Learn Live Blood Microscopy, Dry Layer & Pathology Determination Tests, Gingival & Urine Screening, & More at our Core Health Foundations Workshop


Being part of a group of excited and passionate learners engaged in stretching the boundaries of health care in new ways.

From the workshop text of
How You Rot & Rust.

In our workshops we learn how to see the picture, get the numbers, and empower health regeneration.

What fun!

We hold to the premise that:

Health in the physical body is
spiritually/vibrationally induced,
 chemically/electrically driven,
& biologically carried out.

From pH chemistry to colloid science to epigenetics to quantum physics, this course delves into learning the real time, right now, situational physiology as observed in living blood and more using Biomedx high powered HD biological video microscopes and auditing tools.

Provides a solid grounding to begin a new health oriented career or to empower an old one with new and powerful health advocacy skills. This 38 hour hands-on program (spread over 3 1/2 days) will get you going and move you for the rest of your life.

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Read what people say about our workshop.

What People Say

See & hear what people say about our workshop.

Many years later, what people still think about the Biomedx workshop…

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