It is an easy process to get the video out of any camera and into your computer. Here is one of our laptops showing a live blood microscope image. The computer can be used for image storage and retrieval and an HD flat panel as the microscope video display.

Today with wireless networks and HD camcorders, you can install wireless memory chips into the camcorder so when an image snapshot is taken, it is wirelessly transferred right to the computer for printing or saving into a client folder.

Photo Printers

If you are computer adverse, photo printers today have SD card readers so you can pull your SD memory chip out of your HD camera and simply plug it into the printer and select your images for printing. No computer is even necessary.

Pictures in whatever way obtained are a great client compliance tool and referral generator as well.

The Power of the Picture

A recent study involving 210 people, average age 54 found that people who carried images of their damaged arteries in their wallets lost more weight, were more likely to exercise and were more likely to stop smoking than those who saw pictures of their damaged arteries only once. Most of the people were sedentary with poor diets.

The participants went through an ultrasound examination to determine the thickness of the wall in the carotid artery, which supplies blood to the brain. A thickened carotid artery serves as a good predictor of heart attack and stroke risk.

All participants were shown images of their arteries and given instruction on ways to reduce their disease risks, including dieting to lose weight and lower cholesterol, stopping smoking and starting an exercise plan. Half the participants were given photos of their arteries to carry in their wallets and put on their refrigerators. At the end of the six months, researchers analyzed behavioral changes and found the following:

*In the photo group, 60 people who had not been exercising started an exercise program, compared with 34 people in the non-photo group.

*More people had stopped smoking in the photo group (11) than the non-photo group (1).

*The photo group lost more weight, 17.6 pound apiece, compared with 11 pounds for the others.

*The photo group had a more significant drop in cholesterol.

After a year, participants in the photo group had a statistically significant greater reduction in the average thickness of their arteries’ walls compared with the non-photo group.   From USA TODAY

Wagner Wellness

Ounce of Prevention

Worth a Pound of Cure


Give your patients 2 snapshots of the issues you find in their blood. One is for their wallet and one is for their refrigerator. Also give them a refrigerator magnet with your business name & number so they can "post" their picture on the refrigerator. The pictures are a strong visual reminder for where they need to be going with their health. (Your refrigerator magnets are also a potential referral generator for neighbors, family and friends that see the blood picture posted to your patients fridge with your business name right above it. )

Video Capture Devices

Buy a Microscope System

Video capture methodologies for  microscopes used for live blood and dry layer analysis in  nutritional microscopy.

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