Detox Foot Pads & Zeta Potential

There was a recent thread on a yahoo group asking about those detox foot pads. An individual was going to forward his commentary but did not want to come across as too “hot” in his opinion – which essentially was going to shed light on his own experience and the “hype” that is often accompanying some new type of product and the often misleading information that can accompany such a product.

My response…

I agree with you that the change in the foot pads is based on chemical reaction of the contents with the moisture of the foot.

What no one discusses is the actual chemistry or mechanism that may be taking place. I tried one of these pads myself. I put them on before bed and was up 6 or 7 times during the night to pee. Mmm….

Everything that happens in the body happens at the level of the anion and cation. Ratios thereof, determine the amount of bound to un-bound (or free) water in the system. From our Flow class, you might recognize this as the catabolic/dysaerobic and anabolic/anaerobic cellular state.

Water is polar, and an overly catabolic state creates more bound water in the system. Hence, people hold onto their water, kidneys have issues, minerals are retained – as are toxins.

Of course I have to add here the definition of a toxin: a toxin is anything with which the body does not have an inherently high enough zeta potential to either overcome or utilize.)

If the foot pads make a person get up and pee all night, that could very well be having an anabolic inducing effect. The contents of the bag as a person’s feet sweat are likely being absorbed through the soles of the feet and altering cell chemistry enough to create more un-bound/free water.

More free water means more dilution for pollution, likely an alteration in zeta potential, and cationically charged toxins now have an increased ability to adsorb anions thereby increasing the negative charge and consequent dispersing effect. Hence, toxins can be more induced to be released. Through the foot? Probably more through the kidneys.

Is this a good thing? Possibly yes.

However, what would be much better is for practitioners to understand the fundamentals of biochemistry from the side of practical application so they could figure out how to do the exact same thing by simply using the right night time supplements.

This knowledge is the ultimate weapon and BSometer against the next “big” thing that comes down the marketing pike. Of course recognizing the next “big” thing may be very relevant, but knowing how to sort through the science of it – whatever IT is – is where all practitioners should strive to be.

Hence, the Biomedx Flow Systems workshops.

At least that’s the way it looks from here.


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