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Read what people say about our workshop.

What People Say

See & hear what people say about our workshop.

Many years later, what people still think about the Biomedx workshop…

Get the Training You Need to Take Your Health Endeavors to a Whole New Level!

Discover the tools that excite and empower real understanding in health.

Gain client compliance like never before.

Learn how to use high definition live blood microscopy.

Empower yourself with simple tools like pH and conductivity meters, refractometers and sphygmomanometers, dipsticks and body measures.

Use it all to define health and homeostatic controls in unique ways.

Think through health beyond current teachings of medical, nursing, naturopathic, chiropractic and other health oriented schools.

Assimilate it once, own it for life.

Once you own it, put it all into place to help you create your dream practice and the success that flows from it.

Section covers: live blood cell analysis microscope training course; biological medicine training; live blood microscopy certification; dark field microscope by German biological teaching.

Full Class Agenda

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