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We’re Heeere….

It’s 2012! The Mayans who so long ago put their calendar to stone just happened to end it this year. And here we are. So what’s it to be – the end of the world? A time when star ship aliens return to show us the errors of our ways? Or a period of enlightenment […]

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Moving into the Police State

There is a lot news out that is not pretty, especially when looking around at what is happening in our world as governments are increasingly going “out of control” in order to control their populations, particularly in the USA. Let’s see, you probably all know of the case of the swat teams and the many

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Metabolic Acidosis

This is the condition where someone is systemically too acid. The extracellular plasma fluid has a low pH wherein the H+ concentration is high and the bicarbonate level is low. Just as in metabolic alkalosis, metabolic acidosis engages first the body’s acid-base second to second chemical buffering system, and if more assistance is required it

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Metabolic Alkalosis

In lieu of a case study, I’m just going to touch a wee bit on the topic of metabolic alkalosis. This is the condition where someone is too alkaline. Yep, too alkaline. The extra cellular space does not have enough acid. Recall that whenever we’re talking about “acid” this is only in reference to H+,

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Speaking of Vegetarians…

I had been asked “what is it about these raw foodists anyway?” The inference was that they are often the most strict folks where diet is concerned and they tend to be mostly vegetarian or vegan and oftentimes they’re always dealing with a health issue of one sort or another. And horrors again, if they

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Speaking of Vegetarians 2…

Nothing brings out commentary more than when one thinks you are attacking their “diet” – almost like attacking a religion. This happened a bit as some read last months newsletter. Sometimes you have to read carefully what I write. For example, last month I started a section with… SPEAKING OF VEGETARIANS…. I had been asked

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What’s Happening in the World

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I like to put something in about health that may not be talked about much, and I also like to reference every now and then the political situation in health care. Well, there is so much happening that I find it difficult to know where to start.

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Obamacare or Alternative

Obamacare, national health care, or whatever you want to call it, will never and can never work. It is attempting to use an existing dysfunctional and totally broken approach to health and simply wrap government insurance around it. This means deals are being cut with special interests that are actually supporting and responsible for the

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On Science and Sanity

If you have been reading the news lately and are here in the States, you probably know President Obama wants to tackle health care. I wonder when anybody in the mainstream media or in Washington is going to figure out that we don’t have a health care system in America. Beyond intensive care operations and

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When the Specialists Could Do Nothing, the Guy with No Diploma Comes Through

What value is it in learning how the flow system of the body works? Well, what value do you place on health? This work is just about priceless. This was brought home to one family that recently visited a “flow audit” practitioner. This particular family had visited him many months ago. Their daughter was having

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This is Not That

“I have been a practitioner in the alternative healing field for 13 years and yet I have struggled to find out why I had so much debilitating fatigue. Why did I feel worse when I would go out in the sun? Why did I have constant kidney and bladder infections? Why did I not sleep

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Acid Reflux Pressure Point

Clipped this awhile back from a magazine. Combining high-tech equipment with ancient Chinese acupuncture, Australian researchers have identified a technique that may reduce acid reflux and heartburn by about 40 percent. The Adelaide-based group, headed by Richard Holloway MD found that by placing electrodes on a traditional Chinese acupuncture point they were able to reduce

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Myth of the Sodium Potassium Pump

Last quick post we put in some links to Ray Peat’s website raypeat.com on fats and oils which if you have not been there yet, is mighty good reading. Following that theme, a recent question was asked about anabolic and catabolic states. Fats and oils are a significant factor where these states are concerned, and

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Detox Foot Pads & Zeta Potential

There was a recent thread on a yahoo group asking about those detox foot pads. An individual was going to forward his commentary but did not want to come across as too “hot” in his opinion – which essentially was going to shed light on his own experience and the “hype” that is often accompanying

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