Of Oral Spirochetes & Politicians

I am not sure why it took me so long to put this into the program but I’ve gone ahead and finally done it. We have a section in the workshop now on gingival screening. I have no doubt this will prove to be one of the most powerful microscope modalities you will be using with your clients.

You might already be familiar with neurospirochetosis – essentially the finding of oral spirochetes inhabiting the brains of Alzheimer’s affected individuals. Seems to be a strong connection to heart disease and adult on-set diabetes as well.

There are some practitioners using phase contrast microscopy in practice that have never seen a case of Alzheimer’s or CVD or diabetes that did not have evidence of oral spirochetes. Some studies infer direct causation of the aforesaid issues with evidence of these oral beasties. How do you know you have them? With your microscope.

This is also a way to bring home the brilliant work of some great physician dentists like Westin Price and Melvin Page to your client base and the new material in the workshop covers these areas.

The Biomedx workshops consistently have returning alumni, some come back on a continuing basis. Why? Well, I don’t think it is just for the fun or the camaraderie – which there is plenty of both – but it’s also for the new things that may have been added and just going through the program again often gives deeper insights into the work and makes stronger neural connections.

SEE OUR LATEST DATASHEET (in quick access section under LOGIN)

If you’d like to see a framework we use for making these connections, take a look at our data sheet where we record getting the numbers and seeing the picture. I posted a link to this below along with other links regarding discussions next up.


You may have also seen the recent news out that artificial sweeteners can induce diabetes. When gut bacteria eat artificial sweeteners it changes their metabolic output which changes our physiology – and not in a good way. The very thing that has been promoted to help weight loss and diabetes prevention is actually a part of the problem.

Well if you’ve been diligent in the natural health arena for any amount of time, this is not news at all. Same thing of what’s been called the conventional wisdom that fat is bad for you. Turns out, the tune in the mainstream is changing as they discover studies that show reducing carbs instead of fat seems to be far healthier for people.

Makes me think of children’s school lunches that are also in the news which is a take-off on the “conventional” (read ignorant) dietary wisdom of the day. Maybe these diets will be changed to be less carb and more fat.

Michele Obama brought us the current iteration of the school lunch program. Lord only knows what it will be turned into tomorrow when she gets the latest news that saturated fat is good for you. Horrors potentially await as the information that fat – as polyunsaturated vegetable oils promoted by agribusiness and others – are actually metabolic poisons but isn’t yet common knowledge.


When I woke up to yesterday’s news it was about the Republicans rousting the Democrats in the elections. Some seem to think this means killing Obamacare will be on the Republican’s minds. Hah.

I don’t believe that for a second.

The Republicans held the house and hence the public purse when the oxymoronic Affordable Care Act was put into place. If they wanted to kill it – just as they can with any adverse government program – all they have to do is close the wallet and refuse to fund it. But they never did that with Obamacare.

Follow the money of this act (or any other program) and you might uncover the reasons why politicians do what they do. Beyond that, much else seems to be just political theater.

Some call it the Kabuki theater of your consummate un-representing representatives.


So as I sit and watch some of the political theater styled as a news show, it is punctuated every so often by another form of theater where I am urged to see my doctor for an ailment I surely have in order to get a pill I seemingly need in order to solve a problem they so gracefully explain – to the tune of singing birds and people dancing and smiling – all the while a small voice telling me that if I take this pill the side effects can be serious enough to land me in the emergency room.

And now there I am at the hospital being subjected to Obamacare and it all started with watching the news.

Mmm… I imagine mind managers mercurially moving mental masterpieces of mischief misguiding the masses.

Perhaps over-using M words is a mental side effect.

But imagine what I will, it still doesn’t get me out of Obamacare.

What will?

Never having to use it, which means being informed and knowing that much of the conventional wisdom on so many topics – particularly health with its monetary concerns and mainstream support – is highly suspect of being flat out wrong. And potentially dangerous.

That means, I have to do my homework. Maybe you too.

Biomedx is really about doing homework – homework on how the body works – and what to do when it doesn’t.

It is not purple pills for digestion or blue ones to get the manhood up.


What can doing your homework bring about?


I have often commented how using your microscope with clients is a way to take people on a fantastic voyage into areas few have seen to gain an understanding of health few possess.

Now with HD capability and beautiful flat panel displays, health theater with incredible impact is at your fingertips.

If you do your Biomedx homework you might one day be sending me a comment like the one below.

(In an email communication the writer said she had not heard from me and I must be a busy man. I replied that I did actually write back and she must be a busy woman.)

She then wrote….

Haha, yes we are busy and I can partly thank you for that! 

The Biomedx course really changed the structure of our business and opened a whole new universe for us in many ways. Soon we will have 4 microscopes in action and 3 fluid stations. And all this in the middle of nowhere (our business is in a small country town of 300 people) !

I just sent this clinic their fourth microscope.

That’s one microscope for every 75 residents in their town!

There are towns and cities all over the world with far more people that don’t even have 1 such microscope doing this work.

Why are they so successful? Their clinicians understand how to utilize these tools to empower people to be healthy – and that’s what people want.

So give people what they want. Show them how to be healthy. Come to the next Biomedx workshop and put yourself into gear.

And when you’re in gear, I want to be sending YOU you’re 4th microscope as well because you’re being such a whopping success.

Until then, may your blessings be.


Articles that highlight what you are trying to get across to your clients are great to have and share.

See: weizmann-usa.org/media/2014/09/17/gut-bacteria-artificial-sweeteners-and-glucose-intolerance

See: businessinsider.com/experts-eat-more-fat-2014-10

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