What We Call Flow Systems Auditing…

…is the fast track to understanding biological terrain and getting a firm grip on functional medicine. This material is weaved through our core health foundations course teaching use of simple tools and methods to measure physiology through the body's own natural feedback mechanisms in order to dynamically manage health; because you can’t manage what you don’t measure!

This process is not about diagnosing or treating symptoms, conditions or diseases, but instead about applying scientific realities and known safe pathways to reestablish and strengthen adaptive capacity. This in turn supports the body's natural ability to self-heal therein providing a framework for maximum performance and health regeneration.

Why do we call it “Flow”? Because indeed the body is a unique electrical and biological flow system.  From the blood, to the tissue, to the innards of every cell in your body, the flow of life moves with the flow of protons and electrons.

You are a biological and electric wonder. There is a lot going on, and what is going on can be observed, measured, and managed for optimal wellness in new ways. It’s Flow Systems Auditing and it’s core to our program.

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