The Body Lives in a Material World

I believe that if someone is working with people on a level of helping them to health, it makes sense that the practitioner have objective measures telling them exactly what is going on with their client’s health regarding core homeostatic balance points and controls.

How often does it happen that when a person is not feeling well they go see a health care provider and yet that practitioner never even takes the simplest of objective measures like blood pressure, pulse, temperature, blood glucose, or even a simple urine dipstick? Far too often.

Practitioners are very quick to listen to symptoms and conditions and then equally quick to provide a remedy for what they think they hear.

Yet without objective measure, how can one possibly begin to manage anyone’s state of health with objectivity and assurance that what is being done is proper and moving the client in the right direction?

Quigee boards and pendulums come to mind along with an assortment of other techniques, tools and gadgets which are popular in some circles and have their place, but nothing can replace material science.

We live in a material world of matter, a step off of the periodic table of the elements. At a core level of the bricks and the mortar, the dirt and the dust, the anions and the cations that make up who we are, there exists a physical reality with physical measures that define physiological principles.

Medicine is forgetting this existence as they have gone high tech and out of touch with core material science. The naturopathic field sad to say has been pretty good at following that lead.

I believe we have to come back to material science and take a hands-on approach to really understand and master health at fundamental levels.

So, when a client walks into your clinic, you find out all about their dirt. The anions, cations, proteins, fats and sugars that make up their physical existence wherein the proportion and ratios thereof define their physical chemistry – and who they are in the physical sense in this material world.

Once you know the “dirt” on their dirt, you know where to drive with protocols that are specific to their biological individuality.

The microscope beyond this point now becomes a tool to empower the client to further understand the dynamic life processes operating within.

It can further point to FOCI that needs to be addressed, i.e. Focal Areas Of Interference or disturbance causing blockages to full health, and it can also lead to exploration of new frontiers in health science incorporating the biology of beliefs, awareness and consciousness, and more – if one chooses to pursue this aspect.

It opens an entire field of eclectic healing modalities that can be expressed to the client for the benefit of their health which today, is a field that has been shrunken down and regulated away to dramatically narrow levels that are hurting people in the process while leaving their governments in a morally and financially unsustainable situation.


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