Rich Man, Poor Man, Best Blood

So I’ve been pondering…

how to best phrase the totality of what the Biomedx course is about, and I came up with:

It’s a magical marathon of mirth and learning the modes and methods of microscopes, meters & measures to meticulously move mere mortals to understand mighty health miracles minus the murky medical myths that make men mad and muster their morphology a muddled mess.

That’s as far as I got and it seems I’m stuck in the dictionary under M.

Perhaps that’s what drinking 5 cokes a day will do to your brain. I’m only kidding, I did not have 5 cokes.

But I did learn this week in Business Insider that Warren Buffet has 5 cokes every day as part of his regular diet. Seriously.

Maybe it has something to do with Mr. Buffet owning $16 billion worth of the Coca-Cola company, or maybe not, but the fact is,

He Eats Like a Six Year Old.

It was reported that he checked the actuarial tables and saw the lowest death rate is that of 6 year olds so he decided that eating like one was the safest course of dietary action he could take.

Out of his 2700 calories a day, a quarter comes from Coca-Cola, 3 during the day and 2 at night.

He also really loves to drink his coke with potato sticks and in the morning of this particular interview, he had a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream.

So here we have an 84 year old guy with the bounding energy of a 6 year old that runs circles around many half is age while he runs a very successful company.

One thing we know about health is keeping active in life is important. We also know that keeping stress levels down is equally important.

While we might know from the news that Warren keeps busy, we might also guess that with a bazillion dollars in your bank account, it could make a lot of things not worth worrying about.

No Stress = Best Blood ?

On a parallel note, but the polar opposite of a billionaire, is the story told in a recent class by a practitioner who had an opportunity to observe a homeless man’s blood under the microscope.

Astonishingly, it was the best blood the microscopist had EVER seen.

The man had no home, no bank account, was unregulated by government, and his diet was whatever the dumpster had to offer.

He was homeless by choice. And he was one of the happiest of men.

He had zero stress.

While eating like a 6 year old might not work for many people, nor would eating a dumpster diet, what is universally good for everyone? Less stress.

Stress Buster…

I recall a movie Eat Pray Love, where the main character meets a wise shaman in Bali and he says, “remember when you sit in meditation to smile with your face, smile with your heart, and smile with your liver.”

What a wonderful thing – include your liver with your smiles.

Engaging in this of course means mindfulness to put it into practice as a routine. Do it in meditation or quiet reflection or just going about your day.

Some might proclaim that this could be your perfect program to put a purposeful perspective on a principled process that could properly put stress in its place leading to a potentially perceptive pool of ever more polite people.

We can only hope…

It also looks like I’ve found the Ps in the dictionary.

Well before you start telling me to skadaddle and start minding my Ps and Qs (‘cause you know Qs are coming up soon) I will quit while I am ahead.

But I can’t resist telling you the story behind the Ps and Qs.

The one I prefer is that the phrase came from 17th century taverns and pubs where the bartender had to mind their pints and quarts, or those of their imbibing patrons.

Maybe it really is time for me to mind my own Ps and Qs – perhaps a Porter would be perfect.

But for You Come next class,

don’t get stuck outside the Biomedx door having to go to the pub minding your own Ps & Qs saddened that you just didn’t act fast enough to get in.

This is the place where we unfold the most marvelous modes of healing technology that you can possibly engage for both your clients and for yourself and family.

It’s where perfect practice with marvelous microscopes is on the menu covering a good quotient of quantitative, qualitative, and quantumtative aspects of health. Looks like I just hit the Qs, time to go…

Till next time, smile – and now you know where to put it.

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