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This begins a series of posts that are basically out-takes from the Biomedx How You Rot & Rust book. They will shed light on the work of Dr. T.C. McDaniel as he clinically applied Thomas Riddick’s work which was discussed in Riddick’s textbook “The Control of Colloid Stability Through Zeta Potential.”

In this series you will learn that blood is a colloidal suspension under the control of Zeta Potential. This reality has profound implications for all of health care,  pertinent to everything from controlling cardiovascular risk to understanding the scientific basis for the inherent dangers of vaccines as they are manufactured today.

Remarkably, this information is absent within the mainstream academic world of health care education, including medical and nursing school.

In the early 1900’s, research into the colloidal properties of biological systems was important work. So much so, the brightest minds thought it would revolutionize medicine and health care. Unfortunately, it never did as its practical application to fundamental health issues was never brought into the classroom.

Most doctors to this day haven’t a clue that in their schooling a huge chunk of critically relevant science with clinical application was missing from their curriculum.

To illustrate this, I’d like to post a paper here upfront that sheds light on a number of scientific principles that many, if not most, physicians have had very little exposure. For some of these principles, such as the measure of Zeta Potential, they’ve have had no exposure at all.

So a simplified look at understanding ZP -Zeta Potential – is a good place to start. In future posts we’ll look at some of the other principles covered in this paper of which there are many. Common among them, they all have huge clinical significance.

While some of the science behind this paper regarding the ZP references may make a bit more sense to you after you read through this series of posts, I thought it important enough to put it right up front here so you can begin to get a feel for the direction that this information with its plentiful references can take you in practice.


The Initial Common Pathway of Inflammation, Disease, and Sudden Death. Journal: Entropy, Robert M. Davidson and Stephanie Seneff. 2012


Where doe this ultimately lead? Let me share two passages from the paper…

In most instances, introduction of polycationic surfactants into our bloodstream causes acute interfacial water stress, lowering of Zeta Potential, lowering of pH, elevation of viscosity, and electrohemorheologic—hemodynamic derangement. This triggers a cascade of immunologic and hemostatic events, leading inexorably to tissue hypoperfusion, cellular anoxia, seizures, arrhythmias, infarctions, cardiovascular collapse, and death.

That about says everything. Assimilate this at a gut level, and prepare for dynamic changes in clinical practice resulting healthier clients.

And then there’s this…

We hypothesize that acute lowering of the Zeta Potential can result in an acute increase in endothelial cell permeability and acute alteration in Red Blood Cell morphology from dispersed biconcave discs to adherent rouleaux formations, echinocyte, stomatocyte, acanthocyte, and spherocyte transformations, with consequent elevation in blood viscosity, elevated resistance to microvascular blood flow, diminished oxygen transport, and diminished oxygen delivery. **** Acute colloidal instability of flowing blood impairs perfusion to the brainstem, respiratory and auditory centers. Flowing blood has electrokinetic, hemodynamic, and hemorheologic properties which are substantially affected by polycationic surfactant water stress. Our entire vascular system, including the lymph, and all body fluids in the humoral system, reacts to water stress like a single organ system at mesoscopic scales in a quantum coherent manner. 

As noted they hypothesize this, but through the work of Thomas Riddick and TC McDaniel along with a bit of time doing some live cell microscopy experimenting with altered charge plasma environments, the hypothesis seems to be on target as to what can occur with a lowering of Zeta Potential in blood. And therein lies the power of this paper and why it is so important for anyone in the health arena to fully understand exactly what it is saying.


And it’s not just for doctors, it is for those that visit them as well.

The science here explains why, after you bring your baby home after a doctor’s visit to get “shots”, your baby might have changed. At first crying like mad, later a bit distant, then over time showing autistic behavior. Or two days after your daughter gets the HPV vaccine she is dead. Or, why your dog after getting his shots has an altered personality and seems like another dog shortly after visiting the vet.

Many vaccines have many added substances called adjuvants. Aluminum is but one.

A vaccine is a colloidal suspension. Blood is a colloidal suspension.

Aluminum is a trivalent positively charged ion. (This is the polycationic surfactant referenced a few paragraphs above.) It can be native to vaccines, it is not native to blood.

Research shows that ¼ to over ½ gram of aluminum is in some pharmaceutical vaccines that is given to infants.

Take something like aluminum with a massive cationic (positive) charge that doesn’t belong in the blood, then put it in the blood, and with a bit of understanding the science of colloids and Zeta Potential and how this can radically alter blood’s colloidal suspension, you will begin to understand the complete and total insanity that is being perpetrated against babies and people under the guise of medicine.

Please make note that this is not an anti-vaccine spiel, it is simply an attempt to educate on points of science that they don’t teach in medical school.   There are safe ways to do what vaccines purport to do, but sadly that is not what is being done today.

It should always be kept in mind that once certain medical procedures are practiced upon a patient, or you, or a loved one, there is no taking it back. An erase button doesn’t exist.

It is therefore imperative for everyone to be informed with science instead of agenda and to resist the bullying that exists today to get people to accept medical procedures when they’d rather choose not to do – especially when that decision is backed by indisputable science.

Looking at today’s vaccines are just one example of how an understanding of colloid science and Zeta Potential can straighten out the vaccine safety facts, but beyond this, understanding the science can enlighten on so much more.



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