We’re Heeere….

It’s 2012!

The Mayans who so long ago put their calendar to stone just happened to end it this year. And here we are.

So what’s it to be – the end of the world? A time when star ship aliens return to show us the errors of our ways? Or a period of enlightenment where we collectively transition to higher vibrations?

One might say; unlikely, not probable, and he must be kidding.

No crystal balls here but one thing is certain, we are seeing and will see massive changes in our world to come over the next number of years. It does not take rocket science or mystical powers to divine what’s in store – just simple math and a bit of objective observation.

Observation shows us that our political leaders and those on government payrolls of every stripe are immersed in continual lies, fraud, and deceptions. They’ve been at it so long they can’t even see it for the delusions they’ve built. But neither does much of the population – but the facade is cracking as lies cannot be continually lived.

It’s mathematics that will ensure some delusions crack and fall completely.

Our geometrically progressing debt based monetary system, a massively interlocked monetary grid with nodes reaching into every point of modern civilization in every country is about to unfold a simple truth; politicians (and their bankers) cannot promise for the future (lie) what can never be paid. Some portend that this will translate into the world-wide system hitting the wall. Why do they say this?

It’s in the math.

And it’s happened before. Think Rome. It was the politicians and their monetary system that did them in. But in that day the world was a lot smaller and it was not interconnected anything like today. Yet, the fall of Rome was followed by 200 years of the “dark ages”.

But that was then and this is now. Never before in recorded history has so much technological invention occurred in such a compressed time as we have experienced in the past century. This has also pushed our consciousness to consider that which a mere century ago could not even be fathomed.

We are entering a period of unprecedented change.

Some might say; it could be good, or it could be bad. Who’s to tell for sure.

You might prefer to see the glass as half full and where there will be unprecedented change, so will there be unprecedented creation. While it may be rough going for awhile, things will turn in positive ways for the many as opposed to the few.

When systems fall there is typically a vacuum that occurs. Question is: what fills the void?

Health care as most people have known it their entire lives is at great odds of falling. It is a monetary mathematical impossibility for it to continue as it has the past number of decades. It’s headed for the wall and when it hits, where are people going to turn for help with their health?

They’ll turn to those that teach an alternative way, independent of artificial government support that will no longer exist.

You will recall the word doctor from the Latin docere meaning to teach. Those that are drawn to this work are indeed – and need to be – teachers.

The Biomedx foundation workshop encompasses the microscope. Properly used, it is a premier educational tool to delve into practical physiology with every client. It’s a tool to highlight the biology behind belief. It’s a tool to take one on a fantastic voyage to unfold what is possible in our holographic quantum universe. It is educational power.

Many people trained with a microscope put themselves out to the public as blood “analysers” leaning dangerously close to or actually stating that they provide their clients with “live blood analysis” which borders on diagnosis and prescription.

These individuals often hide their microscope work and shun discussing it with any source that might put them into the light of the public (government) eye. And as well they should because in today’s hostile government/police environment there are certain agencies afoot that have a sore spot for individuals claiming to do darkfield microscopy or live blood analysis.

But it’s time to get out of the basement…

2012 will be a year of many vectors intersecting. For Biomedx, it will be vectors bringing to fruition a multi-dimensional platform for practitioners allowing them to become the “go to” person in their community for health answers.

So if you’re drawn to this work, get involved, get active. If you’re doing this work and are not yet involved with Biomedx at some level, what are you waiting for?

Have a happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year!

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