Health Insurance? Not Really.

As far as I can tell, the new administration’s pre-presidential reference to “law and order” where health care is concerned has been dropped from the to do list. Further, Congressman Rand Paul in his proposed “Obamacare Replacement Act” has language to explicitly exempt health care providers from anti-trust laws.

If you don’t know it, Title 15 Chapter 1 of the United States Code is the law, long on the books, that prevents monopolistic practices from happening within an industry. But in 100+ years that law has NEVER been enforced against medicine by any administration.

This lack of enforcement has accounted for the extreme ramp in health care costs that began in earnest beginning roughly in the early 1970s while protection of the industry as a whole began way back in the early 1900s.

Obamacare which was health insurance for everyone, in reality was a payoff to the industry to ensure their profits would stay in place. The Obamacare replacement continues in this mold.

I want to take just a moment to talk about this because I find in discussing this with people, practitioners included, they are not clear on these things. To that end,


If you had a fire and your house burned down, could you shortly thereafter buy fire insurance to protect against that loss?

Answer is, NO.

You cannot buy fire insurance to cover a loss that has already occurred nor can you cover a loss that is certain to occur in the future. Insurance companies would go broke fast if they did this. Actuarially, it is the uncertainties that insurance insures.

But, let’s say you already have diabetes – a condition self-inflicted because you abused carbs and more – and with actuarial certainty you will have diabetic complications to your health in the future. Can you now get health insurance?

The answer is, yes you can.

The reason you can get health insurance for pre-existing conditions and to cover future certainties is because health insurance is NOT really insurance!

Health insurance today for all practical purpose is a socialist oriented financial redistribution scheme exquisitely set up within the current medical system to grab your wealth at the expense of your health.

When you get a bill for a simple procedure that common sense says should cost no more than $1000 considering labor, room, board, etc. but you instead get a bill for $28,000, you know you’ve been screwed. You could have paid the $1000 yourself but $28k no way.

So you need “protection”. Yes it’s protection all right, just like the mafia shaking down the store owner for protecting their business – against the mafia generated corruption itself!

And if that $28,000 hospital bill for a non-insured individual was discovered to be only $15,000 if you only had that health insurance that was pre-negotiated by an insurance company, then by all means you would feel compelled to buy that insurance as opposed to running the risk of not having it and getting that bigger screw job we just mentioned.

Do you know what the word is for this situation? The situation where you are forced to buy insurance to lesson the cost of a treatment that varies depending on who you are or who you are insured by?

It is called EXTORTION.

This ONLY exists in the health care arena because laws already on the books that might change the dynamics are NOT enforced. Instead of enforcing the law, the politicians on the left and the right both, blab away to appease the masses and then they create bills and laws to massage the dynamics to make you feel like something good is happening when in reality they continue their control while they asset strip your wealth.

Asset stripping of your wealth is a game of the elite and the epitome of all socialism and crony capitalism. It is supported by government when governments become corrupt. As ours has been corrupted for a long time now, on both sides of the aisle, you can begin to see how that corruption filters through to the masses and creates extreme division along the way.

When individuals with a perceived axe to grind get out and begin to foment havoc and violence in support of their party line, civility starts to get shredded. We are seeing that today.

Health Insurance?

Nope, it is not insurance at all. Investigate the operation of the medical industry and you will find RICO activity, violation of anti-trust laws, and for you and I on the receiving end if we engage it, extortion.

When you have discussions about this with others, explain it to them so they will understand it, and maybe if enough people are informed, they’ll start demanding that their state attorney generals enforce existing law and get to prosecuting the violators. Politicians are not going to do it because they are part of the problem and they benefit from the system.

It will only be when extortion, RICO and anti-trust laws are enforced that we’ll start to see health care actually being fixed. If it happens a free market in health care may actually start to develop and we’ll see health costs will drop through the floor and no one will have the need for any health insurance save catastrophic coverage. The US debt will fall dramatically, and after a rough period of adjustment – which will be a boon to alternative health care practitioners – we will have a very vibrant and dynamic health care marketplace and probably a much healthier population.

Moving forward we can only hope for the best and choose as we will to put a positive spin on whatever is in front of us in the mean time. The alternative is just not that much fun.

Keeping the focus on health care…


Do everything you can to avoid being asset stripped and subjugated to the medical monopoly that will plunder your health for their wealth if you give them the opportunity.

Avoid at all costs the designer drug of the day and the vaccine of the week that is endlessly cooked up and relentlessly promoted. Basically be healthy, stay healthy, and never enter the system.

In order to do that you need to know what healthy is and what healthy does. How to measure it and how to manage it. Teach your clients how to be healthy – because if they’re healthy they can’t be sick!

Teach them that food is both offense and defense and everything that passes one’s lips fires insulin and glucogon which control eicosanoids (the super hormones) that are a control of physiology.

Quick Microscope Point: Wrong food, wrong proportions = bad eicosanoids, like thromboxane A2, a potent blood-clotting agent leading to vasoconstriction and platelet clotting. Platelets have a right and wrong time to clot, the wrong time can be seen in the microscope by large platelet clumping and is a clue to an imbalanced unproportioned diet where protein, carbs and fat is concerned.

How one breathes is a regulator of the master hormone carbon dioxide which is a control on physiology.

The three brains, the one in the head, the endocrine gland called the heart, and the microbiome in the gut control physiology.

When one understands the relationships, it all becomes Physio-Logical. How to control health follows.

(Regarding the heart, past blogs have gotten into this so you might already know the thinking that the heart is NOT a pump but actually a vortex control unit. We’ve discussed the concept of zeta potential for years and now new research on water and exclusion zones is lending more credence to all of this. Maybe in the an upcoming blog I’ll talk more on these things. This offers a revolution in medicine but one that will never happen in the current system. But it CAN happen for you!)


Know how the body works at a fundamental level. Create a new business or empower an existing one with this knowledge and help others be healthy. If we all do our part, the existing system will collapse on its own and we’ll be the ones left standing.

Or so we can only hope – and be happy while we do it.

And as hope does spring eternal, so does my optimism about what Biomedx can do for you.

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