Obamacare or Alternative

Obamacare, national health care, or whatever you want to call it, will never and can never work.

It is attempting to use an existing dysfunctional and totally broken approach to health and simply wrap government insurance around it. This means deals are being cut with special interests that are actually supporting and responsible for the dysfunctional system in the first place. This is the public system.

We believe that for a person to be healthy, they must avoid the current health system as much as possible which means that they must take their health into their private hands.

It is time to take the information of how to be healthy directly to the people within a private structure. This means, no public disclosure. None, zero, zip, nadda.

People have an inalienable right to choose what is right for them without public government interference.

For example, if you showed the public sector how they can actually eliminate and reverse what major media today promotes as “deadly” health issues, well that could disrupt multi-billion dollar corporate drug enterprises and the entire medical/industrial health complex. That could disrupt jobs, which could disrupt tax revenues, which could end many gravy trains and political/industrial operations which are operating under enormous fictions.

For those that see these issues for what they are, it may be time to exit this fictional world and take the information directly to the people – privately.

The government which is operating under the guise of “protecting the public” seems to be protecting something else.

The government therefore does not need to know how to shift an HIV+ person to HIV- status.

They don’t need to know how a person with stage 4 cancer becomes cancer free without chemo.

They don’t need to know how a diabetic with 200 fasting glucose gets down to 80 without drugs.

They don’t need to know how a person with 90% stuffed arteries can become perfectly clean without bypass surgery.

They don’t need to know how someone with full blown colitis or “Crohn’s disease” can reverse that situation in a month.

No, the government which is supposed to work for you and no longer does, needs none of this information.

The people on the other hand do.

It may be time to take your affairs private.

Be a practitioner health advocate unlike any other and do your work within a private wellness network.

No need to be out there blowing in the public wind when the government is not really interested in what you know that helps people as much as it is interested in shutting you down for sharing it with others lest their corporate contributor’s business be hurt.

Start to think private.


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