Blind Leading the Blind

We are facing a health care crisis world-wide that is of unprecedented size due in no small part to corporate, political, and academic agendas that have annihilated common sense and people’s ability to critically think through fundamental aspects of human physiology and biochemistry and what it means to be healthy.

If the annihilation of the application of basics within medicine and health care were not enough, we have also seen this happen in law, agriculture, and economics – among other areas.

We find the “experts” within these fields so well versed in high order abstractions that they are clueless as to what they are standing in. Call it the delusion of the expert. But the big problem with “expert” delusions is they often become the delusions of the crowd that follows. And so it goes. (Is that emperor wearing any clothes?)

Biomedx has been fortunate to see many people over the years break free of certain illusions and consequent delusional thinking and go forth to do great work educating their clientele about new ways to look at health – not the least of which is how to measure it and how to manage it. Heck, people have even learned that with an understanding of anionic and cationic forces influenced by lipid states that it is possible to alkalize a person to misery and even acidify a person to states of wild vibrancy.


Yes it’s true.

Everything has to be put into perspective. Problem today is what people are sold often passes as their perspective; what they are sold in medicine, what they are sold at the health food store, what they are sold by the political party they believe.

Perspective should come with reference to a verifiable foundation which gives us the fundamentals of understanding.

But we have so lost our understanding of fundamentals that we have little foundation to stand upon to hold ourselves up to do anything more than guess at what might be right in any given situation, and hence we are prey to being sold into a line of thinking, or doing, or acting.

By whom?

Often by other clueless people, but bold enough to lay claim to the right formula, the right pill, the right this, the right that.

The blind are truly leading the blind. Welcome to the 21st century. As it has been said, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Biomedx wants you to take off your blinders.

We are doing our little bit in the area we work, but there is so much more to be done.

Many times through the year you have a chance to participate in a few days of knock your socks off education that will open your eyes to what might have been thought impossible and undoable within the field of health care.

You will learn the use of specific toolsets to view, measure and manage states of health unlike anything you have likely been exposed in the past. All of it based on science and logic – fundamental, foundational, and exceptional in its application when understood.

I really hope to see you at a future workshop.


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