it to understand how to read the 700+ pages you already read.

But there is help at general-semantics.org Go there.

You can get starter books along with Science and Sanity.

Read the reviews. Start a process of discovery of how to begin thinking critically.

These two books, “Science and Sanity” and “Fallacy, the Counterfeit of Argument” are a one two punch for critical thinking skills.

Please do not look upon this lightly.

You will not regret the effort you put forth in this area.

I’ll have more to say of this in the future.

To your sanity,


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