Biomedx microscope systems feature:

Bright Field

Dark Field

Highest Accuracy Zernicki Phase Contrast

E. Differential Interference Contrast (3D) Capability

HD High Definition Camcorders with  Zoom

Wireless Image Transfer from Scope to Computer

Superior Olympus Optics & Mechanics

Infinity Corrected Objectives:

Plan & Plan Apo Achromatic 2x through 100x objectives

Fiber Optic Enabled Base Units Offering Multiple Illumination Choices Including Powerful 150 watt Quartz Halogen Lighting & LED

Scope note: Our systems are uniquely suited for health advocacy, wellness auditing, education, as well as lab work. They offer superior optical imaging, lighting, and overall performance without being overly expensive. A primary optical mode used is phase contrast and the microscopes provide exceptional quality with Zernicki phase and 40x non-oil objectives. The non-oil objective eliminates the fuss and sticky mess of using oil. If you want 100x power in an oil objective, you can simply add that option. For these systems, if you want to glance at a dark field view you can do it by simply rotating the turret condenser to darkfield position. If you want darkfield only at the highest quality, you will find the Biomedx systems offer great imaging quality rivaling much more expensive systems. Our scopes are light weight and travel very well in a standard airline carry-on bag if required.

Video note: We offer several video options to meet budgetary concerns where required. Whichever option is chosen, the video set-up needs to be first class and is necessary if you want superior images on your chosen video monitor. From lower cost standard-definition medical micro head video cameras to high-definition camcorders, we choose components that deliver the best imaging for this work. The way our systems are built you are never locked in to your first choice as upgrading to meet changing needs or desires is easily accomplished.

Comparison Shopping: Quite frankly, there are no comparably priced units in the marketplace that offer the quality and custom upgrade potential that we’ve designed into our units along with our pricing structure and superior system imaging. But look around, if you find something better offered let us know. We are always willing to adapt to changing technology.

All in all, the Biomedx Systems are the hottest ticket in Live Blood Microscopy for health advocacy and education today.

Biomedx is an Olympus OEM/VAR as well as being dealers for other high quality lab and education components.

We put together what works best for our clients without sacrificing quality or performance and strive to do it at most advantageous prices.  

We have chosen Olympus for our core microscope systems because of the excellent tooling and bottom line quality. Olympus is known around the world as having superior optics and imaging capability, they are second to none.

We strongly utilize Olympus CX series microscopes which we modify with our fiber optic technology specifically to get enhanced performance at an unbeatable price. This works well for us as well as for the labs, clinics, and schools we serve.


System Overview


The first thing you may notice about this microscope is its unique ergonomic design. The slim microscope base allows the operator to move arms in a natural, comfortable manner during operation. Frequently used stage controls and focusing knobs are easy for the operator to manipulate without having to raise arms and wrists from the work surface.

This scope is often used in educational environments and has been designed to withstand rugged handling and frequent repositioning. Olympus incorporated a thick, extra-rigid frame on the CX series. They went further by securely attaching the revolving nosepiece and mechanical stage to the microscope stand – a design consideration that appreciably reduces operator errors.

Inward Facing Nosepiece
Note how the revolving nosepiece is positioned to ensure that the objectives point away from the observer. This design not only enlarges the work area, but facilitates smoother, more rapid slide changes or specimen observation position adjustments.

Unique Stage Design
A conventional stage x-y axis adjustment often sees the mechanical arm for the x-axis protrude a few inches out from the stage, often interfering when you move your hand for the focus and light intensity adjustments. Not so with the Biomedx. A unique internal stage mechanism eliminates the arm and the interference.

Anti-fungus Treatment
An effective anti-fungus treatment is applied to the optical parts of the scope to eliminate growth of fungi, a major cause of optical system damage. The treatment, applied to the observation tubes, eyepieces and objectives, protects the long-term quality of the optical parts even in high-humidity regions.

Bright Quartz Halogen or LED Lighting
A bright halogen lamp source (150 to 250 watt options) or LED power array serves as the light source. This is put into the scope through a glass fiber optic cable to provide ample illumination for your work.

Vision Accommodating
High eye-point design facilitates use by operators wearing eyeglasses. Diopter adjustment ring compensates for eye acuity needs.

These are just a few basic highlights. Add them all together and they present a very formidable microscopic package that is unique in the marketplace. This is the perfect microscope for live blood and dry layer research, auditing & education for the clinic, or for the practitioner/educator who may often travel with their microscope unit.

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System overview of Biomedx Olympus OEM microscopes for biological education in live blood nutritional microscopy.

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