It’s in Your DNA

While I’d like to get Biomedx into your DNA by seeing you come to a workshop and begin to think through health in the most dynamic way ever, right now I’ll just share a little DNA news which comes by way of the Ancestry blog.

Interesting tidbits like…

Every strand of DNA inside you, unwrapped, is 6 feet long. Unwrap it all and it circles the earth 600 times.

We are 99.9% alike and over 98% of our DNA is identical to chimpanzees – and I always thought they just called me monkey boy because I liked to climb trees.

The human genome contains 3 billion base pairs of DNA as does every cell in your body and it would fill 200 phone books just to record the chemical letters for every pair. Part of that genome contains retrovirus material entering into the sequence over 6 million years ago.

Feeling old?

There was an African-American man in South Carolina back in 2013 where scientists discovered that he had a Y chromosome passed down intact for 338,000 years from a tribe in Cameroon. Perhaps that was a vacation visitor to ancient Africa. Proof that what happens in the Congo does not stay in the Congo.

Someone should tell that to Vegas.

There is a whopping 20 percent of Neanderthal DNA living on in humans and known relatives down that line exist today – which I am sure is one of my neighbors. It is also said that people can smell your DNA. Women for example are attracted to the scent of a man with a different genetic code than her own which increases the chance for healthy children.

The Microbiome and Epigenetics

Every week it seems a new story unfolds about discoveries being made in these areas.

This is a good thing and maybe it will start more people thinking about the internal and external environmental factors that are behind health expression as opposed to illness being a pharmaceutical deficiency.

There are some health news feeds I like to regularly visit to keep up on what is going on. So much science, so little time.

You might find these two interesting yourself:

Always something interesting to read. Stop by and check it out.

Meanwhile, make sure you stop by live and in person to our next workshop.

Wild good fun will be had by all.

If no one shows up I’ll just have to monkey around in the Biomedx Biotorium by myself.

My DNA seems to say I am well equipped for that task.

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