What’s a SoeMac?

It’s a

Singlet Oxygen
Energized Micro
Air Conditioner.

“ALL chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.”

Guyton’s Textbood of Medical Physiology


Your body needs oxygen
down at the cell level.


SoeMac optimizes
the process.


With more oxygen, you have better health, endurance, energy, performance.


It's so easy to use,
you do it in your sleep.


With more oxygen, you are more clear headed, balanced, stable.

How It Works


The SoeMac unit draws in ambient air and passes it through an internal catalyst unit consisting of LED's set at a specific wavelength and a photo-sensitizer. Together they create a gentle low-level red light and a very mild whirring sound.

This process produces a bio-usable form of oxygen energized air known as Singlet Oxygen Energy, or SOE. This is the same energized air derived from active photo-synthesis that you might find deep in a lush tropical forest. The SoeMac mimics this natural process to deliver a concentrated level of this energized air.

As it works, the molecules inside of the photo-sensitizer become excited, and when the airborne oxygen passes across their surfaces, the excitation energy is passed to the oxygen molecules, and it is this extra energy that is so welcomed by the body.

Many individuals have found that breathing this forest-like super enriched air helps them with a wide range of sleep and health problems.

The SoeMac does not generate higher levels of oxygen like an oxygen concentrator does as used for Velocity O2 Training. What the SoeMac does do is excite the oxygen already in the air through its catalyst action and it energizes that air with SOE.

It is this new SOE air that enables the body to get more of the available oxygen that is already in the air down to the cellular level to deliver all of its life enhancing benefits.

How To Use It

At night, during sleep, on your bedstand - place it so it's just a little behind and above your head with the gentle air cascading over you.


The SoeMac is completely safe to use by all persons, regardless of their sex, age or state of health. You may use the SoeMac without restriction on the length of time, day or night. It is recommended that you use it all night during sleep (but it can also be used anytime during the day as desired).

At night we recommend that the SoeMac is placed next to your bed in close proximity and slightly higher than where your head rests on your pillow. Its effects can be further enhanced by adding some humidity to the room if the air is dry.

The effects of SoeMac will be reduced if the airflow in the room is turbulent  e.g. air conditioning, or an open door or window creates a draft.

It can sometimes take a few days before most users feel a benefit; this is usual. If you have the stress of a serious breathing or energy condition, it can take up to 30 days before you feel a benefit. This is typical for more complex conditions.

If you suffer from the stress of a specific illness, we suggest that during the first three days the SoeMac is used for 1 or 2 hours; then during the next three days for 3 or 4 hours each, and from the seventh day, it can be used for unlimited periods.


There are no known contraindications or side effects. Some users may experience an initial detox, which might consist of any of; mild headaches during the first few days of use, clearance of excess mucus from the lungs, aching in the joints, excess and smelly wind. This is all natural, and will pass quickly, so please be patient and bear with it. Your body is responding to the SoeMac and is fighting against what is doesn’t like.

Breath better and live stronger longer!

Helps you breathe more easily.

Louise with asthma & start of COPD.

Andrew breathes better with SoeMac.

Read what so many have said about the SoeMac…

    “I have severe Emphysema, years of smoking on top of a weak chest badly damaged by Whooping Cough when I was six years old! Life had become an abject misery. I could move only a few feet before I became desperately breathless and beset with a terrifying panic. I bought the SoeMac, even though I did not believe for one moment that it would help my sorry situation. How wrong I was!! Within three weeks I could breathe again, walk again and, perhaps most importantly, I felt I could live again!!

Expensive? Worth many times the price for the difference this amazing device has made to my life!  Thank you so much. ”

"My mum asked me to send you an email informing you of her good news. She attended the COPD clinic on Friday and was told her breathing is better than it has been for the last four years. We have no doubts this is down to the SoeMac technology and her commitment to use the device every night. Thank you so very much to you for making such a big difference to her wellbeing and confidence. Best wishes"

    "I have M.E. and recently, unintentionally, went a week without using my SoeMac. Sometimes it is only when you stop something that you realise just how much it was helping you. Without the SoeMac I had fierce morning headaches, noticeably poorer concentration and was waking in the night hyperventilating and gasping, feeling as though there was a shortage of air. I was also waking up in funny positions. Given my normal habit of waking up with my nose as close to the machine as possible I think I was unconsciously trying to find it in the night. I feel so different when it’s in front of my face, the air it emits feels energising to breathe. It is like standing on a cliff top. Over time, I think the cost of the SoeMac compares favourably with regularly seeing a health practitioner, or taking a new supplement because you only have to buy it once to be able to use it every night. In addition, the customer service has been excellent so I’m happy to recommend trying out the SoeMac for yourself."

Juliet, mum of 9yr old boy, pre-verbal ASD
“We noticed a difference almost straight away, within a couple of days - much deeper sleep and for longer and without interruption. My son always used to wake immediately at the slightest sound.

We've had the machine on nightly for approximately 6 hours each night. I put it on after my son has been asleep for several hours as, otherwise I fear he would mess about with it. My son's room is very small, so the machine is approximately 4ft away from his head.

My son's school has said they've noticed an improvement in his concentration, and this has enabled them to spend longer on key tasks such as reading and matching with him. They have said my son is calmer too. I believe this is due to my child consistently having a good night's sleep.

As you can imagine, the improved sleep has also had a hugely positive impact on my wellbeing - I hadn't realised just how much the lack of sleep/disrupted sleep was affecting my concentration and general outlook.

It’s fair to say that the SoeMac is now an essential piece of our 'kit' and has been money very well spent. I would definitely recommend it to another parent with a child with sleep issues, especially staying asleep rather than going to sleep.”

    "Hi Everyone at SoeMac. I received my Machine as a Christmas Gift from my Partner. I have severe COPD and have had a few Hospital admissions over the past three years. Since I received my Machine there is a definite improvement in my breathing. My blood oxygen sats are holding at around 90 to 93, and I am managing a much better sleep pattern which is helping me a great deal. It’s been slow but steady progress since I received my SoeMac and I would like to thank all concerned, and hopefully there will be more improvement with further use of my machine. Thank you all very much."

Guest review by The Mature Times, Summer 2016
    "We have both noticed that our breathing is easier is it has helped with my asthma. On this recommendation I suggested that a colleague who has severe snoring problems, try the SoeMac, and he has reported a great improvement. In fact, when I asked for it back he advised that his wife would not let it go. So while it has not solved all my sleep problems it has certainly made a huge difference and on the snoring relief alone this has to be worth the money."

"A lot of products promise so much to help people with breathing problems such as COPD. The Soemac oxygen converter is bloody fantastic. We use only 21 per cent of the natural air, which is three singlet oxygen but our bodies convert it to one singlet. This mini machine is a lot cheaper than the bigger ones that are about $8000. This little machine draws in three singlet oxygen then pushes out one singlet. It does not have any invasive connections.

Place it on a bed table and run it through the night in a completely closed room aimed at your sleeping body. The oxygen it generates goes into the cells of your body. My experience is very simple, though it is winter in Australia, I have spent the last year struggling to walk with a stick, a week ago, after having the Soemac working each night, I chucked the stick in a cupboard. I feel better and can walk with my wife to do the shopping.

Today I felt good so cut back some shrubbery. It's a slow process getting your strength back after a lengthy stay in hospital, with Pneumonia, but each day this little machine is making life liveable. If you're living on oxygen this mini machine will help greatly."

Andrew was formerly in the Coldstream Guards 2nd Battalion, when in 1964 he was involved in a bomb explosion in Aden. He suffered burns and sand blasting to most of his body and subsequently suffered with lung disease. As a result of his involvement in this incident he was awarded a George Medal when he returned to the UK.Andrew was formerly in the Coldstream Guards 2nd Battalion, when in 1964 he was involved in a bomb explosion in Aden. He suffered burns and sand blasting to most of his body and subsequently suffered with lung disease. As a result of his involvement in this incident he was awarded a George Medal when he returned to the UK.

Upon leaving the Forces, he then became a Paramedic with the London Ambulance Service for 15 years but was forced to leave when his lung and back problems became much worse. He comments, “My breathing was incredibly poor, I was in and out of casualty all the time and I was told I only had 9-10 months to live. I was chronically fatigued and could barely get out of bed.”

In 2013, desperate and dying, Andrew went online to try and find anything that would help him. He continues, “I came across SoeMac and couldn’t believe the difference it made – and quickly! Within five weeks I was out of bed and living a normal life again. In fact, I was as active as when I was in the Forces.”

Since regularly using SoeMac, Andrew has seen many health benefits. His diabetes is much less severe, with the average reading dropping from 13.5 to just 5.3 and he has also seen a dramatic reduction in his cholesterol levels.

He comments, “The difference it has made to my life is incredible. I owe my life to this machine. I leave it running most of the time but if I occasionally take a break from using it, I only notice a slight dip in my health and wellbeing.”

"My son Andrew purchased a SoeMac machine for his father after he had been admitted to hospital on three occasions with dangerously low oxygen levels due to COPD. He was twice at death’s door and, at his worst, his oxygen level was 52. Since acquiring your wonderful machine, his oxygen levels have remained stable between 90-95 and it has been truly life changing. Before, he could not venture out when there was a slight breeze but now he manages a walk along the promenade most days and the wind doesn’t make him breathless. We even managed a family holiday abroad in October and of course, SoeMac came too! It is amazing how it has transformed our lives. Thank you so much and we will continue to recommend it as best we can. "

Brian’s wife contacted Neil to share how much better her husband has been sleeping since using his SoeMac, bought nine weeks ago. She told us, “He is sleeping much better, and within a month of first using the SoeMac”. Brian was treated for right lung cancer seven years ago, and also suffers from COPD. Previously, he spent most of his time feeling very fatigued and described his general wellbeing as low. Brian takes a mixture of steroids and antibiotics to help manage his health, and he wasn’t getting much sleep at all. His wife told us how much better he is sleeping now, “he’s spark out!” she says. Brian now sleeps from 9pm until around 5.30am and says that when using the SoeMac, “it knocks me out within 15 minutes.” He continues, “at first, I didn’t feel anything at all. I’ve still got a cough, but the machine is doing a marvellous job now.” Brain says he’s tired, but feels much better in himself."

"People who suffer like me from CFS will know the dilemma every morning. You have slept for 9-10 hours, but you are still dog tired. That changes only after several hours and you are tired again in the early afternoon. You pull yourself together because it should not be like that – but it is a fight the whole day. One day, a friend told me about a device that would improve the oxygen supply overnight and supports the regeneration. I thought that it was again something new and I already had tried so much. But you grasp at straws in such a situation only to have some hope. So, I ordered the device, a little SoeMac and plugged it in. It was silent like a cat – that was very convenient and I waited for a change. After some days I recognised that my start in the morning was quite better, and after some weeks I smiled at my SoeMac in the morning, I was still fatigued, but not so tired and just before the shower I was already fit. I can’t say that the SoeMac defeats the CFS, that would mean to find the root reason for the disease – but the SoeMac improved my quality of life and vitality so significant."

“I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for over ten years and tried many things to help alleviate the symptoms. The main issue with Fibromyalgia is not getting the right type of sleep, therefore on waking feeling like you have been run over by a lorry and that your body is made of concrete!! I used the machine for a couple of weeks and felt ok, but wasn’t sure if I was just having a good few days. I decided to stop using the SoeMac to see if it was that or not that made the difference. The following day I felt terrible, back to the concrete body feeling! That is when I realised what a big difference this little machine was making to my life. Four months on and I certainly have a lot more good days than bad now. Result!”

“I am 70 years old and have been using SoeMac regularly for more than six months now. Almost immediately I have noticed an improvement in my general wellbeing; I feel less tired and more active.
    Looking back, I also realise that my concentration has increased considerably. Also I have always suffered from serious problems with my bronchial tubes, I am breathing more easily. And last but not least, unlike all the previous years I did not have any allergy symptoms in spring.”

“For many years I have suffered from problems due to my energy deficit, resulting in emotional and physical consequences. One month ago I started using the SoeMac at night. After only one week I felt fitter in the mornings and more energetic. During the second week I woke up earlier and obviously needed less sleep. Now, I am “only” using the SoeMac for half of the night, I sleep better, and feel a lot more alert.
During the week my energy level is depleted as of 4pm. I am tired, easily annoyed and it is difficult for me to concentrate. At the weekend, when I am using the SoeMac, I have noticed that those factors are a lot less pronounced. In the beginning I was extremely sceptical about SoeMac, but I have meanwhile realised that I feel very much better for it.”

  "Due to my medical condition CFS, I often feel shiftless during the day, in which case I simply use the SoeMac in the room where I am at the time for one hour and I always feel much better afterwards. Due to my medical condition CFS, I often feel shiftless during the day, in which case I simply use the SoeMac in the room where I am at the time for one hour and I always feel much better afterwards.
After meals, I am normally very weak and tired. As a result of the continued use of SoeMac, I estimate my energy increased at no less than 40%. In addition, my general condition has improved, I experience less energy deficits and less headaches, and I sleep a lot better. It is a also a good support during my fitness exercises.”

“My sleeping pattern has changed within the first three weeks of having SoeMac. According to my wife, my snoring has stopped, and I realise that I sleep more soundly, and I can finally sleep through the night.“My sleeping pattern has changed within the first three weeks of having SoeMac. According to my wife, my snoring has stopped, and I realise that I sleep more soundly, and I can finally sleep through the night.

The oxygen saturation of my blood has been greatly improved. After about 3-4 weeks it has settled at 96-98%, depending on physical activity. Before, the values lay at about 94% and during uninterrupted rest times at 95-96%, but only rarely. I've noticed that when not using the unit my general health worsens considerably, and after only 3-4 days, I was again suffering from severe insomnia, and the oxygen saturation of my blood decreased again from 96-98% to 94-95%. The SoeMac helped to stabilise my blood pressure within 3-4 weeks.

When away on a short trip, I did not take the unit with me, every day resulted in a further deterioration of my general condition. But when finally reunited with my device, I felt myself getting better every day. Therefore, I do not want to miss the device any more, not a single day!”

"A little while ago, a friend asked if I’d like to be a case study for a natural product which is reportedly helping people with a number of conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Of course, I jumped at the chance.

Expecting a new batch of supplements, I was quite surprised to find a small electronic device delivered to my door a few days later.

And with SoeMac being “the world’s first and only home use Singlet Oxygen Energy therapy device”, I was instantly intrigued and rather excited. All I had to do was plug it in, switch it on just before I go to sleep, and let it work its magic.

It reminded me of how I experienced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy many years ago, which involved climbing into a chamber and breathing in pure oxygen at an higher than atmospheric pressure. I remember feeling wonderfully rested, restored and refreshed afterwards and was keen to go back for more sessions, but the high price tag meant that I couldn’t. So I couldn’t wait to try my very own oxygen therapy machine.

Being lightweight and slender, it easily fits onto my nightstand. It’s recommended that for optimal benefits, to sit the device at a higher level than your bed, so I’ve created a little tower by placing the box it came in on top of my alarm clock. Et voila!

Being such a light sleeper, and even more so with my CFS-induced heightened sensitivity to light and noise, I was initially concerned the red light and soft whirring noise would keep me awake. But I simply prop a pillow to block out the light and I’ve got used to the sound – but if it does bother me, I simply pop my earplugs in!

I’ve been using my SoeMac for almost four months now and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the subtle changes I’m experiencing: I’m feeling a little more rested, restored and refreshed. I feel my quality of sleep has improved; I’m sleeping deeper than before.

One of the common symptoms of CFS is awakening from sleep still feeling tired and unrefreshed, no matter how many hours you’ve been asleep. But now, I often wake up feeling like I’ve had a proper night’s sleep. I feel much better for it and find I have a little more energy for the day ahead. Of course, I still have the occasional crappy night’s sleep, but my sleep is restful more often than not.

I also feel that my recovery time after a crash or wipe out is lessening. As this means hours or days of complete bedrest, bouncing back even just a little bit quicker is a big deal. And for that I am very grateful. As I’m discovering through my own personal recovery journey from CFS, the road to recovery is long and winding, and I’ve still a long way to go. But any improvement in my condition, be it the teensiest weeniest baby step forward, is very welcome and pretty exciting. And I’m pretty excited.

I have to say, that there are a few other significant factors which I feel are also contributing to my subtle health improvements, so while I can’t give SoeMac full credit, I am confident it is having a positive impact and it has become an essential tool in my healing recovery kit."

"Since we have been suing the SoeMac next to the bed of our daughter, she is hardly using her inhaler anymore.Since we have been suing the SoeMac next to the bed of our daughter, she is hardly using her inhaler anymore.

Normally during the winter period, she always had problems with her breathing and used the inhaler on a daily basis, now she hasn’t touched it for some time.

We believe in the product because we see the daily result."

"I am a chronic asthma sufferer and I have been using the SoeMac now for about 9 months. Over that period of time I have noticed a vast improvement with my sleeping. I have had sleeping problems for many years. Not only have I benefited from this, but my husband has too as I am not having to get up in the middle of the night as much!

I don't how it works but it has worked wonders for me, but I would highly recommend it to anyone that suffers with breathing difficulties."



SoeMac has helped users to:
  • Improve the quality of their sleep - and sleep is so important to a healthy immune system
  • Make breathing easier, especially for those who have a serious breathing condition
  • Boost their energy levels during the day
  • Improve their cognitive functions e.g. concentration and memory, as a bi-product of more restful sleep
  • Reduce the anxiety levels often associated with their poor sleep
  • Supports other medical treatments for breathing, sleep, and pain disorders naturally
  • Seek medical advice if you suffer from a serious breathing condition
Using SoeMac

Some users experience mild detox symptoms such as a mild headache for the first few days of use, this is entirely normal. SoeMac emits a soft red light and a comforting whirring sound, which can help you to drift off to sleep more easily.

Our research continues as to the bio-chemistry of the process; but we understand that Singlet Oxygen Energy can help to relax the lungs, the cardio-vascular system, and improve the body’s natural utilisation of oxygen intake.


The SoeMac generates an Oxygen Energy which can help to relax the lungs and the cardio-vascular system, and improve the body’s utilisation of oxygen. It does it by changing oxygen into a more energised form, which is more readily usable by the body. At the cellular level, the body then uses this extra energy to more effectively do its jobs, and produce more ATP, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate, the body’s energy currency.

In nature through photosynthesis, the generation of Singlet Oxygen Energy is a completely natural process. The SoeMac duplicates this process by drawing ambient air into it and then passing it by the catalyst chamber to do the magic.

When used at night when we are at rest, the body is more able to use this extra Oxygen Energy to carry out important repair work, including detoxification and rejuvenation at the cellular level. This can result in a more restorative deep sleep, reduced feelings of fatigue, and increased energy and concentration levels during the day.

The SoeMac unit is sleek and small - you simply plug it in and switch it on every night in your bedroom, near to where you sleep. It runs quietly, and with a soft red light glow,  it gently blows Oxygen Energy into the surrounding air. All you have to do is breathe. It is non-invasive, and no mask or cannula is required.

The SoeMac is the world’s first and only home use Singlet Oxygen Energy device. Until now, access to this type Oxygen Energized air has only been available to users by means of very expensive, large machines, which rely on the use of a nasal cannula, or mask, to deliver the Oxygen Energy to the user.

SoeMac makes it possible to deliver the health benefits of Energized Oxygen that have previously only been available in hospitals and clinics for the last 20 years. It is much more affordable, and really easy to use, in your home.



  • Produces a naturally produced form of energised oxygen
  • Just breathe in normally, there's no need to inhale
  • No harmful effects
  • Works best whilst you're sleeping at night

Safe for Everyone

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Safe for children with Autism who sleep poorly
  • There are no side effects with regular use
  • Safe to use during the day while you work or rest

Easy to use

  • Plug it in, switch it on, and breathe in the energised oxygen
  • Comfortable to use, no need for a cannula or mask
  • Small and compact, so you can take it with you if you’re away from home

Peace of Mind

  • 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee if it’s not right for you
  • Made in the UK
  • 2 year parts guarantee
  • Supplied with three spare filters
  • Free USA delivery

Get Your Own SoeMac Unit Today!


US retail price: $540.*

Buy it once, use it every day.

Because getting oxygen to your cells is the best health insurance of all.

*Includes priority post shipping to continental US locations.

We invite health care practitioners to network with us and connect to unique and needed technologies that help address the rising level of multi-dimensional stresses that are being placed on populations everywhere.

If you have a health care location and would like to bring the wonderful benefits of Energized Oxygen to your client base with the SoeMac, please contact us to learn more on how you can do that.

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