Is Canada Government Moving to Codex?

Things are a happening up in Canada – and it’s not good.

Servants of the people under the guise of “protecting the public” are pushing for big changes to some of their health supplement laws.

This seems par for the course as more lawyers graduate from law school and work in politics where politicians and “code writing” attorneys appear to be working more and more for corporate interests which seem to annihilate the freedoms of the people in the process.

Government code writing lawyers have so screwed up the U.S. on so many levels, it seems they have now exported their talents north to take down Canada as well. Provisions in this law are very scary. This looks like a presetup for Codex.

Note, we already know that some supplement companies in the U.S. are having big problems getting some basic nutrient components into Canada. In fact, there are some great things we show people in our workshops that Canadians just cannot get.

If Canada takes a turn for the worse – beyond where they already are – it will not bode well for anyone anywhere concerned about health freedom and more.

You might want to learn more, take action, and follow the links at:

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