If you want good health you should know what balanced health is, and then you should know how to test yourself so you’ll know when you are in the ballpark of where health exists. It is one goal of Biomedx to see simple testing items like pH and conductivity meters a part of every home. They should be in the medicine cabinet or close by and they should be used regularly. If 50% of the American population dies from cardiovascular disease, and a huge population on the other side die of cancer, then these are two simple test instruments that make sense for every family.  Tracking SC readings tells you when you are in the heart stress zone, and tracking pH readings to an extent tell you when you are in the cancer stress zone. The idea is really simple - stay out of the bad zones.

You Don’t Have a Drug Deficiency

I often tell people; you don’t get headaches because of an aspirin deficiency, you don’t get cancer because there has been a lack of chemotherapy in your diet, and you don’t get osteoporosis because you missed out on getting enough Fosomax as a child - no, you get these things because of nutritional and/or constitutional deficiencies or errors that often take time to develop and show up.  Prior to these things making an appearance, it might make a lot of sense to take stock of where you stand on a regular basis and take corrective action before the deficiencies manifest as disease.  So we test ourselves and stay out of the bad zones. How do we stay out of the bad zones? Through proper food intake, dietary supplementation when necessary, drinking more water, and a few other key items.

Zeta potential is a measurable charge that reflects a basic law of nature. It is the force that maintains the discreteness of particles and the billions of cells in organisms that make up plant and animal life. Getting a familiarity and understanding of it is helpful in understanding dynamic health.

Learn to Test Yourself

Get the Conductivity Tester Package.

Team it with the pH Tester package as well, so you can stay well as well as well can be.

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