Recap on KELEA Water & Other Insights

To briefly recap from last newsletter:

KELEA is the acronym for; Kinetic Energy, Limiting Electrostatic Attraction. I put the comma in there as it is a natural place to do this for understanding. To say it another way, it is kinetic energy that limits electrostatic attraction. At least that’s how I see it. Let’s put this into some perspective….

For those of you that have studied Emanuel Revici – whose work plays a huge role in our workshops – you know he starts his textbook with a discussion of the very small, the building blocks of our physical world. Revici referred to the qualities of these building blocks as electrostatic and quantum forces.

The atom is composed of a positive charged proton and a negative charged electron. These would annihilate each other if left on their own due to their electrostatic charged attraction. However they don’t annihilate each other due to their quantum force, or what you can say is their movement (which is kinetic), or their spin.

For Revici, this parallels the yin and yang of our physical existence.

This is noted by what he termed homotropic and heterotropic forces. Homotropic is the breakdown process of nature. This refers to catabolism, entropy, electrostatic annihilation. Heterotropic is the buildup process of nature. This refers to anabolism, negentropy, the quantum force.

Recognizing we are diphasic beings in this physical world, you might know that we cycle at a macro level every day from anabolic in the evening to catabolic during the day. It is our circadian rhythm. But even at lower levels of organization below the systemic, cycling and an attempt to maintain balance between these forces is occurring every moment within us in order to sustain life.

Problems occur with health when the cycling process at any given level moves too far in one direction and the opposite and associated balancing force or reserve is unable to take sufficient action in the other direction.

We see this played out in life every day with people’s health. Excessive movement in the catabolic direction often becomes dysaerobic in nature and is noted by pathological disintegration, and excessive movement in the anabolic direction often is anaerobic in nature and is noted by pathological hyperplasia.

Pathological disintegration or catabolic movement is associated with inflammatory processes, but inflammation and its markers is often absent when things go anabolic.

We understand from Revici’s work that viral components like, and can exist better, in anabolic states. When they get ahold of you they can be a cause of pushing you anabolic. (As one brief measure that might provide a clue of a virus getting ahold of you, you might note a high urine pH – certainly 7 or above. And if your urine is always 7 or above, that would not be seen as beneficial).

Pushing the catabolic forces into play becomes a very important thing to do to mediate a viral influence or an overly anabolic state. Looking to the periodic table will give us clues as to what elements might be most useful to fill this role which in turn might point to the most logical dietary supplements to use as well.

It’s about yin and yang at a fundamental or elemental level.

If you have manifest symptoms and conditions, it is likely you’re either too far in one direction or the other and have lost compensatory ability to healthily adjust. Your ability to see it, measure it, account for it and take appropriate action is often the difference between getting well or not.

With this as a backdrop, let’s move on…

We read the hypothesis of an Alternative Energy Pathway (ACE) discussed in one of the last newsletters, and also read about the work on stealth adapted viruses which showed no inflammatory markers as a response to their presence. (The text on this is “Stealth Adapted Viruses, Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) & KELEA Activated Water” published by Author House).

At one level we might know this lack of inflammation to be an anabolic orientation as just reviewed.

The name KELEA for the activated water is interesting because look at what it says – Kinetic Energy, Limiting Electrostatic Attraction.

From one perspective, we might say this is water that is activating quantum forces, kinetic action, movement, spin at some level which is modifying/regulating/balancing the electrostatic forces that if left on its own would cause annihilation. Hence KELEA.

So would KELEA from this perspective be anabolic in nature which would fight catabolic processes?

But what about viral activity that is already anabolic?

We know from our study that heterotropic forces as accounting for anabolic processes sees a situation with no inflammation, yet it can present health issues and it can go too far moving to pathological hyperplasia.

This is where it gets interesting. There is work in Revici’s material that expressed that if one were anabolic, using a bit of an anabolic agent could muster the catabolic forces. I might liken this to hormesis.

And then when we start talking about the activation of water itself, we are in a whole new dimension as water is a carrier of information. And what exactly is that information? And can it spin? And can spin in different ways affect the spin of both anabolic and catabolic processes? We use the word quantum to express the tip of this iceberg as it relates in some way to what we imagine has something to do with quantum physics.

My interest in the ACE project is to explore these areas.

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