I’m So Excited

From: Linda, unregistered nurse.

I was recently showing a doctor what I do, and he told me it was nice to see such excitement from someone embarking on a new endeavor. Then I had to tell him I’ve been doing this work for over 15 years!

And yes, I still get as excited now as when I first started.

Even though I was trained at one of the top nursing schools in the nation, it wasn’t until that day many years ago – and it was not through school – that I saw for the first time a white blood cell live before my eyes, and it changed my life.

Holy blood cells!

The power and the beauty of this amazing structure that is our body and what we need to do to be healthy came down on me like words – not exactly from God – but more like from my Lithuanian mother – “so, now you see!”

Oh, and see I did.

I realized that there was so much more to health than what I had been trained to do. Giving up being a registered nurse at first was not easy, and I should add neither was listening to my parents who never let me forget who first paid to get me there.

But alas, today I know the measure of what I am doing. I know the joy and satisfaction of doing what I love and the gratitude of having helped many on their road to health independence. I would not give it up for anything, but as for the RN status, that is gone and now I am just the Unregistered Nurse.

Welcome to the Biomedx Blog where I will share a bit of my journey.

I hope to meet you one day at our workshops.


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