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“I have been a practitioner in the alternative healing field for 13 years and yet I have struggled to find out why I had so much debilitating fatigue. Why did I feel worse when I would go out in the sun? Why did I have constant kidney and bladder infections? Why did I not sleep well for years? Everything pointed to thyroid and adrenal problems with previous practitioners and yet there was more specific information that has lead to my wellness. I discovered this much needed information through terrain testing from J. F.

I found out more about my body through this testing than I had ever known. This means I had bits and pieces from different philosophies of conventional medicine and other alternative medicines, but I just couldn’t find anyone to help me with the whole picture and someone who was willing to stick with me long enough to see me through to actually feeling better and better.

It is a miracle to find someone with this depth of knowledge and resources, as well as, a love of serving others. I am forever grateful for this work and for my practitioner, J.

I do not exaggerate when I say that I truly feel it has saved my life. The Terrain philosophy is followed up with pharmaceutical grade supplements and I also learned about breath work and how my emotions have played a part in my health. All of this information was given to me for my specific needs. I always know where I stand with my health and what my next move is. I follow J’s regimen even though my life has made a complete change in my physical health, my mind, and my emotions. I continue to do testing with him as I always want to stay on top of improving myself. Now I have the mindset and inspiration to do this with J’s valuable guidance. Thank you with all my heart to J and to those who developed Terrain Testing. “
-Ms. M.D.

Here is a health advocate that works out of Indiana, and needless to say he is fired up about Flow System Auditing. Perhaps you can see why with this particular client.

I put this here because it raises some interesting talking points. The practitioner here refers to this as “Terrain Testing” but that might make people think that Biomedx Flow Systems Auditing is akin to BTA or BTM or QFA style work. If you don’t know what these are that is ok suffice to say these applications are limited in their scope and the practitioner that relies on them often stays in the dark about what to do with their clients.

Flow System Auditing is like shining a beacon into the dark and dusty corners of these technologies to bring them into the light of understanding. This is done by incorporating far more data points, tools, and prioritized thought processes that lead to more understanding in any given situation.

Here is an example of a health practitioner that is going to other health practitioners, for years, with no meaningful assistance. She is continuing to stay in her dysfunction. Note how she says that many other professionals have pointed to the adrenals or thyroid. Well, books have been written on these things. Entire seminars have been devoted to these things. Classes in health schools have had sessions covering these things. But would you like to guess what you would learn about treating these things in a Biomedx Flow class? In a word, nothing. Yep, nothing.

Biomedx does not teach how to treat organs or glands or how to analyze or diagnose conditions or symptoms or specifically anything that might be called a disease. In other words, we find all of that – not very helpful.

The body is a unique and individualized chemical, biological, and electrical flow system – think 3 fluid compartments separated by membrane – anions, cations, zwitter ions, fats & sugars. One step off the periodic table, the dirt of the earth, the building blocks of life.

As best as we can come to know, it is these things in their right proportions and ratios to each other within, between and among the compartments that creates the environment for physiological expression – an expression that can be measured and managed. Create the proper environment for expression, and a lot of things take care of themselves. Show people how to be healthy, and they can’t be sick. This is what health care should be about, but today health care has morphed into something very different. What we do is not that.

Treat the adrenals? Why? They are only working so hard because core imbalances exist in their environment and they are attempting to compensate for it and whip everything else into compliance. Properly adjust their neighborhood and they come back.

This thought is foreign to many as they have been taught to “treat” a condition or symptom, “treat” an organ or gland, “treat” whatever is making one ill. Today there is a “treatment” for everything and schools of every stripe to teach it.

Who would of thought, that you could take a person with sleep apnea, and get them sleeping like a baby in a week without the machine they have been depending on to keep breathing at night….

Who would of thought, that you could take a person with IBS, Crohns or colitis and within weeks those problems are history…

Who would have thought, that you could take a person with 15% kidney function and bring them up to 60% function within a couple of months…

Who would have thought, that these things could be done not by treating these things, but by looking at physiological biofeedback, not to “diagnose”, but to simply observe where and how homeostatic controls (flow systems) are actually working in the body and then create the environment to allow them complete adaptive response.

That is the bottom line to Flow System Auditing. Does it look like anything resembling “health care” in today’s world?


Treat and analyse organs and glands?


Treat and analyse symptoms and conditions?


Diagnose disease?


An interesting tidbit I learned in a prior class about diagnosis. Break it down – di means two and agnos, from agnostic, means to not know. So now you know when you get a diagnosis that it is two that don’t know – likely you and the person that gave it to you. Once you have a diganosis, then where do you go? Well treatment of course…

And how did we get here?

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