Of Hot Dogs and Hospitals

We recently had memorial day weekend in the USA.  It is sometimes seen as the official start of summer and many hot dogs are often consumed while the day itself is a time to honor the men and woman that have fought and died while in the military. Yet on holidays like this I can get a bit conflicted.

While I respect these brave men and woman, I also become saddened not just for the greatest sacrifice one can give in such service, but also for knowing that who they believed they were fighting for may not have been entirely what they had thought.

So much in our world is political and things move because powerful men will it to be so. Too often soldiers of war become cannon fodder for those ambitions.

The phrase “fighting for freedom” rings hollow when one begins to understand the degree to which our countries most basic and fundamental law has been shredded by the political and moneyed elite.

I know a young man that recently joined military service. It is astounding they survive boot camp given the degree of vaccinations to which they are exposed.

Medical experimentation with human guinea pigs is alive and well in America.

If you are not aware, vaccines today contain adjuvants which are among the strongest trivalent cationic compounds known to exist. As blood is a colloidal suspension under the control of zeta potential, vaccines today are incredibly dangerous things and colloidal poisons.

Sadly, what I have just said will be lost on most medical doctors and nurses that give people injections because their schooling was void of instruction on colloid science, the most fundamental of sciences related to health.

This is akin to the most fundamental of laws not being taught to a soldier. Or to a police officer. Or to a sheriff.

It is this front line of a projected power – the soldier, the police officer, the sheriff, the doctor, the nurse – that are an unknowing front line of a political and moneyed elite where you are the cannon fodder for their agendas and their experiments.

The cry is – the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on cancer, the war on crime, the war on childhood diseases, the war, the war, the war.

Yes that is the cry. And it is why I cry as well.

Have we collectively lost our minds?

Two weeks ago I read news of the study that determined in our new digital age we now have an attention span that is shorter than that of a goldfish!

I am not kidding. Goldfish were studied and shown to have longer attention spans than most people do today.

Goldfish; 9 seconds. People; 8 seconds.

Goldfish win.

So maybe we have indeed collectively lost our minds.

I think it is time we snap out of it.

Smell the Hot Dogs and WAKE UP!

As reported last week by channel 4 news in New York, a man was caught selling $30 dollar hot dogs near the World Trade Center to unsuspecting tourists. If you were a local he charged $3. For whoever he thought he could get away with it, he just overcharged and short-changed them.

And horrors, it was discovered the hot dog vendor did not post his prices as required by the City so no one knew what the price was until he provided the food.

The cops are on the case.

Can anyone guess what business our hot dog vendor was gearing up to practice?

The business of medical administration would be the correct answer.

You see, our hot dog vendor likely knows that no hospital in this country posts the prices for their services and medicine as a whole makes a fortune in the process scamming people.

Hospitals charge different rates for the same service and goods depending on who uses them.

Hospitals consistently overcharge on everything and no one ever knows what something will cost until the service is done.

When a hot dog vendor tries this, he gets into trouble. When the medical monopoly does it, they get protections from politicians to do it more.

Where are the cops?

Insurance companies work into the scam by mandating drugs and services based on diagnostic templates conveniently “educated” into the minds of the attending nurses and physicians. What do these things cost? Well, no one knows until the bill arrives. But get this….

If you lived in Japan, an MRI would cost you $200 cash, in the states it’s $3000. But it’s covered by insurance.

An anti-scorpion drug in Mexico is available for $100 cash, it’s $30,000 when it gets to Phoenix. But it’s covered by insurance.

A drug treatment to cure Hep-C costs $1,000 cash in India, in the USA it is $90,000. But it’s covered by insurance.

Now if you didn’t have insurance and you went to India, bought the Hep-C drug and brought it back here, you would be charged with a crime and probably sent to prison for your self-directed effort.

Is something wrong with this picture? You know there is, everyone knows there is, but most are clueless as to WHY it is.

The why is directly related to government non-enforcement of existing consumer protection laws, RICO laws, and anti-monopoly laws being applied against the medical industry.

Not only does this industry get away with murder and destruction of lives through experimental and unproven, untested, and unscientific vaccination programs and other sordid “therapies”, they get away with fleecing an entire nation of its wealth.

You might at this point think I am a fruit cake, but just do the research.

You are being drugged, poisoned and fleeced by design.

And should you dare buck the agenda of the politicians and their money masters, the police and sheriff stand ready to lock you away enforcing their political will. What have oaths to protect and defend the constitution become?


Police officers are also in the news recently. Seems they are clueless as to the reason so many people today are increasingly having so little respect for them. Might be how they increasingly serve their political masters fighting crimes that are not crimes and how they’re rolling over the people in the process.

ALL of this activity is government supported and sponsored. That should raise a question in your mind. Who is our government? When men and women go off and die in wars, who are they dying for?

If you thought it was a government by the people for the people, you might want to think again.

And therein lies my tears.

I swallowed a pill of knowledge.

It happened long ago and it woke me up. It didn’t take the smell of hot dogs or strong coffee in the morning to realize that a mass hypnosis of the population has taken place.

And now that I’ve learned that goldfish have longer attention spans then most people, I fear we are in more trouble than I ever thought possible.

This past weekend in the US we honored soldiers who died in battle. I’d like to think they did not die in vain in which case I believe we all have a collective duty to pound our politicians into submission and hold them accountable to the chains of the law. Ditto the judiciary, executive branch, and everyday police.

For a start, let’s do everything we can to get them to enforce the existing laws already in place against the medical monopoly who are fleecing an entire nation.

So much money goes to medicine that if the existing laws were enforced against the illegal practices being carried out by this industry, the nation as a whole would begin to get out of debt and start running a monetary surplus. This is a mathematical fact.

Obamacare would cease to exist, people could pay for health service out of pocket just as they did in the 1960’s and earlier and not go broke, and Medicare and Medicaid would be reserved solely for those destitute and in real need.

The numbers on all of this have been calculated, run, and are known.

A little mathematics presents paradigm changing knowledge. Dig further and it also provides knowledge of exactly how the American population is being subjugated to the will of a political elite

I have to tip my hat to Kurt Denninger of market-ticker.org who continually writes of these things on his blog, discusses it on various media outlets, and has done all the math. The big problem is, not a single politician cares to hear it nor do anything about it.

Seems our politicians are slimier than a wet hot dog.

Some might say weenies, and with the latest disaster forming up with secret trade laws coming down the pike, I’d say treasonous weenies is more appropriate.

Change has to start somewhere. Starting with ourselves would be a good place to begin. Articles abound on Denninger’s website spelling out the issues and solutions.

Go there, read up, be informed. Take action. Show everyone the laws that need to be enforced that are currently being ignored. Show people how enforcement of these laws would end the medical monopoly overnight, get our country out of debt, and put money back in the pockets of the people.

It is NOT complicated.

Yet, there is not a single news outlet, media pundit or politician anywhere that is discussing it.

Meanwhile, the people continue to get fleeced and our country is going down the tubes.

Where are the cops?

Oh, I forgot, they’re playing with their new military hardware given to them by the government to roll the people into further submission.

Okay, I’ll stop here.

But know this, if you are in health care today, you have more of a job in front of you then you might think. It is not just about the health of your client and your business, but the health of a nation as well.

Engage. Come to a Biomedx workshop and gain power to transform.


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