Your Eating S#!% and Other News

There is a continual stream of news items worthy of awareness that could certainly lead to a lot of discussion. So much so that it is overwhelming at times to see the constant barrage of stories that cause one to just shake their heads in disbelief – at least it’s that way for me.

The levels to which certain special interests will dive in order to control and obfuscate information that people have access to is mind boggling. It would appear the house of cards built by fictions and delusions that is being maintained by the “wizards” behind the curtain is indeed getting a bit wobbly.

Let me pick just one item from many that I find interesting. This one from Australia:

“MORE than 400 doctors, medical researchers and scientists have formed a powerful lobby group to pressure universities to close down alternative medicine degrees. The new group, Friends of Science in Medicine, wrote to vice-chancellors this week, warning that by giving “undeserved credibility to what in many cases would be better described as quackery” and by “failing to champion evidence-based science and medicine”, the universities are trashing their reputation as bastions of scientific rigour.”

Now that I find funny!

What’s on the lobby’s hit list?

Things like traditional Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, reflexology and aromatherapy for starters.

What ever happened to free markets?

Oh, I forgot, we’re talking medicine here, a place where free markets, efficacy, choice, and yes – even science – took a flying leap out the window as soon as pharma, deep pockets, and politicians stepped into the picture.

Read the story here:

You will see that this has its genesis in essentially the medical group trying to protect their turf. A guild that doesn’t want competition.

If a free market with competition in health care existed, much of their operation would be out of business as a large part of what they do doesn’t work. Of course it can’t.

As Dr. Royal Lee once said, to paraphrase,

“you can’t fix a nutritional deficiency with poison” (i.e. drugs).

Dr. Lee was a smart man. Too smart for the illumined control wizards in fact, and when Dr. Lee lost a court battle against the medical establishment, a U.S. court had him burn – yes burn – his research papers.

Well, we can only hope there is a change in the wind and with an unsustainable system close to hitting the wall, I think change may be somewhere around the corner. Biomedx will continue to do not what is the alternative in health, but what is and should be…

the foundation for a standard.

Part of that standard is to pay attention to, study, and assimilate the wisdom of great practitioners of the past which got shunted aside by the deep pockets of medicine, partly because what they offered did not bode well for keeping people sick and needy.

What a messed up system health care has become.

You can be part of the solution moving forward, by attending a Biomedx workshop and getting enlightened as to what is possible. And then further engage in a career path that come tomorrow, will be in more demand than ever as medical schemes collapse and people search for solutions.

Moving to the clinic front…

We often talk about themes that are perpetrated by marketing departments selling drugs, health ideas or nutritional supplements. One of the rising themes is that everyone needs more Vitamin D.

Is that true?

Going back to Dr. Lee, he makes a point (in some of that burned material which escaped the flames) that Vitamin D makes blood calcium more retentive, i.e. calcium moves into the bloodstream upon Vitamin D intake.

So, what if you are a big sugaraholic?

Another wise doc, Melvin Page, makes a point that as sugar is consumed and hits the blood stream, calcium follows suit.

So sugarfied people boosting their Vitamin D intake have a higher risk of what?

So there was a practitioner who succumbed to the marketing hype and the latest “research” that says people need more Vitamin D. Following the supposed wisdom she consumed more Vitamin D. Well, funny thing happened, she started waking up in the morning with an upset stomach and vomiting aplenty. And no, she was not pregnant.

For a month she vomited every morning until the day her husband said, ‘maybe it is some nutritional supplement you’re taking’. Naw, couldn’t be that! But then thinking about it, her vomiting started right about the time she started taking more Vitamin D. And the amount she was taking was not astronomical, it was a commonly suggested dose by those advocating the need for more Vitamin D.

So she stopped taking Vitamin D. Her tummy got better and she quit vomiting.

With this, she did some investigation. And lo and behold she came upon the word cholecalciferol – what is Vitamin D3. Where did she find it? On a label for Quintox Mouse Seed – rodent killer.

Yep, right on the packaging for the rodent killer:

Active ingredient: Cholecalciferol: 0.075%, inert ingredient: 99.925%

“Qintox Mouse Seed kills even anticoagulant-resistant rodents.
The toxicant mobilizes calcium from the bones into the bloodstream
which produces hypercalcemia and death from heart failure.”

The toxicant in question? Vitamin D3.

Dr. Lee talked about this 50 years ago. Not everyone needs Vitamin D – even if their “blood levels” say otherwise. There is simply more to the story.

Speaking of more to the story…

Or another story to be more exact, a gentleman was referred by another clinic who was not being successful with his care. The new receiving clinician felt the referring clinic probably wanted to just get rid of the guy as he was quite a handful being somewhat vocal and persistent about getting results which he was not getting. Apparently he had been to a few clinics in his search for health, some well known, but he was getting little result.

Turned out that one measure of this individual showed him to be strongly catabolic. This means dysaerobic metabolism had gotten ahold, or to say it another way, his oxygen utilization was out of control. And yet, with this situation, the prior clinic had him on pretty good doses of essential fatty acids. Marketed of course as “the oil” everyone should be taking to keep healthy.

Well, what do these oils do for the catabolic individual? It feeds O2 that is out of control. The –FA negative fatty acid ends feed oxygen’s need for electrons – you might recall the octet rule in chemistry – and it’s not good.

So with a little help from an aware practitioner, the client had this particular product completely removed from his diet. With that simple move and a few other things, how is the client doing now? Wonderfully, totally changed, healthy, and happy.

The practitioner told the client that the acronym for the “yes” oils he was consuming for his situation stand for Your Eating S#!%.

Moral of the story:

Perhaps besides don’t swear – it is that you need to know when the highly promoted and latest “research” that tells you everyone needs to be doing this or that, is that this or that only fits when appropriate to a person’s biological individuality.

You can learn how to begin digging into those clues by attending the next Biomedx workshop.



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