The War for Your Mind – Bill Gates – Vaccines

It is never boring being engaged in this work. If you have an inquiring mind and a desire to know and understand this life around us, you may find yourself an incessant researcher to the point that some others think you’re a nerd.

Well, nerds stick together and with the advent of the internet, nerdum is in. Email, being one medium of exchange for those of like-minded persuasion, becomes a continual resource of potential exploration, some of inane consequence, some quite thought provoking.

One email which came upon me a short while back contained the subject header

“The War on Consciousness – Banned TED Talk”

The email linked to a YouTube video of a talk by Graham Hancock at a TEDx event. TEDx is the TED talk symposium put together by the gen x or younger crowd.

The talk was quite thought provoking. It hypothesized that if we worked at collectively shifting our consciousness in proactive ways, we could change the world. What appears to have gotten it banned from the TEDx platform is Graham’s inference that an Indian shamanic plant based mind altering substance could actually be an agent for this change.

I recall back around 2004 when newscaster Peter Jennings did a program on the mind altering substance MDMA – otherwise known as ecstasy. He reported and interviewed doctors that used it and derivatives as a health modality to break through through limiting and negative mental states to create positive and long lasting change in people.

Individuals that have had this mind-altering experience in a guided fashion profess profound life changing positive benefit. However, with the advent of the war on drugs and the potential indiscretion of youth that might get access, such substances by the use of anyone including doctors has been made illegal.

It is held by those of experience in this area, that if government wanted to really end terrorism, for example, from those acting under the guise of a religious mission, you could bring in the plants and the Shamans (or in the case of MDMA ,the drugs and the doctors,) and you’d turn terrorists into a non-violent force for positive change almost overnight.

We know consciousness can be changed in an instant, and when the ability to tap love and deeper insight pushes aside the darker exercise of power over love, well, it can change a world.

Unfortunately, changing a world in this direction is against the grain of those that wield certain powers where profit comes through continual wars, control of people, and running certain agendas.

So one thing leads to another…

In following up on this “banned” talk, I came upon the TEDx website where an open letter from the TEDx Director and editor of the website was posted to their community about bad science.

Now here it gets really interesting [the following is edited for brevity]…

“ In light of a few suspect talks that have come out of the TEDx movement – we feel it is important to reach out to all TEDx organizers on the topic of bad science and pseudoscience.
It is your job, before any speaker is booked, to check them out, and to reject bad science, pseudoscience and health hoaxes. The consequence of bad science and health hoaxes are not trivial.

As an example, Andrew Wakefield’s attempt to link autism and vaccines was exposed as a hoax last year. But while his work was being investigated, millions of children went without vaccines, and many contracted deadly illnesses as a result. If your speaker proposes a topic like this, use extra scrutiny. An expanding, depressing list follows:

Food science, including:

• GMO food and anti-GMO foodists
• Food as medicine, especially to treat a specific condition: Autism and ADHD, especially causes of and cures for autism

Because of the sad history of hoaxes with deadly consequences in the field of autism research, really look into the background of any autism-related talk. If you hear anything that sounds remotely like, “Vaccines are related to autism,” — RUN AWAY.

Be alert if a potential speaker does any of the following things:

…Holds a nonstandard degree. For instance, if the physics-related speaker has a degree in engineering, not physics; if the medical researcher does not have an M.D. or Ph.D.; if the affiliated university does not have a solid reputation. This is not snobbery; if a scientist truly wishes to make an advance in their chosen field, they’ll make an effort to engage with other scholars.

As a member of the community, if you do come across a talk on the TEDx YouTube channel or at a future event that you feel is presenting bad science or pseudoscience, please let us know. Bad science talks affect the credibility of TED and TEDx: it is important we get this right.”


Well, I’ve just seen the TED platform and those behind it in a whole new light. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tear this up, suffice to say it makes me think of Bill Gates.

Gates, a smart guy no doubt, is also a college drop-out. He made it big in computer software and amassed billions of dollars in personal wealth. As a result he has certainly gotten a platform on TED – not the least of which has been in a way to promote his foundation’s efforts to take pharmaceutical vaccines to the entire world.

No doubt Gates rises to TED’s high standards – a scientist engaging with other scholars in his field. Or perhaps it is the scholars (cough – salesmen -cough) of the pharmaceutical world that have educated (cough – mind controlled – cough) a seemingly smart man into the nuance and intricacies of vaccines for world health benefits. Err, or was that profits to our pharma operation… oh I forget, and I digress.

So, where am I going with all of this?

It is to make you aware of the fringe. The fringe of science that provides answers, and if not directly that, then provocative insights to explore that will make you think.

At Biomedx we have been entertaining, talking and exploring these things since our beginning, introducing workshop participants to some incredible folks and concepts worth knowing, understanding, thinking about and applying in practice.

The reason you won’t find this easily in the mainstream academic world is because certain ideas have the power to upset the apple carts which the academic folks depend upon to keep them going as the experts – with the benefactors and funding to suit.

In doing research for some internal papers, I came across the following abstract from the Journal Entropy (you will find it linked in our site’s Education section on Zeta Potential). Here is an example of the fringe that one day will become mainstream knowledge.

Okay so call me a nerd, but when I read the abstract it was like really exciting. Did I wet my pants? Not quite, but it was good, let’s see what it does for you…

The Initial Common Pathway of Inflammation, Disease, and Sudden Death

“Abstract: In reviewing the literature pertaining to interfacial water, colloidal stability, and cell membrane function, we are led to propose that a cascade of events that begins with acute exogenous surfactant-induced interfacial water stress can explain the etiology of sudden death syndrome (SDS), as well as many other diseases associated with modern times. A systemic lowering of serum zeta potential mediated by exogenous cationic surfactant administration is the common underlying pathophysiology. The cascade leads to subsequent inflammation, serum sickness, thrombohemorrhagic phenomena, colloidal instability, and ultimately even death. We propose that a sufficient precondition for sudden death is lowered bioavailability of certain endogenous sterol sulfates, sulfated glycolipids, and sulfated glycosaminoglycans, which are essential in maintaining biological equipose, energy metabolism, membrane function, and thermodynamic stability in living organisms. Our literature review provides the basis for the presentation of a novel hypothesis as to the origin of endogenous bio-sulfates which involves energy transduction from sunlight. Our hypothesis is amply supported by a growing body of data showing that parenteral administration of substances that lower serum zeta potential results in kosmotropic cationic and/or chaotropic anionic interfacial water stress, and the resulting cascade.”

Some keywords here that could get any Biomedx practitioner excited? Interfacial water, colloidal stability, cell membrane function, zeta potential, cationic surfactant, energy transduction, kosmotropic, chaotropic…

All of this is right up the alley of any practitioner that wants to understand at a bio-physical level how health works.

The bottom line here is this; if you understand these scientific principles and concepts, you will totally understand the place of vaccines in healthcare as they are currently produced.

And should you ask what place is that? The answer is, in the incinerator.

This is where a majority of the vaccines manufactured today belong. Never should they ever be put into a human body, most especially precious little babies and children.

This paper provides the science and the reasons why.

With the likes of Bill Gates teamed with pharmaceutical companies and both possessing endless money to promote propaganda and really bad ideas that your clients might be buying into, you need all the unassailable information and understanding you can get to educate your clients from a platform of applied science as it relates to their real world health.

Next to this, what else can we do?

Perhaps we can get the corporate icons of the world, the bankers, the politicians, the academics and the military into one big room, and then bring in the medicinal plants and the Shamans….

Okay so maybe that’s not gonna happen.

So let’s instead get to work at understanding the power of water, entrained information, and the 100th monkey, and let’s change our world.

You can start by coming to a Biomedx workshop. Forget the herd and be a nerd. Ooo, ahh, we’ll be delving into science, getting deep into it as well as dancing at the fringe.

As always, may your blessings be.

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