In order to begin testing your urine and saliva pH you will need pH paper or a pH meter. The paper is limited in terms of range and also accuracy so a meter is a far better choice. If you have the budget for one it is the way to go as it will be a lifelong tool for you and your family to use.







Here is standard pH test paper. It ranges from pH of 5.5 to 8.0 in .2 steps. This .2 step is important to try and get accuracy. About a 2 inch strip of paper is torn off and it is dipped into your urine or saliva and read immediately. The color of the paper that matches the test colors is the pH.


This paper usually sells for $12 each or $55 for a ten pack (which is usually purchased by practitioners in those quantities who then sell them to their clients so they can begin to test themselves.)



Here is a digital pH meter. Just a few drops of urine or saliva is placed on the tip and the pH is given in the digital readout up to .02 accuracy.

This compact unit has two point calibration for accuracy. This means you calibrate the probe at 4.0 and 7.0 pH levels and then your saliva and urine test will be very accurate.

Some meters use glass bulbs but those wear out fast and they should always be stored wet to maintain good function. You can sometimes find these at low cost but they often require large sample size and their accuracy fluctuates depending on how well they have been maintained.

This pocket pH meter sells for $250 and includes a pH training guide which is an educational program on pH that includes the tests reviewed on this site along with a couple of others, appropriate pH tracking charts and an extended urine/saliva pH chart for assistance in choosing certain supplementation to move pH as required to better zones.

pH is an important parameter to gauge one's health and the small investment in a portable and high quality pH probe like the LAQUAtwin pH meter shown here can pay dividends now and well into the future for your health. This is one of the tools all health minded individuals should own.

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