Speaking of Vegetarians…

I had been asked “what is it about these raw foodists anyway?”

The inference was that they are often the most strict folks where diet is concerned and they tend to be mostly vegetarian or vegan and oftentimes they’re always dealing with a health issue of one sort or another.

And horrors again, if they need to take a nutritional supplement, they will often be the ones insisting on vegetable encapsulations.

Well, in our last scope workshop we had a colon hydrotherapist and I found one of her observations very interesting. This gal would often get referrals sent to her that are disciples of a popular raw food (no meat) guru. When she puts her hose up the rear end of these folks and observes what’s coming out, she said in EVERY case, no exception, she would see passing down the tube, the carrot, the celery, the spinach leaf…. Oh and there passes a bean and a pea.

What does this tell you? What should it be telling the person on the raw diet? Three words. Give it up. You are not digesting your food. Pure and simple. If you got out of your car to look at the rear end and you saw gasoline dripping out of your tailpipe, you’d know there is something seriously wrong with your engine.

If you look at what’s coming out of your own rear end, and you see food, yeah, you have issues. It’s seriously not good. If you can’t digest your food, you’re in trouble.

It takes work and the right biochemistry to be or stay in a total veggy and/or raw food lifestyle. For many it just does not work.

For many, they have no clue that they are staying in a state of dysfunction solely because of their dietary choices and most often those choices are not the result of knowing their own biological individuality but are the choices of a belief system.

And so it goes.

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