Did you Hear the One About the Person That is Too Acid?

Yep. Everyone is too acid don’t you know! Too toxic, too acid – it is the bane of our existence.

Yeah right.



Dateline: somewhere in the 1950’s, Emanuel Revici discovers conjugated trienic fatty acids….

Re-discovered 30 years later and called leukotrienes.

These are catabolic pro-inflammatory lipids that are behind dyschlorobiosis – i.e., chlorides that get fixed inside of cells causing tissues to go extremely alkaline which can lead – among other things – to highly sensitive ALKALINE pain.

Yep that’s right, alkaline pain due to being TOO ALKALINE in the tissues. And let’s say its you. And if you follow the pH gurus – of which there are many – who say they have never seen anyone too alkaline, and that this “pain” is just the toxic overload coming out of your acidified body, so here, take this sodium bicarb to alkalize yourself – well Katie bar the door – you are going to be in a world of hurt.

So then the pH gurus say your new pain is just the toxins coming out of your overly acid body, bear the pain, you will overcome. Your discomfort is a sign their therapy is working.

Right. Time to pull out your BS-o-meter. Oh, that would be your brain using critical thinking with some textbook physiology and biochemistry thrown in.

Do that and you will begin to see right through the multitude of disinformation being regurgitated and passed off as some “New Science” and sold by the ton to a lot of people for in some cases a whole lot of money.

Let’s bring some science and sanity to natural health care.

Oh wait, we’ve been trying to do that – yes it is the Biomedx workshops.

Hope to see you at one soon.


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