When the Specialists Could Do Nothing, the Guy with No Diploma Comes Through

What value is it in learning how the flow system of the body works? Well, what value do you place on health? This work is just about priceless. This was brought home to one family that recently visited a “flow audit” practitioner.

This particular family had visited him many months ago. Their daughter was having allergies and a hive issue which had been going on for some time, and they wanted to talk. And that’s all they did. Because who the heck is this guy anyway. No fancy office, no big diplomas hanging on the wall, no Mercedes out front.

This family thought, thanks but no thanks – the story of Flow System Auditing sounds good, but we’re going to continue with the specialists. We have money and can afford the best.

Well, many months later, their precious 9 year old daughter is a wreck. She can barely get through a night of sleep without needing a shot for seizure like attacks, she is missing days upon days of school, the mother is a wreck as she is sleeping with her daughter for fear of losing her in the middle of the night. It is absolutely miserable in the household.

The specialists? They are at a loss.

The most they can do is cram the little girl full with increasing doses of prednisone and antihistamines and state that she will have to live this way for at least the next 2 to 5 years until this “autoimmune situation” shuts off.

Well, lo and behold, they end up back at the flow practitioner’s office, telling them of their woes. They can’t live like this. They are at the end of their options and don’t know what else to do.

Now here is a situation, where pharmacuetical drugs have so wacked the body chemistry in this little girl, that a Flow System Audit is very difficult to make heads or tails sense. But, nevertheless, there are universal principles of the Flow Auditing process which offer a basic understanding of our human relationship to the mineral world that even in darkness we can sometimes find our way out.

Sitting back and thinking about the hives erupting in this little girl, it brought the practitioner’s to think about other skin eruptions like herpes and shingles. Now we know from our mineral relationship studies that there is a viral component to this, and calcium is an enemy of viruses. In fact, in some of these past newletters we have talked about the recent hype of Vitamin D and noted how Vitamin D makes blood calcium retentive – and in some cases, it can keep calcium from the tissues. If calcium is kept from the tissues, there can certainly be issues.

So what is it that can carry calcium back to the tissues? Dr. Royal Lee said it was Vitamin F – or think, essential fatty acids.

Here is a little 9 year old girl, suffering to no end, with parents at their wits end, back in front of a guy that just talks a simple story. In this case, with numbers influenced by drugs and wanting to tread very carefully, he suggested that this little girl might want to get some flax seed oil into her, the thought being that it might carry calcium to the tissue and help with what might be a hidden viral issue expressing itself through the skin in hives.

Also, knowing that skin problems are often related to catabolic issues, and catabolic individuals often have bacterial problems, and sugar feeds bacteria, the other suggestion was to have no carbohydrates after 3pm.

That was it. It was thinking a way through physiology.

The couple left and vowed to do this very thing.

Well, within 1 week the hives are vastly eliminated, the girl is sleeping soundly through the night, and she is back on the school bus everyday and attending school. What do the high powered medical specialists have to say? They say that this nutrition stuff is probably only offering a temporary reprieve. Basically they are in denial.

Two weeks go by and the little girl is getting better every day. Everybody is asking at school what she is doing. She was always so sickly and rarely there.

6 weeks later, from 60mg doses of prednisone the mother has backed her child off to 1mg doses and is set to eliminate them completely. Oh, and by the way, mom is laughing again, much lighter in spirit, and looking a lot better herself. And the practitioner? He has a lot more referred clients from this case too.

What is the value of being healthy? It’s priceless.

What is the value of having somebody to turn to that can offer real health wisdom in this age where instant drug prescriptions seems to be the only remedy offered for whatever ails you? Well, you tell us.

What we’ll tell you is, you can be that “go to” guy or gal that is offering real knowledge and your worth, will be measured in ways that only your clients can describe.

Take a journey, partner with us in a new tomorrow. It’s coming.

Till next time, be well, and may your blessings be.


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