Oil & Fat Research – EFA Maybe not so Essential

Q. I have been receiving the information supported with studies that consuming saturated fats are good for a person. This contradicts the contemporary ‘knowledge’ of the day that states that they are pretty much evil in every way.

Personally I am tending toward the fact that they are beneficial and do not prove to be the health threat that they are purported to be. An interesting point that was made was that if they were indeed so terrible to ones health, then all mothers that breast feed should be incarcerated for child abuse as mothers milk is 54% saturated fat by volume.

I am very interested to hear everyone’s opinion on this subject if you are willing to share a thought or two.


A. I will refrain from giving the whole response that I made on the forum itself, suffice to say, we are consistently misdirected by the agendas of corporate and political interests in America at all levels.

Agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, legal, natural health, you name it. We are hypnotized, mesmerized, and dare I say mentally labotomized from an early age and we have lost the capacity – if we ever had it – to objectively sit down and dissect the fallacious arguments that various sectors of academia, industry and government foist upon us at every turn, every day. The fallacy that saturated fat is a bad fat is one such example.

I often have folks scratching there heads when in a workshop I might state that they need to be careful with essential fatty acids – fish oils for instance – as EFAs can be contraindicated for many people, and downright dangerous. And unsaturated fats/oils can be far more detrimental to health than most natural saturated fats.

There are reams of research that support this – but for various reasons it is not talked about much.

So to learn about fats and oils, you can follow the rabbit holes of research to understand more of the story. To start, jump over to the website of Ray Peat. I will put starter article links below.

As you carefully read through just some of the first articles, I think you will find your brain neurons starting to jump and sizzle with connections to the concepts of Emanuel Revici and the relationships you should be seeing with your Flow systems work learned in the workshop. And if you haven’t take that workshop – my goodness, what are you waiting for???



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