Speaking of Vegetarians 2…

Nothing brings out commentary more than when one thinks you are attacking their “diet” – almost like attacking a religion. This happened a bit as some read last months newsletter.

Sometimes you have to read carefully what I write.

For example, last month I started a section with…


I had been asked “what is it about these raw foodists anyway?”

So the question was asked of me “what is it about these raw foodists anyway?”

Note that this section started with a simple question asked of me. But in reading it, did it trip a trigger in your mind? Did it push a button?

For some, this and what followed seemed to have pushed a button, and the defenses were raised to defend their “raw” diet. But notice that it was just a question. The balance of the section being discussed were observations and comments on digestion.

Something we’ve worked at getting across in the past is an understanding of general semantics. Words can have multi-ordinal meanings and certain words and phrases and structure can be perceived in certain ways depending upon who is doing the perceiving. The best mind managers understand this well.

If you read this section last month and perceived that I was defending or promoting a meat and dairy diet, was down on vegans or vegetarians, and think everyone that is does not digest their food, then the words I wrote triggered your own mind’s imagination to fill in with your own context that which was not specifically written. People’s minds are often on autopilot and they will read into things what is not specifically there.

If we are in the “health” business, discernment is critical.

To discern the position of Biomedx for example, I can tell you that we do not care if people are vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians or meat eaters. The issue is; what is working for them. What is keeping their chemistry balanced.

We can know this when we measure. And when we measure we can manage a situation.

It just so happens that when we measure, people with health issues usually have screwed up homeostatic controls – often directly due to their dietary choices – even though they may think they are “doing the right thing” by following a particular diet.

Some of these people may have chosen their diet because of a video they watched, book they read, or from a food or health guru who told them how to eat. But what the videos, books and gurus – and there are many – usually never tell a person, is how to measure and know if the diet they are on is right for them.

Often those proposing some given dietary “wisdom” imply that it applies to everyone. This may or may not be true. What usually is never said is something we like to say on a regular basis; health is about biological individuality and adaptive capacity.

Fixing health when it is askew is about knowing how diet biochemistry relates to the physiology of the specific individual. This takes measurement, a keen discernment, and a perspective that will not trip a trigger so easily on the latest health fashion to come along.

Fashionable Health

Fashions appear in the health business like anywhere else. You see them all the time; everyone should use more Vitamin D, should eat less salt, should not eat meat, should only eat meat, should be a vegan, should have fish oil everyday, should should should – for everyone.

Being a health “fashionista” never ends and never will end until one learns how to measure the client in order to know how to manage the client thereby gaining discernment. Not to do what the gurus say, the videos say, or the latest health fashion mind managers say, but what the numbers say.

Can a person be a healthy vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist? Yes of course. Can a practitioner working in this dietary “market” learn a thing or two about enhancing his or her approach through measuring and managing, yes again. Here is a note I received from a practitioner that has taken the time to understand the Biomedx Flow Systems approach to his “raw” practice….

I read with interest your thoughts on the raw veganism – as you may remember I have studied with Hippocrates and am an advocate of their philosophy. Living it as closely as I can- and I’m pretty dedicated.

However after our time together a couple of yrs ago I went back and started to address my application of this in terms of the parameters we test with FLOW. Looking at the metabolic effects of its components as well as the caloric, “health benefits” etc. I still believe absolutely in the health and healing benefits of Raw foods and the underlying philosophy however I believe also that FLOW allows us to fine tune and individualize these tools for really wonderful outcomes. Hippocrates and other centers are of course dedicated to “healing” the likes of cancer, CVD etc, much of which benefit from inducing a catabolic state to help break down tumors etc. Short, medium term benefits can be incredible in regard to rebalancing but of course can progress to an opposing imbalance.

Both in myself and my clients I have noticed and focused on the following;

Catabolic dominance- in myself this had progressed to the point of almost explosive diarrhea shortly following meals. Along of course with loads of energy, difficulty maintaining weight etc. This was primarily due to my over consumption of seeds- primarily sunflower available in Turkey- too many EFAs … I noticed these digestive symptoms were moderated greatly when germinating prior to consumption. I advocate and have used avocados primarily as my source of fats since and have normalized all symptoms, gained weight, built and maintained muscle etc. I find these a nice balance between inducing an anabolic element without knocking me out during the day. I do cycle myself and clients catabolic/anabolic as required. The anabolic/catabolic issue I have found most helpful and captivating with clients including bodybuilders and pro athletes through post training recovery, pre training catabolic induction etc. as well as the general public. I understand the building/reparitive aspects of animal protein to be primarily through its anabolic effect (including also the sat fats, cholesterol it contains) rather than the need for vast amounts of protein itself. Manipulating the anabolic/catabolic parameter has been huge in achieving desired outcomes.

Digestion and absorption of course is huge as you mention in your newsletter. That is my primary focus where I notice the transition from gastric to intestinal environment and bile flow as generally the weak link in most folks. With digestion normalized I find most symptoms abate to a significant degree.

Electrolytes and proteins have been a big one both for myself and others. Nearly all my clients present with issues re protein metabolism. Both excess and deficient inbound and outbound. Digestion and assimilation again. This has been probably more pronounced in meat eaters in my experience indicating to me that their system is not up to handling the more robust proteins in animal foods. I see high NH4 commonly correlates with a catabolic state. The common combination of these high proteins and normal electrolytes also tells me that these Protein metabolites are keeping many people running “electrically” The folks who feel weak and low energy without meat I think???

In short I still believe a primarily raw, veg based diet is the way to go for health, healing, but the FLOW information has really been key in manipulating the fundamental ingredients in order to get results the client is looking for. I think also that the majority of “raw vegans” promoting this path vocally out there are often hooked on fruit and nuts and the like which of course has the potential to destabilize their physiology significantly.


What this writer talks about of the anabolic/catabolic perspective is the paradigm and knowledge base of Emanuel Revici, of the electrolyte issues it is basic medical electrolyte control overlaid on a knowledge base of colloid chemistry vis a vis the work of Thomas Riddick and others. This forms a grounding in the Biomedx Flow Audit processes and is key to training in this area.

Jumping to the other side of the fence, the following note also came in…

I wanted to give you guys a little more info about the “Myths in raw food” to help people you know concerning this issue. First, the HEALTHIEST, LONGEST LIVING PEOPLE in the world don’t eat raw food and aren’t vegetarians. The people of the Ryuukyuu Islands (commonly referred to as Okinawans) eat everything including pork. The oldest man on the planet right now drinks milk (I don’t know if its raw or not) Second, the idea that something is “living” is total nonsense. Its living before it was cut and mashed up in your mouth! And if it happens to survive the teeth, then it hits Mr. Stomach Acid and lives no more! Third, enzymes [in the food] help you digest it? Sorry, what are enzymes? Proteins. And where are proteins broken down? For the most part, in the STOMACH. Therefore, there are very little enzymes left after the stomach. So much for the idea that your pancreas has to enlarge to deal with cooked foods. Fourth, you can cure many diseases with raw food? This is a popular testimony to those who follow it. “I was near deaths door, signing the deed to the farm, ready to kick the bucket, etc…then I switched to raw food and now I am in perfect health….”

Well, I have never eaten a raw food diet, but I am in perfect health. I am 47 years old, look 30, 6-pack abs, 9% body fat, never been admitted for anything, rarely catch a cold, etc. So what’s the deal? Actually, the only disease pattern that I am aware of in the published reports about benefiting from raw food is arthritis.

Fifth, it gives our digestion a break? OK, like your stomach needs to go to Disneyland? Let’s follow this logic to its end. If your digestion needs a break (from its designed function – to digest things), then stop your heart since it needs a break, don’t breathe deeply too much to give your lungs a break, and limit your water intake to give your kidneys a rest! As you can see, their logic is very selective.

FINALLY, it takes 100,000 years for a gene to change in us. Cooking has been around over 160,000 years.

Glad to have read your blast and hope you find this info useful in getting people to stop hurting themselves. You may use this info to email to other folks, just delete my name, etc. I have NO TIME to argue with those who follow the Raw Food Religion.


That ought to get some people fired up.


At Biomedx, we prefer not to argue, but to measure. If we know the numbers, we have a roadmap by which to move and manage the client back to a state of balance. If it means raw food, cooked food, supplements, or whatever, we can bring that to the table to meet the client where they live and do the best for them to help them get back to a state of health – first discerned by the numbers, next by an increase in their adaptive capacity to meet life on their terms.

If you want more insight into the idea of adaptive capacity, see the Flow primer at biomedx.com/bioterrain


To continue, another writer writes….

…biochemistry can quite easily be changed by changing the informational state of the body regardless of diet – (easier to do of course if the person does in fact eat well as opposed to the typical NA diet.) The simplest example is food sensitivities – if you correct the body’s response to allergenic foods, then pH balance comes much more naturally. Similarly, it’s possible to rebalance microflora by changing the system’s informational state. What does set us apart, it seems, from animals is such things as our ability to accumulate many more layers of emotional baggage, trauma, beliefs, etc. and this could account for our apparent need for various diets because it creates so much more misinformation in the system. But if all this can be changed, cleared, corrected, whatever (and it can), then wouldn’t determining an individualized diet be simply accommodating problems that continue to exist? (I don’t mean to imply that you personally only use diet/supplements to change a client’s status – I simply don’t know that. My intent is just to share some information).

This brings up a really good area for discussion that we will not go into depth at this time, suffice to say that yes indeed our physiology is multi-layered and dimensional and the “informational field” or “vibrational state” of things like our DNA can indeed be changed and this can lead to profound changes in chemistry itself.

Nevertheless, we recognize that we are made of dirt. It is the foundation of which our physical existence is built. That dirt has specifics that must be in place to provide physical support for long-term sustainability.

Knowing dirt pays dividends.

Biomedx is into building bridges. A large sector of the health care community for example has forgotten the foundation. How many clinics working with people today as a part of their modus operandi check their clients clinostatic and orthostatic blood pressures and pulse, breath rate and hold times, breath control pause, body temperature, blood glucose, urine pH, specific gravity, etc. shortly after the client walks in the door and engages the services of the practitioner?

Precious few.

How can a clinic proceed to manage their clients without knowing these basic measures of health? Yet clinics do things for clients everyday without knowing this information. How? They often work from their Rx book treating symptoms and conditions. We know there is a better way.

So we offer a bridge to those that want to take their clinic, through practical biochemistry and a focus on physiology, to a whole other level.

This is Flow System Auditing, the quantitative perspective. FLOW gives a baseline look at the “dirt” of which the client is made. Next, once we know what the client’s “brick and mortar” foundation is and give support to that area (for long-term sustainability), we can proceed to look at FOCI – focal areas of interference and disturbance that may be creating blockages to healing and health. This arena is vast.

The microscope becomes a tool to introduce this entire field of “understanding the field”. The picture reflects the vibrational imprint that may be affecting us and or holding us back. The picture holds the information, the story of the FOCI, the issue. Whether we can see it or not is another matter, but it is there nonetheless. Other tools can be used as an assist to sort it out. This is more a qualitative perspective.

(As a side note, the microscope with reference to “live blood analysis” is something that we don’t much care for as terminology, not just because it bends certain regulators out of shape, but more importantly it often leads clients and practitioners to a way of thinking that is limited when the tool can be so much more.)

When we figure out the dirt and make sure we are dealing with a solid foundation (Flow System Auditing), we next can work at determining any FOCI (microscope as one tool) and clearing that “information” or “vibration” or “structural” or other issue (by using a vast pool of tools), and then when those things are worked out, we move on to regeneration do what we have taken to calling the Biomedx Biological Reset.

So, if you didn’t know, this is some of what Biomedx is about and the direction we move.

Be well,


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