Smart Meter Madness – Follow Up

In a prior post (DNA, Memory, Storage, Frequency) we talked about the smart meter problem that is cropping up in more and more communities. The microwave radiation that these emit are causing real health problems for many and when dealing with clients, the question “do you have a smart meter on your home?” should be included in your fact finding related to your client’s health situation. And if they had a sudden onset of symptoms, “when did you first notice this health issue occur?” These two things may be related.

One of the questions that popped up from some concerned readers was “how did Joe shield his meter and get relief?” You will recall that with the installation of the smart meter on Joe’s home the health issues and ill symptoms he began to experience was almost immediate.

Whether this will work for you if you are in a similar situation is unknown, but here is what Joe did. He went to the local home building / hardware store and bought some lead flashing. He cut it into strips and pushed it behind the meter getting it between the meter and house as much as he could. I don’t recall whether he put the lead flashing on the inside wall or wrapped the rest of the meter, but it’s probably not a bad idea. Of course with wrapping the rest of the meter if your data blip falls off the electric company radar, you might be seeing a meter reader or more stopping by to visit.

The other thing Joe did was build a Faraday cage around his bed. Not many will go to this extent but Joe is sensitive to this and when the EMF meter he got was found pinging itself due to high EMF in his home, he got serious.

What works to block EMF? Seems that grounding metal window screen material between you and the signal has an effect. The other, if you are building a new home, is to use the aluminum clad insulated wall panels. Make sure they are all connected and grounded. Seems doing that with window screens on your windows is a pretty good whole house Faraday cage in itself.

You may recall the book “Earthing” which describes how you can earth ground yourself in your bed at night, as well as earth ground your desk or other areas you may be working regularly. This is something everyone should consider in our increasingly EMF toxic world.

Now if someone could just develop a shield to protect us from our toxic governments we’d really be getting somewhere.

The Health Crises Continues to Unfold

While I work on restraining myself from discussing political events, it is hard not to comment on the EU politicians and bankers looking to steal people’s money out of their bank accounts under the guise of a tax to cover losses they themselves directly had a hand in generating. It will not be too long before this hits the shores of every country on the planet. Seems the world’s elite have gotten very good at asset stripping nations and people.

Speaking of asset stripping people, the medical monopoly/cartel has been doing this for decades and it may single handedly be responsible for the complete collapse of the United States in just a few short years to come – or so says the math of some pretty smart folks. If you have not seen the latest on the cost of what is being called Obamacare, be prepared as health insurance costs are set to rocket on average 60% (or more depending on your state) once this law takes full effect. See the chart here:

There will be more and more people electing not to participate or simply unable to afford it. So what happens with them?

What People are Looking For…

People want to be healthy. They want answers to their health challenges. We pretty well know they are not getting answers with the mainstream health care situation as it is. But that does not stop them looking.

So consider this a call to get involved and get active and position yourself to start taking on these clients that want answers and help. Get acquainted with the whole approach of working privately with people and get involved. If you are not yet acquainted with everything we do and are putting into place, please come out to the next Biomedx workshop and discover a whole new way of working in the health care arena.

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