The Biomedx Biological Reset

Often people think a Biomedx workshop is only about microscope work, but the microscope is just one tool used to understand the dynamic life processes going on at much deeper levels in the body.

One of the big areas we’ve been moving on is what we call the…


This incorporates an eclectic understanding of health in the human condition to help people bring back their innate healing capacity.

Let’s look at the ramifications of just one tool on the Biological Reset agenda that you’ll learn at a workshop – that is resetting your body’s awareness of CO2 – and what it means to Calcium.


It’s sold by the bucket loads to people in an attempt to address all sorts of issues. And on the other side of the fence we have calcium channel blockers sold by the bucket load for hypertension issues.

Think about this:

When calcium transport across membranes occurs, carbon dioxide in the system is a big player to make that happen. If insufficient CO2 exists, calcium redistributes and calcium tends to accumulate inside the cells and the extracellular space goes deficient.

As a result one sees smooth muscles with an inability to relax, spasms can occur, it can affect the gut area big time leading to spastic colon, IBS, or spasm in the bronchioles – think asthma. Or spasm in the arterioles – think hypertension and ischemia. This is just a partial list.

Looking at this short list you might get the idea (correctly) that calcium channel blockers for hypertension is a potentially misguided attempt at controlling an issue when the answer to fixing the issue is really understanding the role carbon dioxide plays in calcium distribution.


While we talk of CO2, the biggest relationship to understand is that without it, we experience a depressed Bohr effect which leads to tissue hypoxia. And that’s huge.

For those that don’t know, it was Doctor Christian Bohr who discovered, shortly after Russian scientist Verigo discovered the same thing (although we call this the Bohr effect), that as blood moves more alkaline (often due to low CO2 levels) it will suppress the ability of the red blood cells to release oxygen to tissues.

Put it all together and we have issues with the tissues which is everything you can imagine in symptoms and conditions manifesting in your clients.


That would be Guyton’s textbook of medical physiology wherein (the 5th edition) it clearly states:

“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.” 

You see the effect in the microscope blood picture which is a dynamic education for both practitioner and client. And you see it in the quantitative measures of pH, conductivity and more. If you see it, you can learn what it means and you can learn how to act on what you see.

The key to overcoming issues with the tissues is working with applied physiology directed to the biological individuality of the client and taking the proper action.

Quite interestingly to some, much of it is not about pills or potions they need to take but more about adjusting their physiology by adjusting the habits they’ve adopted which are not working for them.

The Biomedx Biological Reset is a culmination of diverse directions to empower your client to health through these means.

Don’t underestimate what you’ve just read here about CO2 and Calcium. Follow the trail and you will learn a mountain of actionable information that will bless many of your clients and put you in the upper echelon of health care practitioners.


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